Hello Love!

Welcome to my Mind.

My name is Rahbinah Rastaban. Rahbinah stands for compassion and understanding. Rastaban is a fixed star in our galaxy that possesses the following metaphysical qualities: The Dragon’s Eye. Impulsive, honorable, good for astrology, government, writing, sports, finance, the arts, accidents, wounds, blindness, criminality.

I am a spiritual advisor specializing in Astrology, Tarot, the I Ching, Runes, and Numerology. I am also a writer and a mystic. My avatar is Pegasus for it is the messenger of the Gods. I am but a mere translator of  messages from the spiritual realm. I have been blessed with the gifts of keen intuition, clairvoyance and empathic abilities.
I believe wholeheartedly in karma and I am the living result of many past incarnations of karmic experience. Knowledge, wisdom, and understanding are my jewels. Magic is my vehicle. Love is my Instrument.



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