New Technology is the new form of Tyranny?

America is in crisis. However, never before have Americans been so greedy, narcissistic, shallow, and brain dead. This is reminiscent of Nero fiddling as Rome burned all around him. The Economy is in shambles, yet that has not stopped a multitude of sheeple from chasing after the latest technological gadgets like the latest iPhone, the i (maxi)Pad and such. One of the most inane technologies thrust upon the masses is the Kindle, an e-book reader and others like it. A Kindle? Are you serious? Now people feel as if they are too good to carry an actual book? I’m sorry, but I don’t want every cherished past time to be gobbled up by some tech firm whose main intention is to increase profits. These gadgets like Kindle and the iPhone certainly  do not improve the quality of one’s life. They actually add to the stress with all the applications, extra monthly payments, dealing with kinks (especially with the first couple of generations of new technology products) and dealing with the eventual and almost inevitable trauma of these items either being lost, stolen, or damaged in some way. A quick Google search of the complaints about broken Kindles proves my point.

We pay hundreds of dollars for pieces of shit that only cost a few dollars to manufacture. I hate cheap shit, but that is all that seems to exist in the world of new products for the masses. The well-to-do can still get quality products, albeit at a premium. Just go to Ethan Allen and price the furniture. Why are the prices so expensive? Because they sell real, solid wood. Oooh, imagine that, real wood instead of glued together wood chips that make up the furniture that is peddled to the lower classes. If you want quality nowadays you are going to pay through the nose. The same goes for shoes. Try buying a pair of real leather shoes for under $60. You’ll be hard pressed to find some—unless the store is having a sale. Leather has certainly become a luxury item when it should be a standard material in shoes. Now there is a proliferation of man-made materials that consist of God knows what. With man-made materials be prepared to see holes in your shoes if you dare to wear them regularly. Expect the cheaply made sole to wear down on whatever side you put the most stress on your feet. Don’t be surprised when the cheap finish rubs off and you look like you’ve been kicking up gravel all day.

Even plastic items have gotten cheaper in terms of quality than years ago. For instance, back in the day, you couldn’t crack a Tupperware or other plastic storage container by throwing it against a brick wall. Try that with these new plastics and you better duck when those sharp splinters of plastic start ricocheting in your direction. Even the glass of yesteryear had better quality than the glass of today. The Corning Company and its Pyrex glass bakeware sets is a perfect example. Several years ago I had a Pyrex glass casserole dish literally explode in my oven. Glass fragments were everywhere. After conducting some research, I discovered that I was not the only victim of the corporations cost (and quality) cutting measures that required the use of a different kind of glass. Corning originally used borosilicate glass in the Pyrex cookware, but it was replaced with tempered soda-lime glass1. Of course China is behind the cheapness as Corning sold the rights to Pyrex to a company in China. Hence the switch to the dangerous soda-lime glass.

We need to realize that these products are junk and that we are being programmed to buy into the notion that we need this junk to improve the quality of our lives. In the end, these products just increase the levels of stress and the feelings of disillusion. No wonder why Americans are so miserable.  Among the other madness, we cannot even get quality products for our hard-earned dollars.




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