Working Capital

My interview for this finance counselor position went rather smoothly. I was in and out in a matter of 30 minutes. Prior to my interview time I had to get rid of the chip on my shoulder and look at returning to the daily grind from a positive perspective. It is all about how one looks at things right? Instead of being fixated on the notion of being once again confined to a cubicle, I am thinking about the opportunities that a new job will bring. The main benefit of course is the increase in income from the meager, yet well appreciated, unemployment checks. But other benefits include expanding my social circle which may result in potential clients for my astrology/spiritual advisor practice, having extra money to invest in the growth of my practice, and the ability to formulate a concrete plan to eventually break free from wage slavery. This new job, whether it is the finance counselor position, or some other restrictive gig, will be a temporary sojourn back into financial servitude. In previous wage slave positions I was un-illumined as to my true purpose, life calling and passion. There was always a sense of hopelessness and a very dim view of the future. I lacked direction. Basically, I went wherever the wind blew me in terms of employment. This time is different because I have found my passion, I have a plan, and I am already off to a good start.

Look, this wage slave situation is really crucial due to the exorbitant amount of time and energy employment consumes in our lives. Let’s be honest, most people were not put on this Earth to spend a good portion of their lives locked away in a call center or work as a robotic component of an assembly line. Maybe a person with a strong Virgo essence may appreciate monotony, repetitive tasks, and ultra-standardization of processes, but there are 11 other signs in the zodiac, mind you. Granted someone must be designed for menial, mindless labor, yet there are far too many talented folks who believe they have to settle for some kind of customer service position.

Those people who were wise enough to develop their technical skills into a specialization and became engineers, physicians, nurses, teachers, scientists, etc. are even finding themselves sailing towards troubled waters in this economy. Even highly skilled professionals are at the mercy of the big corporations that employ them. The corporation is a person who lacks any sense of morality or compassion towards humanity. The corporation only cares for the bottom line. Human resources be damned.

Fear and repulsion of each other prevent us from banding together; instead, we look to corporations, the biggest of which is the United States government, to take the lead and show us the way. As the popular saying goes, we are born to eat, sleep, work, consume, and die. That’s exactly what the PTB want. This is truly the life that a lot of us live and the type of life that I am fighting hard to resist. It’s so easy to complain about slavery or servitude, but it takes true strength, will power and determination to actually make a break for freedom. It’s so easy to fall back into the illusive “comfort zone” of a 9 to 6 with sub par benefits. I say sub par because compared to other industrialized nations, American worker benefits are sub par as well as education and healthcare. Industrialization. This is exactly what the American existence has become. American life has become an industry in and of itself. And to let truth be told, China has this industry on lock down with its vast economies of scale. The American people are the inventory, an element rapidly declining in value in the current asset column of the United Statement of Working Capital.


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