The Astrology of Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson is looking like a derailed train in the making. The most recent controversy regarding his girlfriend and the mother of his baby daughter, Oksana Grigorieva, will most likely blackball him from Hollywood entirely—aside from the  inevitable offer for a reality show where this train wreck will unfold in real time. The latest element in the Mel Gibson saga is audio (link to one of the audio clips at the bottom of post) of him going off on his girlfriend which included threats to “put her in a rose garden” and a confession that he did in fact physically assault her. He is even heard on tape stating that she deserved it. Gibson was highly emotional, irrational, and mentally unhinged as he screamed at the top of his lungs throughout the majority of the audio recordings. Hearing Mel Gibson go berserk along with his past episodic psychotic breaks prompted me to pull his natal chart to see where all this anger and aggression stems from. I’ll start with the basics. Born on January 3, 1956 in Peekskill, NY,  Gibson’s Sun is in the sign of Capricorn, his Moon is in Libra and his Ascendant or rising sign is Cancer. So with this combination we can see that he is very determined, disciplined, and ambitious with the Sun in Capricorn. Public life is also very important for most people with their Sun in Capricorn and Gibson is obviously no exception. His Moon in Libra denotes heavy social activity, the need to establish a healthy balance in life as well as the need to relate to and please others. Relationships are extremely important to him with the Moon in Libra. With Cancer as his rising sign, Mel Gibson operates on an emotional level. He is highly sensitive and may be guarded with the more intimate parts of himself. Cancer rising also points to his racist ideologies (in one of the recorded phone conversations he refers to black men as niggers). Of course not all Cancerians are racist, however according to the renowned astrologer, C.E.O. Carter, Cancer is more inclined towards racism than any other sign due to Cancer’s inclination towards familiarity and it’s fear of the unknown or foreign since Cancer deals with the home and one’s foundations. With Gibson’s Sun in Capricorn and his Ascendant in Cancer he is clearly at odds with his ego or will and the way he views the world. The opposition between Gibson’s Sun and Ascendant brings this latent  personality struggle to life. Gibson’s Sun is in the 6th house meaning he tries to maintain a serious, reserved and disciplined persona in everyday life. His highly sensitive personality gets in the way, however. Gibson’s out of control emotions have done much to tarnish his reputation. Capricorn deals with one’s reputation, hence the opposition between Gibson’s Sun and Ascendant.

Mel Gibson has a strong northern hemisphere emphasis in his chart denoting “unfinished business” in the early domestic affairs and his tendency to personalize every event or circumstance in his life. The Cancer Ascendant reinforces his tendency to take everything personally. Due to the activity involving Mars, Saturn, and the Midheaven, most likely Mel Gibson’s anger and alcoholism issues stem from his relationship with his father. Pisces is on the Midheaven (Pisces on the Midheaven also deals with Gibson’s film career since Pisces rules filmmaking and movies, while the Midheaven deals with one’s career or public life) which could point to a parent who is weakened by substance abuse. Aries also spans Gibson’s 10th house, which may point to alcoholism afflicting his father. His father may have also been abusive or he may have just not been too loving of a father. The Moon is opposing Gibson’s Midheaven which could point to discord between his parents. Mars conjunct Saturn in Scorpio may also deal with a father that is beset with addiction—namely alcohol since Mars deals with alcohol intoxication. So, Gibson most likely inherited his drinking problem from his father. To underscore the issue with his father, Neptune, the planet of addiction is located in the parental axis, residing in the 4th house.

The fact that the conjunction of Mars and Saturn is in the 5th house points to Gibson’s use of alcohol as a form of recreation. With Mars and Saturn in Scorpio, this recreational activity can easily become a compulsion. The asteroid Bacchus, which represents intoxication (Bacchus is the roman god of wine) is at 28 degrees Scorpio falling right between Mars and Saturn. The picture could not get even more clearer than this. The 5th house is the house of romance and children in addition to recreation, thus issues in Gibson’s romantic life or regarding his children may trigger him to drink. The 5th house also deals with sexual desire and self-expression. With Mars and Saturn (two malefic planets) in the tumultuous sign of Scorpio, it is easy to see that his anger and rage are not in short supply. Mars and Saturn together can be one awful pair to contend with if a person who has this combination is not spiritually evolved. The Mars and Saturn combo in Scorpio also gives Gibson an almost insatiable sexual desire. Essentially, he is very bestial. In the audio recording, Mel Gibson is screaming at his girlfriend, telling her “you need to blow me”. It seems that one of the arguments stemmed from Gibson not being able to get enough sex from Oksana. With Saturn in the 5th house, Gibson is most likely very demanding of the people who are in his life and his desire for unwavering devotion from his mate can easily result in breakups. What’s even more telling is that the Arabic Part of daughters is also located in the 5th house at 28 degrees of Scorpio, smack dab in between Mars and Saturn just as with Bacchus. Gibson’s saving grace is that he is able to channel this explosive energy of the 5th house into his craft of acting as evidenced by the trine of Mars and Saturn to his Midheaven in Pisces.

The presence of the conjunction of Mercury and Chiron in the 7th house also points to his relationship troubles. The fact that the conjunction deals with two different signs (Mercury is in Capricorn and Chiron is in Aquarius) makes the issues of his relationships even more profound. This unfortunate conjunction in the 7th house also deals with his entanglement with the traffic court system over the DUI situation since the 7th house deals with municipal courts. This conjunction opposes Uranus in Leo in the 1st house. This is where the volatility and instability in his persona due to relationship troubles is evidenced. Because Gibson is so emotionally invested in his romantic (Leo) entanglements (think the emotional Scorpio on the 5th house cusp, the Cancer Ascendant and Venus in the 8th) he undergoes major changes within himself. Uranus, ruler of Aquarius becomes activated when his relationship is threatened or worse, terminated. He becomes self-destructive (Uranus in the 1st) as a result (think Mel Gibson as Riggs, the, wild and reckless detective in Lethal Weapon. Remember Riggs was suicidal due to the death of his wife?).  Venus in Aquarius is all alone in the 8th house. While Venus in Aquarius denotes an emotionally cool type of individual, the 8th house location counteracts the intellectual bent of Aquarius. Venus in the 8th house certainly points to the women in Gibson’s life who he most likely perceives as out to get his money (the 8th house deals with shared resources). It would also make him insanely jealous and unusually obsessive in his relationships with women. Gibson may also try to pierce the psyche of the women in his life, attempting to read their minds. What’s creepy about this is that Mel Gibson starred in the film What Women Want (2000) where he acquired the power to read women’s minds. The 8th house deals with the occult and psychic ability and Venus of course deals with women. Aquarius deals with psychic ability as well. Venus in Aquarius may also point to his dealings with women who are cold, calculating, manipulative and shrewd. The asteroid Lilith, which can represent a ruthless, ball breaking woman is in Aquarius, just 2 degrees from Venus. No wonder why Mel Gibson is very defensive and beset with extreme paranoia when it comes to his dealings with women. The sad part about it is, he is most likely dead on with most of his hunches.

This is the basic theme of Mel Gibson’s chart at a glance. In part 2, I will discuss other planetary positions and aspects of Mel Gibson’s chart. I will also discuss what may be coming down the pike for Gibson as a result of his recent meltdowns. There’s always an explanation—psychological as well as astrological, for one’s behavior. Mel Gibson’s natal chart is a prime example of this as his inclinations are quite easy to see to the trained, astrological eye.


2 thoughts on “The Astrology of Mel Gibson

    • Thanks so much. I see you have his progressed chart up. : )
      I will most likely include my analysis on his progressed chart and maybe solar return in part 2 of this series on Mel Gibson.

      Peace and Blessings,


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