The Crying Game


Let’s go back to the days where men were men and every other woman wasn’t a gold digging attention whore. Take the post-modern, (I guess you can say metrosexual? ) male. I see far too many men crying on TV for trivial reasons. I thought that was a woman’s department. Chris Brown is a perfect example. Whether those tears were chemically-induced or not, the fact is, he was sobbing like a 6 year old who just got his bike stolen and a lot of people dug it. Not only did they believe the tears were genuine, they actually thought it was touching. I personally, thought it was disgusting to see a man lose control of his composure and break down to the point where he can’t even finish singing the damn song. Yeah, we know you have a heart, Chris, but you don’t have to be a snot-nosed, blubbering  fool. Dude was actually heaving and wiping his snotty nose with his bare arm like a 5 year old little brat. His rationale: If I cry, they will love me again. They will know that I have paid my dues for whooping that big headed girl’s ass. Brown’s boy Lloyd slides him some tear-inducing eye drops and Chris twists up his face like he is struggling to release a hard bowel movement. He did the Jimmy Swaggert. MJ was probably rolling over in his grave singing, “You’re doing wrong, you’re doing wrong, hee-hee”

Is there any middle ground anymore between a dumb, manly, smackdownesque brute and a hyper-sensitive emasculated punk? If TV is the basis of your reality then it would seem that no middle man exists. If I see one more supposedly heterosexual man break down and cry on TV for something minor I will probably throw my idiot box out to the wolves. I’ll tell you where the crying game is prevalent: Reality shows—especially ones involving a whole family. Wife Swap and Trading Spouses are prime examples of this. I have seen grown ass men break down and cry over losing control over their household for one week. First of all, a real man would have plenty of reservations about some stranger coming in, bossing him around including telling him how to raise his kids so I think most of the men that sign up for those shows are either hen-pecked or attention whores themselves. Oh I forgot, there is prize money. So I guess it’s worth losing your dignity—if even for one episode. I’m 34 years old and I still have never seen my father cry. That’s because he is from the old school. He knows that it’s a man’s job to appear outwardly strong for the more emotionally vulnerable sex. He also knows that he is more than capable of shedding tears, but that they should be reserved for those really trying times such as the death of a loved one, extreme child custody issues, or even a painful break up or divorce . I believe that most normal men are wired this way biologically. Men in general just do not have the capacity to cry at the drop of a hat over trivial matters (unless they are intoxicated) and I like it that way. Why change a good thing?


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