The Astrology of Mel Gibson–Part 3



So now we are receiving an onslaught of media commentary and archived video of Mel Gibson that chronicles his life at the pinnacle of his success. The videos such as the recently re-aired interview with Larry King, show the Mel Gibson of yesteryear, serious, pensive, and clearly uncomfortable with revealing the more intimate aspects of his life. Yet he seemed levelheaded, competent and focused. Fast forward to 2010 to the belligerent, raging alcoholic Gibson and one can clearly see the catalyst for his meltdown:  his romantic involvement with Oksana Grigorieva. According to Robyn Gibson, Mel Gibson’s soon to be ex-wife, he did not display this volatile behavior at any point in their marriage. While I find that to be a little far fetched, I do believe that Gibson could have co-existed peacefully with his wife Robin for the most part, being that his Moon is in Libra—especially if she was rather submissive, religious and family-oriented. Basically, Mel Gibson is torn between the Madonna/Whore syndrome where Robyn is the Madonna and Oksana is the whore. This is evidenced in his natal chart with the square between Jupiter and Pluto in the 3rd house and Mars and Saturn in the 5th house. The 3rd house deals with Gibson’s mindset and the 5th house deals with his sexual desire and romantic involvements. Gibson’s mindset is one of a religiously devout family man, yet his strong sexual urges and thirst for the new and different get in the way. Oksana is doing a great job of mimicking the proverbial whore with her obvious exaggerated features acquired through plastic surgery, her provocative style of dress, and gold-digging persona. She strikes me as the black widow kind of woman who uses men, then crushes them. Gibson made a deal with a Russian devil and got caught up. Now that he has made his descent into Hades, what will be his next step? Well, according to Mel Gibson’s progressed chart it seems as if an intervention could be right around the corner.

Fight or Flight

 In Gibson’s Secondary Progressed chart, Pluto rises in Leo denoting a major personal transformation where he will garner much attention. Mel Gibson’s meltdown is being documented in the tabloids and on television on a daily basis. The spotlight is on him as the entertainer du jour who is falling fast from grace. Leo deals with entertainment, the stage, attention and drama. Pluto in Leo makes this emotional drama a highly intense one that deals with matters of romance and children. Pluto in the 1st also deals with those who are attempting to psycho-analyze Gibson and uncover more facts since Pluto deals with the probing of the mind and investigative matters. Scorpio, which is ruled by Pluto is in the 3rd house pointing to the media circus with their hired professionals trying to probe his mind. Scorpio in the 3rd house also points to his intense anger, resentment, and thoughts of retribution. Since Pluto and Scorpio also deal with people in authoritative positions, Scorpio on the 4th may deal with investigation of Mel Gibson’s background and home environment. Child custody hearings do in fact often involve in-depth investigations of each of the parent’s lifestyles and domestic situations. Pluto is retrograde which may mean the Mel Gibson is internalizing everything that is happening to him and internal pressure is building. The sensationalism is shaking Gibson to his core and will provoke some kind of transformation that will have long-lasting effects. In Gibson’s progressed chart, Jupiter is in Leo and conjunct his Ascendant as well as Pluto. Jupiter is in the 12th house however, which in my opinion deals with money being tied up in some kind of institution since Jupiter often deals with finances in a horoscope. He may have to make expenditures for rehabilitation or hospitalization in the near future. On a positive note, he may be setting up trust funds or some  concealed instrument as a way to protect some of his assets.  On the negative end, it could mean dissolution of his finances. Jupiter in Leo in the 12th house may also point to his excessive drinking that may incite some of the transformative events that will take place within the near future. The 12th house deals with feelings of being in bondage , by the way. Gibson may have feelings of insecurity regarding his freedom and how he should manage his finances. Jupiter is retrograde so it seems that Gibson posesses an urge to go into hiding, isolating himself from the drama. With the custody hearing going on, Gibson clearly cannot run and hide if he truly wants to play an active role in his daughter’s life. He has to stick it out and fight, but according to his progressed chart, he’d rather engage in the flight response. With Gibson’s progressed Uranus in Cancer, in the 12th house,  domestic upsets create major psychological changes within him. There is a high degree of instability and uncertainty and as a result, Gibson becomes highly unstable and unpredictable. He feels trapped, caged in and he wants to escape. Progressed Uranus in Cancer is conjoined to Gibson’s natal Uranus in Leo  which points to his upsets with Oksana regarding his daughter. Basically it is Mel Gibson’s irrational will against Oksana’s irrational needs. Again, there is a theme of an urge to go into seclusion with Uranus in Cancer since Cancer is a very protective sign that can be prone to extremely guarded behavior as a safety mechanism. Progressed Uranus opposes natal Chiron in Aquarius highlighting Gibson’s insecurity with being among others or of being in public in general due to the scandal. Yet, the more deeper he gets into this emotional drama, the more he exposes the unstable side of himself, the more he opens himself up to public derision and scrutiny. Gibson is also greatly concerned about how he looks in the eyes of his fans. His is unable to control his emotions because he can’t control what is going down.

The Mirror Has Two Faces

The progressed Neptune square natal Uranus aspect mirrors the aspect in his natal chart, which means that Gibson’s issues of addiction and mental instability are very pronounced during this time in his life. As stated in part 2 of my article, natal Neptune is in the 4th house while natal Uranus is in the 1st denoting one who is experiencing inner turmoil that creates sudden and major fluctuations in his temperament and demeanor. Neptune square Chiron deals with how his current domestic situation is causing old wounds to surface. Gibson feels victimized in his dealings with Oksana. He feels vulnerable, he believes he is being taken for a fool, which is why he is so critical (Chiron in the natal 7th) of Oksana. Chiron endows one with flashes of insight and keen intuition so I believe that everything he is accusing Oksana of is indeed true. In one of the audio tapes Gibson screams, “You used me and you are telling me and proving to me what you were and what I suspected! F*ckin’ user! You f*ckin’ used me! I will never forgive you! (crazed panting)”.1 Maybe he really did strike her, but after looking at the pictures of her “injured” face I doubt that he struck her with a closed fist as she claims. I guess Oksana is ignorant of the strength of a man. This woman has chipped her teeth, but her lips are perfectly in-tact. There are no splits or bruising on her lips at all. In fact,, her so-called post beat-down picture looks more like a post-plastic surgery photo. If you ask me, this woman is devious and cold blooded and she is indeed the catalyst for Mel Gibson’s meltdown, she’s no victim in this. I doubt that Mel Gibson would have had a meltdown if  it weren’t for the devious games that Oksana is playing—first with Gibson’s heart, and now, with one of his children. Progressed Mercury is conjoined to Gibson’s natal Venus in Aquarius, an aspect which was not present in his natal chart. This deals with upsets or at the very least, changes  in communication with women and partnership. It can also deal with manipulation and obsession on both ends.,with this conjunction taking place in the 8th house. Gibson brings this aspect to life by making death threats to Oksana since the 8th house deals with issues of death and dying. The 8th house is also about shared resources, shared emotions and sexual activity so one can clearly see why the Mercury-Venus conjunction exists there-in.

Near Fatal Attraction

With progressed Neptune in Scorpio in the 3rd house, Gibson has taken on a victim mindset and his mind is beset with obsessions primarily over his relationship since Pisces, the sign ruled by Neptune is in the 7th house as well as resting on the cusp of the 8th. With Pisces on the 8th house cusp and Neptune in Scorpio, Gibson clearly feels victimized by Oksana. He feels vulnerable and used which causes him to seethe in anger and obsess over his vindication. What’s interesting is that during Mel Gibson’s rabid rants he intersperses his threats and name-calling with serious sexual requests. This makes sense with Neptune, the planet of fantasy in Scorpio, the sign of the emotional aspect of sexuality. Gibson must fantasize about being vindicated by receiving fellatio from Oksana before he destroys her. This clearly represents the Mars-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio set up of his natal chart. As stated in part 1 of my article. Mars and Saturn together in Gibson’s  5th house, denotes a very high sex drive that borders on animalistic. Gibson must derive a great deal of personal power from being able to express himself sexually. With Venus in Aries in the 9th in the progressed chart, Gibson sees Oksana as head strong and determined to do her own thing. He sees her as aloof, selfish, inconsiderate, and uncooperative. He is also still probably highly sexually attracted to her still, since Aries deals with sexual desire. Venus in the 9th house could deal with Oksana’s estrangement from Gibson  (Mars, ruler of Aries is in Sagittarius in the romantic 5th). Since Venus is in the Leo decanate of Aries, it shows the involvement of the child that they share and inside the Libra dwad, it reveals that this is a fleeting relationship. Gibson may believe that Oksana’s next scheme is to move far away from him which would create difficulties in custody arrangements. If Oksana does try to move away, say, out of the state or even worse, out of the country, Gibson will have to deal with a higher level of court system, which is in fact, a 9th house concern. She may very well use this as a constant threat. Venus in Aries may also point to the fact that Oksana is much younger than Gibson since Aries deals with youth. How much do you wanna bet that he is cursing young pretty women right now and the power they hold  over him?

Gibson’s progressed Moon in Virgo is conjoined to the natal Moon in Libra denoting insecurity, worry, indecision and complaints regarding his finances and material possessions since the progressed Moon is in the 2nd house of personal resources. In fact, according to RadarOnline, “Mel says he needs cash so badly that he has resorted to selling some of his artwork collection. He also says he had to give up his Los Angeles Lakers tickets”2.  Second house progressed Jupiter in Leo is conjoined to Gibson’s natal Pluto in Leo pointing to his financial concerns as well. Pluto in the mix deals with the people in Gibson’s life who are dependent upon him. It appears that Gibson supports a lot of people financially. Jupiter in Leo denotes a great deal of extravagant spending and Gibson is on record stating, “I spent too much goddamn money on you! And my wife knows! It’s you!”3 Since Leo deals with romance there exists the connection between his romantic partner and his money issues. Gibson’s natal Moon in Libra reinforces the relationship theme.  The change in his money situation is doing a job on his pride and the media attention over his money troubles is quite humbling of an experience for him. Gibson does not get off on being the center of media attention unlike some celebs. With Mel Gibson’s progressed Moon and Jupiter at 25 and 26 degrees of a mutable and fixed sign, respectively, he may be experiencing suicidal ideations. According to astrologer, C.E.O. Carter, the aforementioned degrees of mutable and fixed signs deal with suicidal inclinations. Do I believe that Gibson will meet his end in this manner? No. However, I do believe that these suicidal ideations will increase the frequency of his drinking binges since Gibson appears to be more angry than depressed. There is a righteous indignation within him that has become a destructive obsession. However, I believe that he poses more of a threat to himself than to Oksana with his progressed Moon and Jupiter in suicidal degrees.

Something’s Gotta Give

My guess is that he will face involuntary, court-ordered treatment as a condition of his custody arrangement. For one, progressed Mars trines Gibson’s natal Pluto which can deal with impulsive behavior from his money and relationship troubles. Mars in Sagittarius points to wanton, unbridled passions and aggression which can easily be channeled into excessive drinking. It is possible that Gibson may earn himself another D.U.I. Mars trine Pluto may also point to Gibson’s entry into therapy and rehab as a result of the encounter with the law. Pluto in Leo may deal with officials who are given some authority over Gibson’s accounts and possessions (i.e. heavy child support payments). To reinforce this theme, progressed Uranus trines Saturn meaning the brakes will be applied to this fiasco in a sudden and/or startling manner. I can see Gibson being compelled by authorities to seek treatment for his addiction and to also attend anger management classes. He may face custody restrictions if he does not comply with the ruling. Saturn in the 5th house could very well point to restrictions, delays and separations involving one’s children. With progressed Saturn in Sagittarius conjunct natal Saturn in Scorpio, Gibson’s freedom and power may be tightly curtailed. In fact, RadarOnline reported last week that “Mel is under investigation by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department after Oksana accused him of domestic violence” and that he later had to turn his firearms over to the LA County Sheriff as part of the custody hearing with Oksana.4

I can’t see Gibson being thrown any mercy since he has ruffled some prominent feathers in the past.  The group of people whom he has angered ever since The Passion of the Christ (2004) will see to it that he suffers to some extent for daring to express his unpopular opinions and beliefs. This scandal runs deeper than one may think.

So to sum up, Gibson is headed for some kind of sudden intervention that will pull the brakes on this derailed train. My prediction is inpatient treatment that is involuntary, and most likely court-ordered. Oksana has Gibson by the balls and she is not letting up on her vice grips. Thus, the safest option for Mel Gibson may be to agree to treatment and enter rehab so that he can have a relationship with his daughter. Some kind of institutionalization is in Gibson’s future. The progressed Sun in Pisces underscores this notion since Pisces deals with addiction and treatment of addiction through hospitalization or even out-patient rehabilitation. With the Sun in Pisces he also stands to lose big so he should prepare himself for even more sacrifices. Pisces also points to his confusion and the realization that his relationship with Oksana was built upon lies and deception. He fell for the illusion. With Gibson’s natal Sun in Capricorn, one can see the shift from a man who appeared outwardly strong, accomplished and business-minded to a state of weakness and vulnerability. Mel Gibson’s main issue at this point in his life is victimization. He embodies the victim role and in turn lashes out in anger in an attempt to vindicate himself. What Gibson needs to be real about is the nature of the women he attracts and how he is no longer the hunky action star from Down Under that could pull young women just by his looks alone. Deep down inside Gibson knew what this woman was after but he let his animal instincts get in the way (North node in Sagittarius) This goes back to what I wrote in Part 2 regarding Gibson’s tendency to focus on the external and the superficial. This deals with his karmic lesson, his North node in Sagittarius which means that he must learn to rely on his strong intuition and also to live his life according to principles that will not be compromised in return for immediate gratification.


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