The South Node and Health Disorders

The South Node in Astrology deals with the karmic baggage that we bring over from past lifetimes. Depending on the sign your South Node is in you can face a multitude of challenges and issues  related to the characteristics of that sign. For instance, I have found that people who were born with South Node in Gemini may be very susceptible to car accidents since Gemini is the sign of travel. Those who have South Node in Leo may suffer through their children. Natives with South Node in Libra often encounter significant relationship issues, but find it very difficult to be single. South Node in Cancer can point to some serious dysfunction within one’s own family–especially the mother.

The South node can also point to health issues or disorders that result from many lifetimes of abuse in the form of the sign that houses the South Node. For instance, the person with his South Node in Libra may have problems with his kidneys. One native had his South Node in Libra and it was conjoined with Venus. He was born with one kidney. A native with South Node in Cancer may have complications with the breasts or stomach.

My South Node is in Taurus, the sign of money (yes I have bad money karma). Taurus is also the sign that rules the neck and throat. Thus, this explains my thyroid disorder. I have hypothyroidism with an accompanying goiter. It is not one of those grapefruit sized goiters you would see on an Indonesian woman in your 9th grade Science textbook. It just looks like my neck is swollen. However, I do have most of the unfortunate symptoms of hypothyroidism such as weight gain, poor muscle tone, puffy face and hands, excessive sweating and joint pain. I have horrible anxiety, terrible bouts of lethargy and PMDD, which is a severe form of PMS. For years I ignored this problem. South Node in Taurus can produce some very stubborn individuals. Now that I am older and growing tired of looking the way I do, I am going to start living more through my North Node in Scorpio and transform my health condition. I plan to purchase some Kelp with Iodine and Selenium, get back to walking and dancing for exercise and I am going to resolve to eat better.

The great astrologer of old, C.E.O. Carter stated that thyroid issues can be found at the 20th degree of either Taurus or Scorpio. My South and North Nodes are at the 20th degree of Taurus and Scorpio respectively!!

Metaphysically speaking, I believe that this position of the South Node in Taurus points to many lifetimes of being greedy and/or hoarding money. Think about it. People often choke because they are either being greedy or they are eating too fast. People hoard out of fear of poverty. Perhaps this hoarding tendency lends itself to the Thyroid–especially hypo-thyroidism since the Thyroid is not releasing enough of the hormone Thyroxin. Hypothyroidism can also result in water retention, another variant of hoarding. I want to release myself of my South Node baggage NOW. Enough of living in the past life tense. North Node, here I come!


Astrologer Jan Spiller has a great book on the Nodes entitled Astrology for the Soul. However, she doesn’t touch on the health conditions inherent in nodal positions.


2 thoughts on “The South Node and Health Disorders

  1. Susannah says:

    The same here. My node in scorpio is at 22th degrees. In 2008 i was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. My weith gain is mostly water retention i try to drink plane water and eat mostly vegetables and anything that goes “down the throat” easily. And yes i am learning to survive only with few things. Years ago i wished to have lots of money, luxurious things mostly to please my parents or to be somebody. Not so now. Enough with social casts, hoarding money, etw. Nobody can take those useless things to cemetery.

    • Thanks for your comment. It is my opinion that South Node in Taurus is one of the most difficult positions for the South Node because in this world money and possessions reign supreme, but with our North Node in Scorpio, we are supposed to reach for things that are more profound on the soul level. We are also supposed to collaborate with others more which is not easy for a South Node Taurus to do. I have now learned to accept help as well as the input of others without getting all bent out of shape about it. It’s good to hear that you are making do with much less and you can still achieve peace and happiness.

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