When Stupidity Reigns Supreme with Extra Sour Cream

There may be something that is being added to the country’s water supplies beyond your customary poisonous fluoride. Then again, maybe it is the result of many years of fluoride poisoning and it has finally taken on a cumulative effect. The bulk of society manages to get increasingly dumber and dumber. They even had a few movies back in the 90’s portending what was to come in the new millennium from Dumb and Dumber and its more asinine sequel to Clueless. I loved Clueless, but it still foreshadowed the coming age of ubiquitous stupidity. Now we have shit like TLC’s Honey Boo-Boo, Toddlers and Tiaras, and My Strange Addiction. The Redneck lifestyle seems to be the preferred milieu for TV producers. We have Lizard Lick Towing, Storage Wars, and Steve Wilkos. Is Jerry Springer still on air? He was one of the first to usher in the display of the mindless behavior of the masses. Now there’s the English gent Jeremy Kyle. Sure throw an Englishman in the mix to be the voice of reason. The English are so much more intelligent and refined than Americans. That’s the message being sent whenever you hear that uppity accent on air. Stupid people are marrying and procreating all of the time as evidenced by all of the Bride Demon shows. We are given a peek into the lives of “Real” housewives, a lot of them are not even married at all. Are we to take notes from these crazy chicks? Trust that stupid people will. You can see it when you venture out. There will be at least one female with those big hoop and balls earrings that are on every black reality show: Basketball Wives, Love & Hip Hop, Real Housewives of Atlanta. Now these earrings can be found in Payless, the shoe store for the vapid. Payless shoes last about a season if even that. Winter you may not be so lucky. Then you have Shoe Dazzle and Shoe Fab or Just Fab, whatever it’s called. The shoes look as cheap as Payless only you have women having orgasms over shoes in the commercials. OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH, those shooooeeeesssssssssss! Squirting all over the place over a cheap pair of shoes is not my thing, but apparently that’s what a modern woman is all about in 2012. It is as if shoes were just invented 20 years ago the way some women act. Manolos, Choos, and Loubotins, oh my! Get the fuck outta here. It’s stupid. I love nice things. I love luxuries, but come on. Have we sunken that low as a species?

I believe cell phones contribute to the pervading stupidity as well. 4G this, 4G that. i this, i that. Oh so many apps to choose from. I’m in heaven! Is this the best life now has to offer? Text me, Sext me, Video phone me in a compromising position so that I can show your parents how good of a teacher I am. That’s right Johnny, you get an A for having a big dick. Yes, every other day it seems there is a stupid teacher facing charges of sexually abusing a student. Most of them nowadays are 30 something desperate house hoes. They look demure, they look prim and proper, but underneath is a level of stupidity that has been unrivaled in previous decades. Look, a cute boy with a penis. I must take a ride NOW. I can’t resist. I must follow my base instincts for I am stupid.

Let’s not even get on those folks who are in the upper echelons of society. I need a whole new post for that level of stupidity. People have become so stupid that they no longer know what a normal blue sky is supposed to look like. They see long white expanding streaks in the sky and they say it is due to an increase in air traffic. You say the word “chemtrails” and people look upon you as if you have leprosy. Actually, us intelligent folk are becoming like lepers. We are in our own isolated colony trying to keep stupidity at bay. The basis of the real zombification occurring is in fact stupidity. I’m sorry to say that I believe there is no antidote for this level of ignorance. I’m not for eugenics, but I’m also not sure of what alternative we have to correct this collective mental deficit that keeps growing and growing and growing.


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