Good Fast Food Joints

Ah, fast food. The bane of our existence. I must admit that I am a fast food junkie. It is not so much about the flavor, it is about convenience. I feel that it is this way for a lot of fast food junkies. If I could hire a personal chef to whip up dishes at the cost of a value meal I would definitely bite. I love to cook, but I am lazy. Plus, my present living conditions are not too conducive to cooking a sumptuous meal (I am currently sharing a home with an owner of a German Shepherd that sheds hair like nobody’s business). I don’t partake of fast food everyday and if I eat it too frequently I begin to feel dead inside. Since I am making a vow to live a more health-centered life, the fast food has got to go. Well maybe not entirely. I am going to resign myself to 5 fast food chains that I will frequent on occasion–maybe I will treat myself twice a month.

So last night I went to one of my top favorite fast food joints. Culver’s is the name and butter burgers are their game. They are one of the top-notch fast food establishments in my opinion. They have cheese curds! Culver’s is a restaurant that is based in Wisconsin, but they have several locations in the Phoenix metro area; my stomping grounds. I stumbled upon Culver’s for the first time this summer and now I am hooked. Last night was my second trip there. Culver’s specializes in quality hamburgers, but they also have chicken and fish sandwiches, roast beef and even pork chops. They specialize in frozen custard, a treat I haven’t had since my tender youth. The place is simply divine and I can eat there guilt free because I truly believe that Culver’s cares about what they feed their customers. Next time I go I am trying the onion rings and fish sandwich. Yum!

So here is a list of my top 5 fast food joints that I will continue to patronize–due to the quality of food as well as customer service. I’m staying away from the others including my long-time cherished Taco Bell. I had a very bad experience with some Dorito Locos the other day. I have learned a hard lesson.

1. Culver’s

2. El Pollo Loco

3. Chik Fil A

4. Del Taco

5. Panda Express



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