Ride or Die

I drew a Tarot card to depict what is going on in my head right now and the Chariot came up. With the Chariot, you can feel positive that you are headed in the right direction, but there is still a lot of effort and determination required to reach your goal. Often the Chariot symbolizes being in control of opposing forces. In relationship readings it may deal with trying to maintain two lovers. It can also point to a need to be more aggressive and steadfast when it comes to winning another’s affection. This card can also symbolize war and the military as well.

I feel that this is a very appropriate card in terms of what is going on in my personal life as well as the world at large. Uprisings are occurring all over the world and the US military is once again gearing up for another battle with the so-called bad guys of the moment. Plus, with the Uranus square Pluto transit that will be at the exact point tomorrow, it is evident that we are in some very troubling times. In order to emerge victorious (another Chariot meaning) we have to be strong, courageous and persevere through these times of war and strife. We cannot succumb to fear.

The Chariot for me means it’s ride or die time. Either you are going to go at it full force or let someone else take the reins and usually it will be one those horses, sphinxes, or forces that you thought you had under control. While the Chariot is a card of aggression, self assertion and strength, we cannot leave behind those who cannot fend and fight for themselves. In times of war and anguish our compassion has to be at its highest. The Chariot is not about Darwinism or survival of the fittest for that is about operating from a position of fear. During times of uncertainty we need to maintain a clear purpose. During times of adversity we need to strengthen our determination. During times of wanton lust and debauchery we need to practice self-discipline and self-control. During times of chaos, we need to keep our eyes on the prize.This is not the time to let the little inconveniences distract us from our goals. This is also not the time to let the big bad events of the world sap our positive energy. Now is the time to charge ahead and plow right through the mire. Stay the course–neither veering too far to the right or the left. The spiritual warrior is inside each and every one of us. Tap into this power when the shit starts to hit the fan.

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