Raido/Universal Recognizance

I am going on a journey as the Raido Rune indicates. For me it is a spiritual journey that will usher in self-transformation on a major level. The letter R is very significant for me as it is the first letter of the name of the person who is preparing for his journey to meet with me. My name is Rahbinah and right now the movie Roller Boogie (1979) is playing in the background. Everything is on a  roll in the way of destiny and I have been advised to go with the flow.  I wasn’t in search of a partner and I am certainly not in need of a relationship (another R word), but there is an unseen force that is working behind the scenes to make this happen. I was told by my spirit guide to be receptive. I was also told that this is a relationship that has its basis in reincarnation. Something from the past must be rectified hence the reason for our reunification. This is something that the both of us are finding hard to resist for we know that this reunion is necessary for our redemption in this lifetime. I believe that this is our last opportunity to release the cumulative bad karma between us. I was told by my spirit guide to ride the wave. Revelation can be both a beautiful and frightening thing. This is Universal recognizance in the making.


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