The Power of Doubt

Through a multitude of personal experience I have learned that doubt is one of our worst enemies. Doubt is so dangerous because it is so subtle, so silent. It creeps up without the slightest provocation and it can seep into every nook and cranny of your psyche. Doubt is a dark, gray, shadowy goon which threatens to block the Universal flow from manifesting its magic. Doubt knows nothing about visions, dreams, faith, and aspirations. That is the stuff of Jupiter. Doubt is spun from the rings of Saturn and it hangs low like a funky mist over a bog. Saturn presents the cold hard reality and doubt is the steel trap door that keeps you within. On the other side of the door is the Garden of Eden where hope springs eternal. Some of us are born into Saturn’s dungeon while others seek it of their own volition. Some fight hard to keep Saturn at bay. Some let it beat them into the ground. Saturn, the great tester promotes doubt because he has rulership over the material world, the tangible, the practical. In terms of that which we cannot see, our first reaction beyond the age of 7  is to engage doubt. No wonder why we are of so little faith. The ball will always be in Saturn’s court so long as we maintain the general consensus that the seen is greater than the unseen. The material world is just illusory and ever changing anyway. In the process of change there can be no room for doubt for doubt will collapse the wave into an indiscernible particle. That is what happens every time we invite doubt into our stream of consciousness. We collapse the wave before reaching our desired destination. In the process we create delays, limitations, setbacks and roadblocks. We give our power over to Satan, uh Saturn. But like a vampire, doubt only has power if you invite it in.

Faith in the Universal flux brings us a step closer while doubt takes us two steps back. It’s the ultimate fight between Jupiter and Saturn. Saturn is in fact death. Jupiter is eternal life. I believe this is the essence of 2001: A Space Odyssey (at least Kubrick’s film adaptation of Arthur C. Clark’s classic). The black monolith as the antagonizing force represented Saturn. The monolith (i.e. Saturn, Satan, Death and Destruction) is what makes us old and decrepit. It causes us to doubt our own immortality. Saturn crystallizes our sense of being material so that we may forget our spiritual source. Jupiter represents the God Force, hence the colorful spacescape sequence on the mission to the benefic planet in the film. Jupiter is also hope, faith, love, opportunity, spirit and transcendence.

We cannot continue to succumb to the power of the death cult; the cult of Saturnalia. So say as Jesus was ascribed to say “Get thee behind me Satan”, but interchange Satan with Saturn, better yet just say “Get thee behind me Doubt” and get ready to behold the power of faith.



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