Cream of Cosmic Slop






A period of darkness and uncertainty is ending. I am stepping into the light. Unseen forces are pulling me in an unforeseen direction. I feel that I have no choice, but to acquiesce. Even the I Ching encourages me to go forward in the said direction.

Saturn is gearing up to leave my 9th house–Thank God, but not before it collides with my natal Uranus. This is a time when I can be expected to do the unexpected in an attempt to be released from self-imposed limitations. I feel that I am being given a clean slate, but it’s more like a barren field after an aggressive slash and burn. I feel that it is time to reap some karmic rewards. However, there are still some lessons to be learned; tests to be administered. Radical change on a fundamental level is straight ahead.

If one is curious enough about something, an opportunity to directly experience it will inevitably be presented. This has always been the case from my personal experience. A window never before noticed will open; a portal will appear out of the black. You know what they say about that curious feline. There is risk involved in this endeavor, I know. Yet, I put full trust in my Divine sources. I must incur this risk. I can see the promise land despite the persistent rain and fog. I was told that after this trial my life would never be the same.

50 first dates or 50 first fates–whichever you want to call it. Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, the cosmic slop churns out a humdinger. I’ll take mine with cheese, onions, pickles and mayo; hold the tomato. But I was told that I can’t have it exactly my way this time. This aint Burger King and thank God for that. Just when you think you have had your last dance, the DJ gives an encore performance only this time there’s a different tune playing that’s never been heard before. This tune came from way out in hyperspace; a derivation of the music of the spheres. A theme song for an other-dimensional race. Yet, I shall dance even with a throng of djinn watching. But there will be no cutting in.


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