October: Dark and Lovely

Ahhhh. It’s October 1st. October is one of my favorite months. That’s because it is the height of autumn and the weather is beautiful pretty much wherever you go. As a resident of the Phoenix metro area in Arizona I am particularly fond of the autumn season since this is when the temperatures become milder, but you can still wear shorts. The autumn sunsets in Arizona are indeed spectacular. October also marks the height of the zodiac sign Libra. Libra is about harmony, balance and one’s relationships to others. It is about art, beauty and symmetry. Justice, fairness and equality. My Venus is in Libra in the 9th house which gives me a heightened aesthetic sensitivity. I practically worship beauty in all of its form and fashion.

October is also a time that marks the celebration of Halloween of course with its pagentry of demons, goblins and ghouls. Witches, wizards, and warlocks. Skulls, skeletons, and scythes. It is essentially the American version of the Spanish Dia de los muertos. Growing up under the canopy of a very restrictive religion, Seventh Day Adventism did not preclude my celebration of this sinister holiday. I wasn’t allowed to wear nail polish or have pierced ears, but on one day out of the year my siblings and I were able to demonstrate our devilish side. Looking back it now seems very paradoxical. We were told things like “never say your prayers out loud because the devil may hear you and attack them”. We were not allowed to watch TV or do any “worldy” activities from sun down Friday evening until sundown Saturday evening–just like orthodox Jews. I always resented the SDA church for that. So much fear was instilled in me through Seventh Day Adventism to follow the commandments of the bible as well as the church, yet on one day we could celebrate the dark side. It still doesn’t make sense to me and it never will. It also never made sense why my father who was the ringleader of this SDA charade would be so pious, yet he maintained a stack of porno mags to peruse at his disposal. My father is a 7th Day Adventist to this day and probably still an avid porn viewer as well. Both can be toxic to one’s mental and spiritual health. Combined, I believe they create a synergistic poisonous concoction with the fallout being guilt and inner turmoil.

For those who travel the left hand path, this is a very significant time of year. A lot of rituals are conducted and a lot of blood is spilled in the name of sacrifice. Some of this blood is of the innocent including children. This continues through the Christmas season. This is also the time of year where child kidnappings are at their highest. We need to be aware of what we are representing when we don that devil or vampire mask. Are we aware that we are representing the dark or shadow side of our very selves? It’s all fun when the mask can easily come off. Yet we have many souls who are trapped in their own shadow; who cannot or choose not to remove the demonic mask for whatever reason. What are we really celebrating? What are we really doing?

Demons are real, ghosts are real, vampires are real, ghouls are very real. Yet most party-goers believe it not. It’s just all fun and games, right? Talk to some real people who have heard strange bumps in the night. http://www.djinnuniverse.com/tell-us-your-djinn-story

Be aware that there are many things unseen out there.

Remember on that 31st night that the path you choose is always either left or right.

If you want to dress up, represent correctly and always be ready to face your fears directly.



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