Burning Bras–Redux

She has the right idea!

I hate wearing bras. They are modern day torture devices in my humble opinion. The older I get, the more I rebel from the status quo. While bras can produce that top shelf look, for me it is not worth the continuous discomfort. Shift, pull, adjust, loosen, squirm. Fortunately, there are a number of alternatives to wearing a bra nowadays. There are the body hugging tanks and camis. Even sports bras are a better alternative to the usual, but even they can be suffocating after a couple of hours. Underwire bras are of the devil. Enough of this archaic nonsense. That’s it. It is finished. I want my boobs to be free from constriction. They really do not need support anyway as they are more than happy to stand up on their own. Now I am reading that continuous bra wear and tear may actually contribute to cancer.

Why do we have to wear bras anyway? Who came up with this? Granted, I do like the support that bras can provide during periods of physical activity, but other than that, are they really necessary? The equivalent in social pressure for men would be to wear a jock strap all day, every day. Some women need bras due to the enormous size of their bosom. It may be more uncomfortable to go sans than to strap up. However, for the majority of women this has become another one of those cosmetic enhancements or should I say de-enhancements that most of us dare not question. We give in to societal pressures far too easily. Let me wear a bra by choice, not because it is what is deemed appropriate.

I googled “I  hate bras” and I found this site:http://ihatebras.info/ Apparently, a lot of women share my disdain for this sadistic undergarment. For now on, I’m treating bras like high heels. They are optional. I am bra-free and loving it!!


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