He’s a Magic Man, Mama!

Magician, maven, magus. “He’s a magic man, mama”. All young men need to go through some form of initiation before they can embody the essence of the Magician. It is necessary in order for them to reach a level of maturity beyond that which is self-serving and ego-oriented. Magic is about manipulation. It is about creating your own reality and subjecting the forces of nature to your will. All men need their own brand of magic. However, this magic must only come through self-awareness. This is what initiation is all about. Initiation breaks down your ego awareness so that all you have to deal with is your true Self. This is why initiation rituals are often frightening, humiliating, or even painful. You must lose yourself before you can gain true knowledge of your potential and purpose. Without initiation, the potential for magic can easily morph into mayhem. Take a trip into Anyhood, USA (or AnyTrailerPark, USA for that matter) and you will see the mayhem in action. What a waste of pure potential. When men fail to become magicians, they remain fools (i.e. newborn babes).

When the Magician card appears in a reading, it often means that the person in question is taking charge of his destiny through self-awareness and self-assertion. He has a bag of tricks at his disposal and he is not afraid to use them. Proper timing is of the utmost importance to the Magician. Right action is equally important. The Magician does not waste energy. He directs it in the most efficient and effective way. He possesses specialized knowledge and skill. He demonstrates his expert ability and mental acumen. His strength lies within, but it is extremely influential. He is the unadulterated male.

You can see the spirit of the Magician embodied in the surgeon, the engineer, the entrepreneur, the writer, the inventor, and even the political leader. He is a man for all seasons. A master mason, a master manipulator. He is essentially the Alchemist. This is masculine energy at its purest and finest. This archetype lies within each and every one of us, but how many of us are utilizing this powerful energy on a daily basis? The Magician takes nothing lying down. He knows nothing about conforming to the standards of another. He stands on his own two feet and makes life happen. He doesn’t allow life to just have his way with him.

The Magician is our Divine Right. We have inherited his power as well as his tools. Our 5 mundane senses when fully understood and  utilized can produce the 6th sense; that sense that leads to the magic. It lies dormant within most of us because we were never put through initiation. The majority of us allow ourselves to experience the Magician in spurts not realizing that we can draw from this source continuously and at will.

Embody the Magician each and every day and prepare to be amazed–Daily!


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