Silent Running (toward the finish line)

“Well shut my mouth wide open”

There are some things that I just know–intuitively that is. Then, the Universe responds with synchronistic confirmation. I have a gift for seeing far into the future as far as my own life is concerned. The short-term is where I tend to struggle. Chalk this up to my 11th house Mercury in Sagittarius making a nice trine to my Arian Jupiter residing in the house of the mind. Over the years I have learned to keep my mouth shut concerning my personal predictions in order to shield myself against the naysayers.

When you have a great idea or you receive a flash of insight regarding your destiny it is best to either keep it to yourself or only entrust a precious few with your divine knowledge. The disbelief of a few can disintegrate the dreams of those who dare. Your dreams and aspirations must remain unadulterated if you wish to take the quickest route to their manifestation. If you cannot keep your dreams and aspirations to yourself, it is wise to surround yourself with protective tools such as talismans, candles for specifics purposes, incense, sage, etc. These tools will provide protection from those who give off negative energy. It is also wise to stay in touch with the Divine Spirit and/or your spirit guides, angels, and other helpers from the spirit realm on a daily basis when you are trying to achieve a significant goal. Open your eyes and take notice of all of the signs that the Universe will display for your benefit. It may be as simple as hearing a phrase on TV or seeing a lady bug on your windshield. One way I receive signs about this one particularly tremendous goal I have is through license plates. You will know that they are signs when the message is relative to your situation and it MUST come to you spontaneously and unexpectedly. It doesn’t count when you are on the prowl for signs. These signs have to catch you off guard. It’s also a good idea to keep these signs to yourself and maybe those who are of your master mind group (shout out to Napoleon Hill!) or else others may think that you’ve gone crazy. One of the more common mediums for synchronicity is through time. Most in the know are familiar with the 11:11 phenomenon. I feel that the general meaning for 11:11 is that you are entering a gateway where you have to decide between two divergent paths and it is now time to choose. When I was on the first leg of the goal discussed briefly above, I would see 36 a lot. This number was specifically related to my goal and it often showed up via time. I would glance at a digital clock and it would be 9:36, or 11:36; you  get the picture. The color green also figured in rather prominently during this time as well. Green is the color of Venus and yes, my goal consisted of meeting a person whom I firmly believed is one of my past life partners. This all started back in ’94, I believe. The signs are still with me and I know now what I must do concerning them.

When I was young, my mother told me that I shouldn’t recite my prayers aloud because the devil may hear me and try to reverse them. That used to scare the shit out of me. As batty as that admonishment may sound, there is indeed some truth in it. Do not cast your pearls before swine is another apropos caveat. There is power in secrecy–especially when it concerns that which you are trying to achieve. The more people you tell, the more there will be who will not wish you well. Just remember that and be humble. Do not rejoice over that which has still yet to be achieved. I learned that one the hard way. Of course, the tortoise and hare tale comes to mind. The hare was showboating the whole way through and look what happened. Be slow, persevering, and quiet like the tortoise. Build up a shell of protection consisting of implements from the spirit realm. Call on your spirit helpers for added strength. Maintain your faith, cancel all doubt and to paraphrase Matthew 6:3, do not let the left hand know what the right hand is doing.



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