Scenarios for Relationship Tarot Readings part 1b

Here is part 1b of scenarios for the minor arcana. In this post I will focus on numbers 6 through 10. The scenarios describe relationship issues and problems. It is important to remember that the reason why relationships are often fraught with difficulties and limitations is because there are two individuals coming together who are trying to impose their will on each other. Most couples do not come together with the intent upon creating balance and compromise. We try to mold our partners to our liking and when we fall short of this goal, we blame the other person. Another reason why issues are persistent is that some people have come together to rectify past life indiscretions. Thus, there is karmic debt that needs to paid. This payment can come through abuse, infidelity, even the death of a spouse. With that being said, let’s jump into the remaining numbers of the minor arcana.

  • 6 of Wands Reversed: Jeanie has cheated on Ron because she did not feel that he validated her sense of self worth. Jeanie now feels vindicated, but Ron is now demoralized.
  • 6 of Pentacles: Cindy has began a relationship with Bob who is much older and wealthier than she. Bob uses this imbalance to his advantage. Cindy has placed Bob on a pedestal.
  • 6 of Swords: Mark is ready to move on from his relationship with
    Wanda, but he doesn’t want to deal with the drama of a break up. So he relocates without informing Wanda of his plans.
  • 6 of Cups: Gigi and David have been living together for the past two years. David has been fired from 3 jobs since he’s lived with Gigi. David plays video games all day and relies on his mother for financial help.
  • 7 of Wands: Vicky has been trying to win Kyle’s affection for the past 6 months. He tries to thwart any attempts that she makes to turn their friendship into more than just sex.
  • 7 of Pentacles: Barry has proposed to Diane, but Diane has yet to respond. Diane loves Barry, but she is not sure if she is ready to take that big step.
  • 7 of Swords: Roger sneaks out at night and meets his mistress at a nearby motel unbeknownst to his wife of 13 years.
  • 7 of Cups: Fred’s wife Tanya has been battling addiction for the past 5 years. Tanya’s addiction is creating a wedge between the two of them. Fred does not know what to do. Tanya is under the illusion that she can stop at anytime.
  • 8 of Wands: Heather does not understand why Walter only comes around for sex. The sex is amazing, but Heather barely knows Walter outside of the bedroom. Walter is hard to pin down. He leaves quickly after their sexcapades.
  • 8 of Pentacles: Bobbi wants to spend quality time with Earl, but Earl is always in his home office working on his latest project. Bobbi feels that Earl is married to his work, not her.
  • 8 of Swords: Pete is a cuckold man and everyone can see it. Pete’s wife Debra has even cheated on him with his own brother. All the signs are there for Pete to see what is going on, but he remains oblivious to Debra’s blatant infidelity.
  • 8 of Cups: Stacy has decided to leave her stable home, loving husband and even her children to pursue a relationship with a man she met a few months ago. Before Stacy left, she was always complaining about how burnt out she was as a wife and mother.
  • 9 of Wands: Trevor has asked Katie for another chance after she discovered that he cheated on her for the 2nd time. She takes him back but she remains wary. Katie also makes Trevor use a condom now. 9 of Wands Reversed: Trevor gives Katie an STD after cheating on her with another woman.
  • 9 of Pentacles: Laura is making good money from her own business. She now wants to enjoy her success apart from her partner with whom she has been living for the past 5 years. Laura puts a down payment on a home with the intent of living independently.
  • 9 of Swords: Jodie is in a very abusive relationship with Curtis. Curtis’s main methods of abuse are emotional and mental. Jodie often has crying spells and Curtis is totally unsympathetic. She has also developed a bad case of anxiety due to Curtis’s extreme mood swings.
  • 9 of Cups Reversed: Umar and Aisha have been married for 3 years. Umar does not spend much time at home preferring to hang out at the strip club. Umar often comes home drunk and broke.
  • 10 of Wands: Zelda is a full-time mom, a full-time worker and a devoted wife. Her husband Zane works, but he does nothing around the house. He believes that it is his wife’s job to hold down the fort at home. Zane even expects Zelda to iron his shirts.
  • 10 of Pentacles: Frederick and Yvonne are married, but Yvonne cannot make a decision without consulting her family. Yvonne works in her family’s business so they are a constant presence in Yvonne and Fredrick’s life. When Fredrick does something wrong, Yvonne’s whole family gets involved.
  • 10 of Swords: Courtney has hit rock bottom since Troy, her husband was incarcerated. He will be away for the next year or so. Courtney could not keep up on the bills on her own and now their home is in foreclosure. Courtney is contemplating a divorce.
  • 10 of Cups: Darren and Jill are in a long-distance relationship. Darren still resides with his ex-wife and two children because they had an amicable divorce. Jill is none the wiser. Jill wonders why Darren never calls her in the evening. Darren will reside with his ex as long as the situation remains comfortable for him.

As stated previously, these scenarios just reflect one of the many interpretations for the cards in question. The next installment will consist of relationship scenarios for the court cards. For many tarot readers, court cards can be a source of ambiguity. I myself often struggle with them–especially when several court cards appear in one reading. Stay tuned…



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