Ego Trip Up

thCAXR204JOne of the hardest things about being a Sagittarius is the propensity to be overzealous. The saying “fools rush in” is so apropos to my current situation. I made a foolish decision on impulse a few weeks ago and now it has come back to haunt me. Oh how I wish I could turn back the hands of time on this one. Regret however is as futile as worry. Both will prevent you from moving forward.

So now I must work to rectify this situation if it can even be salvaged at this point. First things first: I must move beyond the regret, shame, and embarrassment. I am allowed to make mistakes and I’m learning from this one because I don’t ever want to relive such an experience again.

My ego is the primary cause of this blunder. I was already aware that my ego has no place in my spiritual work. When I do allow my ego to take the reins I lose. It may not be this way for others on the Path, but it’s been this way for me—always. My Saturn is in Leo, the sign of the ego and Saturn is the planet that metes out punishment. My karma is wrapped up in my ego orientation so whenever I give my power over to the ego instant karma ensues. I could blame it on my recent transits, Jupiter opposition my Sun and Neptune, Neptune making a quincunx to my Saturn and the whole Uranian moxie  thing (Saturn and Venus conjunct Uranus, Solar Arc Uranus conjunct my natal Sun). I can tell myself that my conservative and cautious Capricorn Moon called out from work that fateful day. In actuality however, I should have known better. When I act on behalf of my ego I often get spanked and that’s what happened today—on my birthday.

I take this as a hard lesson in humility and patience. In my attempt to control the outcome of a situation I lost control of my Self. Now I sit here in a state of bewilderment not knowing exactly how to proceed from here. In the process of trying to accomplish a personal goal I lost sight of my spiritual ethos.

In true Sagittarian fashion I have already picked myself up, dusted myself off and I am ready to embody the spirit of the Chariot. Now that the illusory fog has cleared and I have sobered up from being in an emotional stupor I can view this situation from another vantage point. I acted in desperation which should never be the case for a person on the Path. Desperate times call for delicate, not desperate measures. I see this clearly now.



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