The Vigilant Citizen (the website) is an AGENT!

Some great insight on The Vigilant Citizen website. Talk about controlled opposition.

Why O' Why?

DAMMIT SON!  I hate when I find out that one of the “truthers” is actually an AGENT/FRAUD!  Here’s how I know that this website is… I left a comment not once but TWICE offering a SOLUTION to this NWO nightmare and TWICE they removed it!  The third time, which just happened, they won’t allow the message to appear.  Now you tell me… if you’re offering SOLUTIONS, why would this site block that information from it’s readers?!  DAMMIT SON!  They’ve been removed from the blogroll, fellow people.  I was simply trying to let one reader (fluffy) know that is our best bet as the comment simply asked; “what can we do…”.  The funny (telling) thing about their actions is that I only went to read the updated comments and that’s when I noticed they were gone!!  You’ve been warned.

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