How to combat triggers that promote negative energy

thCAR5TI3MI always have some kind of beef either with someone or something. One of my current bone of contentions is my roommate’s dog. The dog, which I won’t disclose the breed (I don’t want to insult other dogs of the same breed who aren’t as stupid as this one) spends a lot of time in her crate. The crate is made of metal of course and the dog often makes her presence known by throwing herself against the cage, shaking, rattling, and rolling. This is a rather large dog so the noise is ridiculous. She also whines a great deal or whatever they call it that dogs do. Is that sound coming out of their noses? Oh well. As you can probably guess by now, I am not too fond of dogs. I tolerate them. That’s as far as it goes. I really have a low-tolerance for untrained, robo-barking dogs who believe that it is their right to wake up the neighborhood at 3:00 am. Fortunately for me, I don’t sleep much. It’s now gotten to the point where evil thoughts come to my mind when I hear the beast shifting and shuffling in that cage. My main thought being, “I hate this fucking dog with a passion”. She just made a bunch of noise as I was typing. It’s 3:28 am. Does this dog ever sleep? I guess me and this dog are in competition as to who can survive on the least amount of sleep.

So since I am all about trying to be positive. I decided that everytime I hear that dog make noise whether it is barking, whining, or breakdancing in her cage, I will use that as a signal to focus on my goals. I have one big goal in particular that I focus on as a way to prevent the negative energy from settling in and I am more than happy to entertain the thought of achieving it. Now, I see the dog as giving me more ammo when it comes visualizing the achievement of my goal. Thanks bitch!

I’m making gallon after gallon of lemonade here. After making this switch from focusing on what’s wrong to what’s right I have decided to apply this trick when it comes to anything that stirs up a negative reaction within me. This is going to require a lot of practice, but it will be worth it. I have no more time nor space for negativity in my life even at the hands of a canine. Try this technique. It can only help.



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