P.I.C. of the Day: This Question Never Gets Old…

Or answered by those in positions of power. SMH.












This is the first photo in a new series for this blog, P.I.C. of the day. P.I.C. is an acronym meaning Photos that Inspire Change/Creativity. The words change and creativity are interchangeable. Since I am an avid fan of photography (My Sun is conjunct Neptune, the planet of photography and Pisces (sign of photography) is intercepted in my house of values (2nd house), I feel it is necessary that I express this love for the artform in my SUV blog. One of my more tepid dreams is to take up photography as a hobby. One day I am going to puchase one of those fancy schmanzy Nikons.

You know what they say about the worth of pictures, don’t you?



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