Pluto Conjunct Ascendant–Phase 2


Pluto turned around ( in retrograde motion)  and made a conjunction to my Ascendant on May 5th. This is the second time Pluto has landed on my Ascendant and this time I saw the dark side of this planet of transformation. It was ugly and it reeked of excrement (Pluto represents all that is foul and filthy including bodily waste), but it was necessary for my spiritual growth. Pluto is the great transformer, but it is also the planet of death. Pluto will destroy almost everything that is old and out-dated in order to bring something fresh and new into one’s life. Pluto never acts in a subtle way when it touches one of the significant points, planets or luminaries in one’s natal chart. It will bring things that were once hidden below the surface out into the open requiring you to face these demons head-on. Pluto will often bring these cathartic changes through others and some of these people may be very dark in nature. The best way I can describe it after having been through it is that it feels like a heavy, otherworldly negative force that tries to get you to breakdown emotionally. Pluto on the Ascendant will test your strength, fortitude and level of commitment. This force has a very humbling effect and it will permeate those areas of one’s life that carry the most meaning. We have no control over the effects of Pluto and it is unwise to think that we can thwart its sneak attacks. The only thing we can do is ride it out, hope for the best and prepare for the worst. It’s Ride or Die time. For example, Uranus was in exact square with Pluto on the day that the tornado touched down in Moore, Oklahoma. This was not something that could have been prevented.

Pluto can bring the worst out in ourselves and others, but it can also strip away the muck of our souls so that we can step further into the light. It is the manure that can lead to a good harvest. In terms of Tarot, the cards that represent the force of Pluto in my opinion are Death, Judgement and the 10 of Swords. Something has to die, before new life can begin. This is the essence of Pluto.


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