Psychic’s Vision Helps Solve Child Murder Case

Terry Smith

A psychic has revealed that she was the one to help police discover the body of the autistic 11-year-old boy in a shallow grave near his home after he had been missing for three days.

The woman’s vision reportedly led her to the area about 100 feet from Terry Dewayne Smith Jr.’s mother’s home in Menifee, California where they found the boy’s body buried.

Riverside County Sheriff’s Detective John Powers confirmed to a local radio station that Ms Ragland did play a pivotal role in helping them find the boy’s body.

Mr Powers says Ragland called a tip line about her vision, and was invited to join the search.

He says Ragland and her children came to the house without knowing it was the boy’s, walked on to the property and right to the partially buried body.

Mr Powers says he searched the area previously himself without seeing it.

This revelation comes the same day that the boy’s father, who lives in West Virginia, said that Terry was not autistic and that he had spoken to him before he disappeared when the boy asked him if he could go visit.

The 11-year-old had lived with his father, Terry Smith Sr., in West Virginia up until 2001 when he went to live with his mother Shawna in California. Shawna now lives in Menifee with her longterm lesbian partner, Denise, and her son from a different relationship.

That 16-year-old boy, Terry’s half-brother, has been charged with the murder and now a hearing will be held to see if he will be tried as an adult or a child.

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