New Year, New Horizons


It’s been a very long time since I posted on my blog. My Mars in Gemini causes me to veer off into a distraction for a period of time. I’m back now and I plan on writing more frequently—at least until my Mars decides that it needs another distraction. I hope that my followers will forgive my wishy-washy ways. I’ve accomplished quite a bit in 2014. I was hired entertainment for the Phoenix Desert Botanical Gardens on three nights where I did readings. Each night was a success with a huge turnout. My daughter entered high school finishing out the first semester strong with straight A’s, and I acquired a male friend who is now my significant other, albeit via a long-distance relationship (He’s in Baltimore, I’m in Phoenix). As for what I have been doing over the past several months, I have been doing a lot of wishful thinking, brainstorming and researching. I’ve started compiling information for an astrology book that I would like to get published by 2016. I’ve also started a business plan for a retail storefront where I will sell spiritual supplies and give readings. I’m even planning on applying for a SBA loan and according to the cards, I have a good chance of getting approved. 2015 will be a magical year for me. I can feel it.


If you go way back into my blog you will find that I have been in anguish over the predicament of being employed. While I appreciate the steady paycheck and some semblance of security that a job offers, I ultimately feel trapped and restricted when employed for extended periods of time. My entrepreneurial spirit just won’t die. It just won’t leave me be. No matter how much I try to go along to get along in a particular job I eventually get to a point where I feel like I am suffocating; that my soul is dying. I always know I am approaching an end to a job when I begin to get very touchy, irritable, standoffish and restless. I become more blunt and unapologetic. I loaf off more. Right now I am currently processing financial aid for a small graphic design college. I could care less about this kind of work. It is most certainly just a paycheck. The good thing is this job is basically low-key with minimal stress. However, my problem is having to be trapped somewhere for 8 hours working for someone else. I’ve been here for almost a year and I’m not trying to be here for much longer than that.


I would like for my current job to be my last job – ever. I would love to jump from this current job to my storefront just like that. It doesn’t make sense to leave this unfulfilling job and jump into another unfulfilling job. My only obstacle of course is MONEY. I’ll be doing a lot of things to draw large sums of money into my life—of which some is practical and others magical. I just feel that 2015 is going to be a very magical year for me in general.


How do you plan to make 2015 magical for you?


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