The Hamster Wheel of Fortune: Fluorescent lights, Extreme AC, Germ-ridden co-workers and other not-so minor inconveniences in the workplace.

wage slave

If you’ve been following my blog since the very beginning you will know by now that I absolutely despise being employed. My aspiration of being a full-time entrepreneur has still have yet to be fulfilled, despite the fact that my business has been operating consistently for the past 7 years. I’m not quite at the point where I can quit my job forever. Oh how I wish I could right now so that I would not be assaulted by glaring florescent lights or put up with the new co-worker who keeps hacking and sneezing in the corner. New co-worker also smells like wet dog. I know I’m not imagining it. Did I mention that it’s often freezing cold like the Arctic Circle up in here? I know these are minor inconveniences to some, but they add up and they begin to take a toll upon my mental health and emotional well-being. I feel fragmented and stagnant being employed for long stretches of time: I don’t feel whole. I feel closed in when I have to share a small office (about twice the size of a janitor’s closet) with more than 1 person—especially when the 3rd person is playing host to common cold germs.

Then there’s the issue of being severely underpaid. If I didn’t have my business income to supplement my slave wages, I would be barely making it despite having a master’s degree. As it stands, my hourly rate for my business is $60. To figure out how much I make at my current place of employment, just take $60 and divide by 4. This is exactly why I am writing this blog during my hours of employment. I don’t get paid enough to be a total obedient slave. Where’s the incentive to be a do-gooder paper pusher?

A few months ago I got the insane notion that I could leave 1 hour early on some days if I didn’t take my hour lunch break. To me it makes sense because I am not paid for that hour and I was told that the hour break could be taken at any time. My shift was 10 to 6 and some days I would leave at 5 because I would not take a lunch. Well, one drone caught wind of what I was doing and snitched to management. Now I have to take the hour break regardless of whether I need it. Nonsensical rules like this make me feel that I am not being treated as an adult, but hey if you want that paycheck… I’m dealing with it. Compared to being underpaid, this is only a small gripe.

You see my whole goal was to make my current place of employment, my final place of employment, but it’s getting to the point now where I’d rather have some form of change than no change at all.


I pulled a Tarot card with the question: Should I look for a better plantation or should I just stick it out at my current job? I got the Wheel of Fortune which is a card that signifies change—change that is usually for the better. I currently work for a small college and the Wheel of Fortune is ascribed to the planet Jupiter, the ruler of colleges and universities. The time is ripe in fact, for me to transition into a new position with another school since the Sun is transiting my 9th house (higher education falls under the 9th house) and Venus has just entered my 8th (the 8th house deals with managing other people’s finances and I am a financial aid coordinator at my present job). As much as I hate going through the hiring process, it will be worth it if I can find a job with better pay. I’m giving myself a week to get some interviews since I’m in a bit of a time crunch. I get paid only once a month at my present job so the best time to leave is right after payday which just happens to be tomorrow.

The older I get the less I am willing to settle. I’ve settled for too long at this current job already. I will have been employed with the company for 2 years this coming March. The longest job I’ve had only lasted exactly 3 years which ought to tell you something. However, while I’m at a particular job I do my work to the best of my ability. A slacker, I am not. It’s my employer that’s the slacker—paying me well below what I deserve for both my experience and education. It’s time to cut the freeloaders off. Game over.

~ Rahbinah

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