31 Days of Horror: A Compilation of My Favorite Horror Films. Day 1: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

texas chainsaw

Since I’m a horror movie buff and it’s October, for the next 31 days I’ll post one of my favorite horror movies daily and in no particular order.

Day 1: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original 1974 version)

Why I love it:

  • Astrology is featured in the film with the Saturn retrograde theme.
  • It could really happen.
  • It’s gritty and dark without gratuitous gore.
  • The acting is pretty good especially the girl’s hysterical laugh/cry at the end when she finally gets rescued by the driver in the pickup truck. That part is classic.
  • It’s a 70’s horror flick.
  • The hitch hiker scene.
  • The scene where Leatherface clubs the guy on the head and he starts going into a seizure.
  • The bone room scene.
  • Grandpa.
  • It’s absolutely terrifying. 
  • The images and chilling voice-over in the beginning of the film where the plot is explained. 



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