31 Days of Horror: A Compilation of My Favorite Horror Films. Day 7: Children of the Corn


Day 7: Children of the Corn (1984)

Why I love it:

  • It’s based on a book by Stephen King involving a town that has been taken over by evil fundamentalist children.
  • It was released in 1984, my favorite year of the 80’s.
  • The beginning scene of the film where the adults are killed by the kids in the diner takes the viewer by surprise.
  • The cinematography, set designs and props make it actually appear to be a deserted town gone wrong.
  • There’s a little girl, Sarah in the film who has keen psychic abilities and she draws the omens she receives with crayons.
  • Malachi, the red-headed co-leader of the corn cult is very convincing in his role. He ends up trying to cut the head off the hydra by giving up Isaac, the cult leader as a sacrifice.
  • Isaac, who is the head of the corn cult is the creepiest of them all. It’s very easy to hate him. “He wants you too, Malachi”, says Isaac after emerging from the pits of hell.
  • Linda Hamilton, the lead actress in Terminator 1 and 2 is one of the main characters.



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