31 Days of Horror: A Compilation of My Favorite Horror Films. Day 14: Suspiria


Day 14: Susperia (1977)

Why I love it:

  • It’s a foreign horror film (Italian) directed by Dario Argento. Horror movie buffs should know that Argento has made some significant contributions to this genre.
  • It deals with a young American woman who travels abroad to attend a ballet school in Germany. This ballet school is actually run by a wicked coven of satanic witches.
  • The film’s score is very scary and unsettling. The band Goblin created the eerie, demonic melodies that are the perfect accompaniment to the dark subject matter.
  • The scene where the first murder takes place–it’s actually a double-murder by default. It’s chilling, over the top, and downright disturbing.
  • The rich, vibrant colors that Argento uses which provide a means of transport into an otherworldly, sinister place.
  • The maggots scene.
  • The razor wire scene.
  • This from Wikipedia: “Scriptwriter Daria Nicolodi stated that Suspiria’s inspiration came from a tale her grandmother told her as a young child about a real life experience she had in an acting academy where she discovered “the teachers were teaching arts, but also black magic. This story was later said by Argento to have been made up”. I think Argento was trying to protect his interests because satanic covens do in fact exist throughout the world and they are often disguised as benign institutions or organizations.
  • This film should be required viewing for anyone who claims to be a die-hard fan of horror movies.
  • It’s a 70’s horror flick.





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