31 Days of Horror: A Compilation of My Favorite Horror Films. Day 20: Hostel


Hostel (2005)

Why I Love It:

  • It’s about 3 guys who are vacationing in Europe and get caught up in a web of deceit, torture and murder. Basically, there’s a warehouse with clientele consisting of psychopaths who pay to torture and murder innocent victims.
  • Quentin Tarantino was one of the executive producers so I knew it would be hardcore.
  • The only monsters and demons in this horror flick are human and this is why it’s so scary. This could really happen and I wouldn’t be surprised if places like this really exist. 
  • This movie is a gore-fest and it will challenge your ability to keep both eyes opened during the graphic torture scenes. Go ahead, try not to squint or clench your teeth.
  • The toe scene.
  • The Achilles tendon scene.
  • The eyeball scene. 
  • Takashi Miike, director of crazy horror movies including the Audition (1999) and Ichi the Killer (2001) makes a very brief cameo appearance. I get chills just thinking about those two movies–especially the latter. 
  • The plot is simple enough and easy to navigate thanks to the method of direction. You know just enough about the main characters to root for them–especially Paxton, played by Jay Hernandez. 
  • This movie leaves a lasting impression because it’s not just about physical, but also psychological torture and as stated previously, this could really happen.
  • The final scene where a little bit of vindication is achieved makes it easier to sleep after watching it, just a little bit easier. It’s always nice when the protagonist makes it out alive…well, then there’s Hostel II (2007).
  • The plot reminds me of The Evil that Men Do (1984) with Charles Bronson. A great movie about torture that I first saw with my father. 





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