31 Days of Horror: A Compilation of My Favorite Horror Films. Day 21: Child’s Play


Child’s Play (1988)

Why I love it:

  • It’s about an ugly doll named Chucky that is possessed by a serial killer named Charles Lee Ray.
  • The doll is reminiscent of the “My Buddy” doll that came out in the 80’s which adds to the creep-factor.
  • The doll’s antics and colorful language such as “You stupid bitch, you filthy slut. I will teach you not to fuck with me!” The whacked out doll says this to the mother of Andy, the boy who owns the doll.
  • Voodoo is prominently featured throughout the film. Charles Lee Ray, the serial killer who inhabits Chucky used a voodoo ritual to get inside the doll as a way to evade the law. 
  • The catch is, the longer Ray remains in the doll, the more human he becomes and thus, the more vulnerable. His aim is to transfer his soul into Andy’s body since Andy is the one he first told about his ritual.
  • The animation technique and special effects were very good. Chucky holds his own in the film–as good as any b-list actor–and you take him seriously. 
  • The scene where the mother is holding Chucky and he speaks even though there are no batteries in the compartment. 
  • It should be required viewing for every new parent with the moral of the story being: do not purchase stolen shit for your kid from a shady looking dude in a back alley.





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