Sisterhood and the Clash of Bravados


I was listening to a Blog Talk Radio podcast on the subject of Astrology the other day. The topic of discussion was Western/Tropical Astrology vs. 13th Sign Astrology. While I am Team Tropical, I won’t allow my bias to color this post. The discussion which was between two women, one being the co-host, quickly became heated as both sides tried to assert the validity of their preferred systems. The heat quickly ignited into buffoonery to my dismay. I had hoped to gain some knowledge and understanding, but all I got out of it was low-brow entertainment. I was turned off and I stopped listening before the show concluded. Both sides seemed to be pretty un-evolved to be so deeply immersed in the art and science that is Astrology as they claimed. The fact that these women are black and fostered some of the negative stereotypes about black women (i.e. black women are loud, mouthy, difficult, combative, too dominant, disagreeable, etc.) made me cringe. It was all of that and a bag of Sun chips. If I wanted ghetto entertainment I could have just watched some World Star Hip Hop videos. As an Astrologer who also happens to be a black woman, I shook my head in disillusionment.

The funny thing is, I had been trying to get a spot on this very show as a guest speaker. One of the producers of the show who is also a co-host had extended invitations to be a guest on the show via an Astrology Facebook group of which I am a member. On three occasions I expressed my interest to be a guest to no avail despite my demonstrations of Astrological aptitude in my contributions to that page. So when I never received a response, I was a little miffed believing that I was not being taken seriously as an experienced Astrologer. Now, in hindsight, I am so glad that I was never selected to be a guest. The way the show is conducted is not how I roll. I place a high priority on professionalism, mutual respect, and decorum when conducting business. Blame it on my strong Capricorn energy (Moon and Ascendant in Capricorn). It was as if the two women were so focused on one upping each other that they forgot that there was an audience. It was no longer about Astrology. It was the Clash of Bravados. Sisterhood be damned. Neither of the women took a scientific approach and neither provided empirical data that would attest to the efficacy of their chosen systems. This made me question how Astrologically savvy these two women really were.

Now, my North Node in Scorpio in my house of career provides an impetus to collaborate with others in this lifetime, but I’m learning to also utilize another aspect of this Scorpio energy which is to dissect and discard that which is of no use–in an unapologetic way. I certainly have no use for ego-fueled drama that has been given an Astrological or spiritual coating. While I have yet to produce my own radio show for various reasons, I’d rather build slowly and do it the right way, not the way it was carried out on that broadcast. While, the guest was extremely arrogant and belittled the dissenting side, the blame ultimately rests with the two hosts since they are supposed to be in control of how the show runs. At least one of the hosts made attempts to diffuse the drama, but her voice of reason was drowned out by the din of the two feuding egos.

Scorpio also deals with research and exposing that which lies beneath the surface. The observations I have been making regarding some of these Astrology and other occult Facebook groups and podcasts is part of my research regarding what not to do and how not to be. When the ego dominates the soul, one’s weaknesses are easily exposed.

~ Rahbinah

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