The Centaur Experience: 10 Signs that I am a Sagittarius


  1. When I was a little child I would fantasize that my bed was a train that would take me to far off destinations while I slept. 
  2. I was at the top of my bible school class as a child even though I hated getting up early for church.
  3. I’ve always felt that I was supposed to be wealthy despite my humble beginnings. I bought my first Powerball Lottery ticket on my 18th birthday.  
  4. When in college, I would devour the religious and spirituality books in the university library on my downtime. I also took an Intro to the Bible course as an elective. 
  5. During one semester I started my classes two weeks late not realizing the semester had begun. 
  6. During the same college semester I only showed up to French class twice and still earned an A. 
  7. In 1997 I spent time with my favorite celebrity after trying to meet him for 3 years. I was a serious fanatic. Mission Accomplished!
  8. In 2006 I relocated from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Phoenix, Arizona even though I knew no one there and did not have a job. 
  9. In 2009 I established my Spiritual Advising practice despite having a bachelor and masters degree in Business Administration.
  10. I value freedom so much that I’ve only been employed about 13 out of the 22 years of my adult life preferring self-employment to any well paying job. 

~ Rahbinah

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