Marriage: It’s Actually Work!


Everyone can get married now. Woo-hoo! I’m sure the number of new marriage licenses will now go through the roof. I’m not really in the mood for celebrating however, because I’m a bit cynical when it comes to that M-word: Marriage. It’s not all that’s it’s cracked up to be–at least it appears that way from the outside looking in. So many people have a strong desire to get married, but not enough thought goes into the daily rigors of committing yourself to one person.

Sure a lot of people can enter into long-term commitments; just look at how many people can commit to a 4 or 5 year car note. However, after about the 5th year (or maybe even less for some) a lot of the appeal of the car you are driving has worn off. You get used to it, you become complacent. You don’t value your car like you used to which is evident by the coffee stains, crumbs tightly wedged in the seams, and the two dehydrated French fries lurking under the seat. Then when the car begins to protest under the stress you’ve been putting on it day in and day out, you begin to think “this is not what I bargained for”. Breakdowns become more frequent and you start to lose trust in your once faithful vehicle. Then you start yearning for a newer, shinier model–even though your present car could certainly keep ticking if given the proper attention. In this present day, a lot of people do treat relationships like cars. Are you into your car as much or even more as the first day you drove it?

One of the worst things that a person can become is a “Long-Term Relationship Barbie” where all pre-marital/committal manners and courtesies go out the window in exchange for comfort and complacency. Complacency is one of the worst elements of a long-term relationship because being taken for granted is right around the corner. Once you turn that corner, apathy and disloyalty are right up the block, and you’re approaching infidelity on your left.

It’s not wise to get so comfortable with your mate that you have no qualms about relieving yourself (i.e. passing gas or doing #2) in their presence. No one should have to tolerate your morning breath no matter how long you’ve been sharing the same bed. Try to guard against the tendency of being an authority over your mate’s comings and goings. Don’t fall into the complacency trap when it comes to your personal appearance and then complain when your partner is working late hours ever since that new assistant came on board.  Don’t fall victim to rigid schedules and roles that can cause the marriage to grow stale. Do be more spontaneous and do things from time to time to revive the passion. Don’t treat your mate like another family member and don’t assume that you know everything about him or her. You don’t and you won’t until many years into your relationship. Don’t expect your partner to always be at your beckon call; appreciate the fact that he or she has a life of their own. Do respect your mate as his or her own individual and acknowledge that the two of you will not always see eye-to-eye. Do give your mate plenty of space and freedom. Don’t allow fear and insecurity to destroy peace within the home.

I only scratched the surface on what it takes to make a marriage successful. Whew, I’m exhausted. Marriage is a lot of work and sometimes the work feels like drudgery which is probably why I’m still single (I hate drudgery). You still want to get married? Knock yourself out. I’ll remain single and save myself from all the hard work. What’s love really got to do with it anyway? Love doesn’t need a license or sanctioning by a governing body.



How to combat triggers that promote negative energy

thCAR5TI3MI always have some kind of beef either with someone or something. One of my current bone of contentions is my roommate’s dog. The dog, which I won’t disclose the breed (I don’t want to insult other dogs of the same breed who aren’t as stupid as this one) spends a lot of time in her crate. The crate is made of metal of course and the dog often makes her presence known by throwing herself against the cage, shaking, rattling, and rolling. This is a rather large dog so the noise is ridiculous. She also whines a great deal or whatever they call it that dogs do. Is that sound coming out of their noses? Oh well. As you can probably guess by now, I am not too fond of dogs. I tolerate them. That’s as far as it goes. I really have a low-tolerance for untrained, robo-barking dogs who believe that it is their right to wake up the neighborhood at 3:00 am. Fortunately for me, I don’t sleep much. It’s now gotten to the point where evil thoughts come to my mind when I hear the beast shifting and shuffling in that cage. My main thought being, “I hate this fucking dog with a passion”. She just made a bunch of noise as I was typing. It’s 3:28 am. Does this dog ever sleep? I guess me and this dog are in competition as to who can survive on the least amount of sleep.

So since I am all about trying to be positive. I decided that everytime I hear that dog make noise whether it is barking, whining, or breakdancing in her cage, I will use that as a signal to focus on my goals. I have one big goal in particular that I focus on as a way to prevent the negative energy from settling in and I am more than happy to entertain the thought of achieving it. Now, I see the dog as giving me more ammo when it comes visualizing the achievement of my goal. Thanks bitch!

I’m making gallon after gallon of lemonade here. After making this switch from focusing on what’s wrong to what’s right I have decided to apply this trick when it comes to anything that stirs up a negative reaction within me. This is going to require a lot of practice, but it will be worth it. I have no more time nor space for negativity in my life even at the hands of a canine. Try this technique. It can only help.


Burning Bras–Redux

She has the right idea!

I hate wearing bras. They are modern day torture devices in my humble opinion. The older I get, the more I rebel from the status quo. While bras can produce that top shelf look, for me it is not worth the continuous discomfort. Shift, pull, adjust, loosen, squirm. Fortunately, there are a number of alternatives to wearing a bra nowadays. There are the body hugging tanks and camis. Even sports bras are a better alternative to the usual, but even they can be suffocating after a couple of hours. Underwire bras are of the devil. Enough of this archaic nonsense. That’s it. It is finished. I want my boobs to be free from constriction. They really do not need support anyway as they are more than happy to stand up on their own. Now I am reading that continuous bra wear and tear may actually contribute to cancer.

Why do we have to wear bras anyway? Who came up with this? Granted, I do like the support that bras can provide during periods of physical activity, but other than that, are they really necessary? The equivalent in social pressure for men would be to wear a jock strap all day, every day. Some women need bras due to the enormous size of their bosom. It may be more uncomfortable to go sans than to strap up. However, for the majority of women this has become another one of those cosmetic enhancements or should I say de-enhancements that most of us dare not question. We give in to societal pressures far too easily. Let me wear a bra by choice, not because it is what is deemed appropriate.

I googled “I  hate bras” and I found this site: Apparently, a lot of women share my disdain for this sadistic undergarment. For now on, I’m treating bras like high heels. They are optional. I am bra-free and loving it!!

Gimme Some Sugar

Ahhh, the joy and pain of consuming sugar. I like to think of sugar as one of life’s necessary sweet rewards because after all life is full of much suffering, stress, toil and tribulation. I’m not a sugar nut. I’m not really big on desserts. Cakes, cookies and pies are not really my thing. My guilty pleasure is sugary soft drinks. I don’t gulp down soda all day, but I do drink it with my meals. It’s my beverage of choice. Modern day soft drinks are so bad because they contain one of the worst kinds of sugars on the market: high fructose corn syrup. Last year, I learned that these HFCS concoctions found in soft drinks may have toxins like arsenic or mercury in them. Well, people have been known to build up their defenses by ingesting small quantities of poison on a daily basis. Maybe it’s working for me.  I need the real deal. I need Sun Drop, Dr. Pepper or IBC’s black cherry. That cherry and cola mix found in Cherry Coke and Cherry Dr. P must have certainly been divinely inspired. Or how ’bout a real old fashioned Cherry Coke from a 50’s style diner? Pure effervescent bliss. But current popular opinion says I’m doing wrong by loving soda. It’s empty calories and too much sugar. Actually, it’s not really the sweetness that I desire. It is the sparkle of the “fruity” or cola-esque product. Some people will say: “well just get some flavored seltzer water”. No. Sorry, that’s no comparison. Diet soda won’t cut it either. Plus, diet sodas contain artificial sweeteners like aspartame and Splenda which have been known to promote cancer and a whole slew of other health disorders. I have even learned that artificial sweeteners can contribute to weight gain. Furthermore, the taste of diet soda is vile. I don’t see how people have acquiesced to what to me tastes like super sweet poison.

The fountain sodas complete with a skinny straw and ice are my favorite. I know that deep down inside it’s a comfort thing for me. Chalk it up to my South Node in Taurus. Taurus is a sign that is partial to la dolce vita. Taurus likes to indulge the senses to the max. I just want my decadent treats when I want them and I don’t want to have to worry about calories, carbs, fatty acids, extra pounds. See, I can’t just drop it like it’s hot. So what is a girl to do when she is trying to lose about 25 pounds? I could give up soda all entirely, but for me that is not realistic and it’s bound to have some terrible repercussions. I do not take too kindly to total restriction of my free will–especially when the restriction is self-imposed. Then there’s the sodium component. I know I have to cut down on that Na intake. Why does life have to have so many pitfalls? That’s right, Saturn rules this planet and he’s a mean mug. He is the chief party pooper, buzz killer, wet blanket. Soda is crack to me. It keeps calling me and calling me.

The health experts say, drink more water and lose water weight. Huh? Paradoxical statements like that just piss me off. Don’t do this, do that. Don’t eat this, eat that. Portion control, glycemic indices, eat red meat, don’t eat red meat. Eat raw meat, raw foods. Be a vegan and become an angry person–all the time. Gluten free. Eat only nuts, berries and tree bark. Don’t eat nuts, berries and tree bark. Now soy is bad for you and so is whole wheat I’m finding out. It’s now cool to not eat at all. You just breathe in your required caloric intake. Enough already! When did eating become so goddamn complicated?!! To be honest I can’t stand all of these dietary rules and maybe my holding on to soda is my way of rebelling. How can one be truly happy when the food industry is littered with land mines everywhere you step?

A few decades ago people could drink soda and not worry about putting on extra pounds and looking sloppy. I’m sure that Coca-Cola was more free-flowing than water from a spigot–probably coming in second only to alcohol. Back in the day no one was getting drunk off of designer bottled water. Voss anyone? It looks like a bottle for some kind of hair conditioner. Ugh! Prior to the Regan era, baked goods were bountiful and people ate them without guilt. People seemed happier and more vibrant. The lifestyle was different. I mean most people didn’t work jobs that required them to sit on their asses day in and day out and most people didn’t punish themselves at the gym for eating a cupcake.

So, I could make a compromise with my desire. Maybe I can keep my soda around as long as I cut out sugar and sodium everywhere else.  Probably in time, my soda junkie jones will fade away with my body being used to nothing but whole foods. But wait, I love coffee too–with just a little sugar not a lot. So soda stays, but I decrease the intake. Coffee stays, but I drink it only once a day. Hey I’m all for enjoying life. I’m no extremist and I’ll never be a total health food junkie. I’m conscious though. I understand what needs to be changed. I understand that I need to cut back. However, I also understand that everything should be done in moderation and for me that includes changing my dietary habits. One day at a time.

Maybe there is some good in sugar; the raw kind at least. If for nothing else, sugar brings smiles to a lot of faces. It can turn a frown upside down. When all else is falling apart, a sugary treat may be all you have to remind you of life’s sweeter side.


When Stupidity Reigns Supreme with Extra Sour Cream

There may be something that is being added to the country’s water supplies beyond your customary poisonous fluoride. Then again, maybe it is the result of many years of fluoride poisoning and it has finally taken on a cumulative effect. The bulk of society manages to get increasingly dumber and dumber. They even had a few movies back in the 90’s portending what was to come in the new millennium from Dumb and Dumber and its more asinine sequel to Clueless. I loved Clueless, but it still foreshadowed the coming age of ubiquitous stupidity. Now we have shit like TLC’s Honey Boo-Boo, Toddlers and Tiaras, and My Strange Addiction. The Redneck lifestyle seems to be the preferred milieu for TV producers. We have Lizard Lick Towing, Storage Wars, and Steve Wilkos. Is Jerry Springer still on air? He was one of the first to usher in the display of the mindless behavior of the masses. Now there’s the English gent Jeremy Kyle. Sure throw an Englishman in the mix to be the voice of reason. The English are so much more intelligent and refined than Americans. That’s the message being sent whenever you hear that uppity accent on air. Stupid people are marrying and procreating all of the time as evidenced by all of the Bride Demon shows. We are given a peek into the lives of “Real” housewives, a lot of them are not even married at all. Are we to take notes from these crazy chicks? Trust that stupid people will. You can see it when you venture out. There will be at least one female with those big hoop and balls earrings that are on every black reality show: Basketball Wives, Love & Hip Hop, Real Housewives of Atlanta. Now these earrings can be found in Payless, the shoe store for the vapid. Payless shoes last about a season if even that. Winter you may not be so lucky. Then you have Shoe Dazzle and Shoe Fab or Just Fab, whatever it’s called. The shoes look as cheap as Payless only you have women having orgasms over shoes in the commercials. OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH, those shooooeeeesssssssssss! Squirting all over the place over a cheap pair of shoes is not my thing, but apparently that’s what a modern woman is all about in 2012. It is as if shoes were just invented 20 years ago the way some women act. Manolos, Choos, and Loubotins, oh my! Get the fuck outta here. It’s stupid. I love nice things. I love luxuries, but come on. Have we sunken that low as a species?

I believe cell phones contribute to the pervading stupidity as well. 4G this, 4G that. i this, i that. Oh so many apps to choose from. I’m in heaven! Is this the best life now has to offer? Text me, Sext me, Video phone me in a compromising position so that I can show your parents how good of a teacher I am. That’s right Johnny, you get an A for having a big dick. Yes, every other day it seems there is a stupid teacher facing charges of sexually abusing a student. Most of them nowadays are 30 something desperate house hoes. They look demure, they look prim and proper, but underneath is a level of stupidity that has been unrivaled in previous decades. Look, a cute boy with a penis. I must take a ride NOW. I can’t resist. I must follow my base instincts for I am stupid.

Let’s not even get on those folks who are in the upper echelons of society. I need a whole new post for that level of stupidity. People have become so stupid that they no longer know what a normal blue sky is supposed to look like. They see long white expanding streaks in the sky and they say it is due to an increase in air traffic. You say the word “chemtrails” and people look upon you as if you have leprosy. Actually, us intelligent folk are becoming like lepers. We are in our own isolated colony trying to keep stupidity at bay. The basis of the real zombification occurring is in fact stupidity. I’m sorry to say that I believe there is no antidote for this level of ignorance. I’m not for eugenics, but I’m also not sure of what alternative we have to correct this collective mental deficit that keeps growing and growing and growing.

The Anti-Wage Slave Crusade Continues

I am currently non-employed. It’s been over a year since I had to take a wage slave job and hopefully there won’t be another. The last job I had was working for this Israeli firm that operated a bunch of medium-sized businesses. I was dismissed after a month of working there on some political bullshit, but I took it as a sign from the Universe that it was time to reclaim my freedom. Fortunately, I’ve been able to claim unemployment compensation for this entire year and beyond. I am on my what, 3rd extension? Will there be any more granted? I’m not sure, but I am ever so grateful for the unemployment insurance system. I’ve earned my fair share so I feel no guilt about collecting the paltry $240 per week.  At this point I’m praying for a miracle such as a a total breakdown of the financial system starting with the mysterious destruction of all student loan accounts or a major financial windfall–whichever comes first. My natal chart is conducive to my receiving a major financial windfall at some point in my life. Now is the perfect time for that windfall to become manifest with the planetary activity going down in my chart. In the meantime, I have to do what’s practical and continue looking for another wage slave job–just in case that miracle is delayed (I hope to God it is on time!!!). The longer I remain free, the more I fear having to return to a life of drudgery working 40+ and coming home filled with utter disgust.

My spiritual advising practice has grown, but I still struggle to earn a sustainable living doing my labor of love. One day, it will all come together I keep thinking. Until that day comes I will continue to believe, hope, pray and rub my John the Conqueror root.

The Crying Game


Let’s go back to the days where men were men and every other woman wasn’t a gold digging attention whore. Take the post-modern, (I guess you can say metrosexual? ) male. I see far too many men crying on TV for trivial reasons. I thought that was a woman’s department. Chris Brown is a perfect example. Whether those tears were chemically-induced or not, the fact is, he was sobbing like a 6 year old who just got his bike stolen and a lot of people dug it. Not only did they believe the tears were genuine, they actually thought it was touching. I personally, thought it was disgusting to see a man lose control of his composure and break down to the point where he can’t even finish singing the damn song. Yeah, we know you have a heart, Chris, but you don’t have to be a snot-nosed, blubbering  fool. Dude was actually heaving and wiping his snotty nose with his bare arm like a 5 year old little brat. His rationale: If I cry, they will love me again. They will know that I have paid my dues for whooping that big headed girl’s ass. Brown’s boy Lloyd slides him some tear-inducing eye drops and Chris twists up his face like he is struggling to release a hard bowel movement. He did the Jimmy Swaggert. MJ was probably rolling over in his grave singing, “You’re doing wrong, you’re doing wrong, hee-hee”

Is there any middle ground anymore between a dumb, manly, smackdownesque brute and a hyper-sensitive emasculated punk? If TV is the basis of your reality then it would seem that no middle man exists. If I see one more supposedly heterosexual man break down and cry on TV for something minor I will probably throw my idiot box out to the wolves. I’ll tell you where the crying game is prevalent: Reality shows—especially ones involving a whole family. Wife Swap and Trading Spouses are prime examples of this. I have seen grown ass men break down and cry over losing control over their household for one week. First of all, a real man would have plenty of reservations about some stranger coming in, bossing him around including telling him how to raise his kids so I think most of the men that sign up for those shows are either hen-pecked or attention whores themselves. Oh I forgot, there is prize money. So I guess it’s worth losing your dignity—if even for one episode. I’m 34 years old and I still have never seen my father cry. That’s because he is from the old school. He knows that it’s a man’s job to appear outwardly strong for the more emotionally vulnerable sex. He also knows that he is more than capable of shedding tears, but that they should be reserved for those really trying times such as the death of a loved one, extreme child custody issues, or even a painful break up or divorce . I believe that most normal men are wired this way biologically. Men in general just do not have the capacity to cry at the drop of a hat over trivial matters (unless they are intoxicated) and I like it that way. Why change a good thing?

Working Capital

My interview for this finance counselor position went rather smoothly. I was in and out in a matter of 30 minutes. Prior to my interview time I had to get rid of the chip on my shoulder and look at returning to the daily grind from a positive perspective. It is all about how one looks at things right? Instead of being fixated on the notion of being once again confined to a cubicle, I am thinking about the opportunities that a new job will bring. The main benefit of course is the increase in income from the meager, yet well appreciated, unemployment checks. But other benefits include expanding my social circle which may result in potential clients for my astrology/spiritual advisor practice, having extra money to invest in the growth of my practice, and the ability to formulate a concrete plan to eventually break free from wage slavery. This new job, whether it is the finance counselor position, or some other restrictive gig, will be a temporary sojourn back into financial servitude. In previous wage slave positions I was un-illumined as to my true purpose, life calling and passion. There was always a sense of hopelessness and a very dim view of the future. I lacked direction. Basically, I went wherever the wind blew me in terms of employment. This time is different because I have found my passion, I have a plan, and I am already off to a good start.

Look, this wage slave situation is really crucial due to the exorbitant amount of time and energy employment consumes in our lives. Let’s be honest, most people were not put on this Earth to spend a good portion of their lives locked away in a call center or work as a robotic component of an assembly line. Maybe a person with a strong Virgo essence may appreciate monotony, repetitive tasks, and ultra-standardization of processes, but there are 11 other signs in the zodiac, mind you. Granted someone must be designed for menial, mindless labor, yet there are far too many talented folks who believe they have to settle for some kind of customer service position.

Those people who were wise enough to develop their technical skills into a specialization and became engineers, physicians, nurses, teachers, scientists, etc. are even finding themselves sailing towards troubled waters in this economy. Even highly skilled professionals are at the mercy of the big corporations that employ them. The corporation is a person who lacks any sense of morality or compassion towards humanity. The corporation only cares for the bottom line. Human resources be damned.

Fear and repulsion of each other prevent us from banding together; instead, we look to corporations, the biggest of which is the United States government, to take the lead and show us the way. As the popular saying goes, we are born to eat, sleep, work, consume, and die. That’s exactly what the PTB want. This is truly the life that a lot of us live and the type of life that I am fighting hard to resist. It’s so easy to complain about slavery or servitude, but it takes true strength, will power and determination to actually make a break for freedom. It’s so easy to fall back into the illusive “comfort zone” of a 9 to 6 with sub par benefits. I say sub par because compared to other industrialized nations, American worker benefits are sub par as well as education and healthcare. Industrialization. This is exactly what the American existence has become. American life has become an industry in and of itself. And to let truth be told, China has this industry on lock down with its vast economies of scale. The American people are the inventory, an element rapidly declining in value in the current asset column of the United Statement of Working Capital.

New Technology is the new form of Tyranny?

America is in crisis. However, never before have Americans been so greedy, narcissistic, shallow, and brain dead. This is reminiscent of Nero fiddling as Rome burned all around him. The Economy is in shambles, yet that has not stopped a multitude of sheeple from chasing after the latest technological gadgets like the latest iPhone, the i (maxi)Pad and such. One of the most inane technologies thrust upon the masses is the Kindle, an e-book reader and others like it. A Kindle? Are you serious? Now people feel as if they are too good to carry an actual book? I’m sorry, but I don’t want every cherished past time to be gobbled up by some tech firm whose main intention is to increase profits. These gadgets like Kindle and the iPhone certainly  do not improve the quality of one’s life. They actually add to the stress with all the applications, extra monthly payments, dealing with kinks (especially with the first couple of generations of new technology products) and dealing with the eventual and almost inevitable trauma of these items either being lost, stolen, or damaged in some way. A quick Google search of the complaints about broken Kindles proves my point.

We pay hundreds of dollars for pieces of shit that only cost a few dollars to manufacture. I hate cheap shit, but that is all that seems to exist in the world of new products for the masses. The well-to-do can still get quality products, albeit at a premium. Just go to Ethan Allen and price the furniture. Why are the prices so expensive? Because they sell real, solid wood. Oooh, imagine that, real wood instead of glued together wood chips that make up the furniture that is peddled to the lower classes. If you want quality nowadays you are going to pay through the nose. The same goes for shoes. Try buying a pair of real leather shoes for under $60. You’ll be hard pressed to find some—unless the store is having a sale. Leather has certainly become a luxury item when it should be a standard material in shoes. Now there is a proliferation of man-made materials that consist of God knows what. With man-made materials be prepared to see holes in your shoes if you dare to wear them regularly. Expect the cheaply made sole to wear down on whatever side you put the most stress on your feet. Don’t be surprised when the cheap finish rubs off and you look like you’ve been kicking up gravel all day.

Even plastic items have gotten cheaper in terms of quality than years ago. For instance, back in the day, you couldn’t crack a Tupperware or other plastic storage container by throwing it against a brick wall. Try that with these new plastics and you better duck when those sharp splinters of plastic start ricocheting in your direction. Even the glass of yesteryear had better quality than the glass of today. The Corning Company and its Pyrex glass bakeware sets is a perfect example. Several years ago I had a Pyrex glass casserole dish literally explode in my oven. Glass fragments were everywhere. After conducting some research, I discovered that I was not the only victim of the corporations cost (and quality) cutting measures that required the use of a different kind of glass. Corning originally used borosilicate glass in the Pyrex cookware, but it was replaced with tempered soda-lime glass1. Of course China is behind the cheapness as Corning sold the rights to Pyrex to a company in China. Hence the switch to the dangerous soda-lime glass.

We need to realize that these products are junk and that we are being programmed to buy into the notion that we need this junk to improve the quality of our lives. In the end, these products just increase the levels of stress and the feelings of disillusion. No wonder why Americans are so miserable.  Among the other madness, we cannot even get quality products for our hard-earned dollars.