Client Testimonials

“Rahbinah thank you for a great reading! You were right on, on everything you touched on. Your quick response to get my reading done was lightning fast. I will keep you posted as the events we discussed in my reading manifest. You have a customer for life. Thank you, thank you so very much!”  ~ Maggie, San Jose, CA


“Amazing readings. Always accurate and insightful. Love her compassion and willingness to help in any situation. Truly goes above and beyond!” ~ Lorie, Waldorf, MD 


Rahbinah delivers her readings quick and seem to be accurate for me so far even though it is never what I want to hear but I am grateful for her answers and that she always responds to any questions I have about my reading and explain it well, would highly recommend her.”~ Stephanie, London, UK


“Wow!! Thank you so very much for your excellent advice! 🙂  I think you are right in that he is not my soul mate and that I he is manipulative. You are spot-on when you say that he is clingy and also tries to tear you down! I will take your advice and stay clear of him. Thank you so very much for your help!! 🙂  I look forward to more readings from you in the future!” ~Vanessa, Leominster, MA



 “I have been working with Rahbinah for almost 2 years. She is my absolute go to adviser for any situation. On several occasions, she has gotten details right down to the date which always amazes me. She is empathetic, genuine and sincere. She is truly gifted and words cannot express the gratitude I have for her.” ~ Diane, Foster City, CA



 “My experiences with Rahbinah have proven to me that she is THE REAL DEAL!  My first reading I had trouble believing that there was some truth to it but lo and behold she was right about all of it!  I’ll never doubt again!” Desiree, Pennsauken, NJ



 “You had done several readings for me on ebay in the past with astonishing accuracy”. ~ Tiffany, Macon, GA



 “Rahbinah, Thank you for providing me with my Solar Return Report on the eve of my birthday (January 2013) and providing explanations and some answers I sorely needed.  The presentation, detail and your thoroughness are very much appreciated.  Already I have experienced some of the feelings and situations that you have already laid out for me in accordance with my chart.  It is an aid to refer to when I am in the moment and not sure why I am reacting the way that I am in a given situation.  I am also able to anticipate or handle things better when I know how the stars and planets are aligned in my solar system.  In addition, the month to month calendar section covering each day of the month for the next six months is a great tool and guide to refer to in the evening in order for me to begin the following day.”  ~Icilda, Cary, NC



“I have been a customer for over a year and Rahbinah has consistently provided fast service, excellent advice, and best of all she had been accurate with future predictions time and time again. She’s one of the best for me with time frames which is not easy. I’m blessed to have found her! “~Zee, North Charleston, SC



“The best analogy I can give is that I felt like I was groping around in the dark and Rahbinah turned the lights on with her reading. I am now on a path that is well lit, marked with helpful signposts, and I can adjust my directions along the way to better reach my desired destination. I would recommend Rahbinah to anyone who could use some reliable life guidance. She is extremely insightful, a very wise person, and someone who I am very fortunate to have found.” ~Alison, Queens, NY


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