Uranus in Taurus – The End of the World–As We Know It.


I try not to give into fear by remaining rational and level-headed, but this upcoming ingress of Uranus into Taurus has me very concerned. This is because Taurus represents peace, normalcy, finances, food, nature, values and standards. Uranus is about upheaval, rebellion, chaos, sudden upsets, destruction, tyranny, sudden change, and perversion. Uranus also deals with groups of people, social causes, and activism. Uranus is considered to be in the “Fall” when in Taurus. A sign that places a planet in the “Fall”, is not a healthy placement for it. Uranus will first ingress into Taurus on May 16, 2018. The 16th is a day of catastrophe so I’m curious to see how Uranus will get things started.

I pulled a Tarot Card to represent the theme of Uranus in Taurus and it was the 5 of Swords. The 5 of Swords is one of the most troublesome cards of the Tarot Deck. It is ascribed to Venus in Aquarius and it denotes conflict, treachery, betrayal, rebellion, uprising, theft, hate, vindictiveness and artifice. What’s interesting and downright spooky is that Venus rules Taurus and Uranus rules Aquarius so the 5 of Swords is on point. It is not a card that is conducive to harmonious relationships and for the well-being of humanity. The 5 of Swords only confirms my suspicions about Uranus’ entry into the sign of the Bull. This card also proves that I am not just being paranoid nor am I giving in to irrational fear. 

So let me just cut to the chase with some bullet points regarding the possible ways in which Uranus in Taurus will manifest:

  • Rebellion against convention and all that is natural. The abnormal becomes normalized. Chaos replaces order. Upheavals. 
  • A major change/shift in global economic conditions—for the worse. Economic insecurity.
  • Tyranny—especially economic and ecological. A cashless system could be implemented. Money becomes totally electronic. 
  • Microchip implants will become more of the norm.
  • GMO foods will become even more the norm.
  • Perversion will reach an all-time high due to the erosion of values and standards.
  • The lines between Right and Wrong will be blurred.
  • Public nudity and other forms of indecency/deviant behavior will become more socially acceptable.
  • The battle between the sexes will reach an all-time high.
  • Racial tension will reach a crescendo; A race or civil war is possible.
  • Riots and social uprisings.
  • Being under total surveillance.
  • Air travel could be heavily restricted in some areas due to civil unrest or war.
  • People will develop more of a mob mentality.
  • The perversion or devaluation of the Arts. Ugliness will be considered to be Beauty.
  • An increase in natural disasters, crazy weather, mega storms, droughts. 
  • The weather will become totally manufactured (Geoengineering programs have been in place for many years now, but NASA claims that it will own the weather by 2025 http://csat.au.af.mil/2025/volume3/vol3ch15.pdf)

I don’t mean to be all about gloom and doom, but I am also a realist and I can’t ignore this destructive energy that is imminent. We will need more faith and inner peace than ever to get through these sour times that are on the horizon.

On the bright side, enlightenment will increase and people will gain more access to creative powers that are not of this Earth. Uranus in Taurus will usher in some state-of-the-art designs that have yet to enter our realm of human experience. There will also be an increase in entrepreneurs as Uranus enters Taurus since Uranus = Independence. This is also a very good time for Astrologers (also meta-physicians in general) since Uranus is the planet that rules Astrology and with Taurus representing money, but also realism, Astrology will be given more legitimacy. Taurus also represents advisors and with Uranus in Taurus, many people will be seeking answers that cannot be satisfied through conventional means. More people will consider becoming an Astrologer as a viable career option.  

~ Rahbinah Rastaban, Astrologer/Spiritual Advisor

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Venus in Capricorn: Love You Long Time


Venus is now in Capricorn, the workaholic of the Zodiac. For Venus in Capricorn, love and relationships may as well be forms of work. The blessing in this is that Venus in Capricorn will always be there when she is truly needed. She is ever so stable and responsible. It’s the day to day existence of a relationship and what she sees as trivial matters that can be the source of frustration for a Capricorn Venus’ partner, however. Venus in Capricorn is not one to be emotionally needy and she expects her mate to be just as self-sufficient.

She wants a partnership for life and she is apt to hang on to a lover in some way, shape, or form long after the relationship has died. This is Venus in Capricorn’s Achilles’s heel; it often being so hard for her to let go of the past. To the extreme, Venus in Capricorn can be a glutton for punishment and can be drawn to partners who set out to hurt and humiliate her. This is because for Capricorn, without a constant struggle, life really does not carry much meaning. On the other extreme, Venus in Cap can be the classic gold digger or executive who sleeps her way to the top.

She may be a bit emotionally distant, but she is very sentimental and will retain all of the little messages and gifts that you bestow upon her. She will be devoted to her career, but also her family. Sometimes she finds it hard to find the right balance between work and home with the latter often being on the losing end. Venus in Capricorn could easily find love in the workplace or somewhere along her career path. She’s of the few who could successfully be business partners with her spouse. Sexually, this she-goat can get down and dirty. She’s the epitome of “a lady in the streets and a freak in the bed”.

Financially, she is extremely resourceful, frugal and can be prone to miserliness. Money will only come through hard work in most cases, but she will have plenty of it. She is attracted to the classic, the vintage and the antique in terms of personal style. Rarely will you find her in busy dresses and skirts, yet she’s not necessarily a tomboy. She prefers clothing that is practical, comfortable and unassuming. Black and other utilitarian colors dominate her wardrobe. 

Sisterhood and the Clash of Bravados


I was listening to a Blog Talk Radio podcast on the subject of Astrology the other day. The topic of discussion was Western/Tropical Astrology vs. 13th Sign Astrology. While I am Team Tropical, I won’t allow my bias to color this post. The discussion which was between two women, one being the co-host, quickly became heated as both sides tried to assert the validity of their preferred systems. The heat quickly ignited into buffoonery to my dismay. I had hoped to gain some knowledge and understanding, but all I got out of it was low-brow entertainment. I was turned off and I stopped listening before the show concluded. Both sides seemed to be pretty un-evolved to be so deeply immersed in the art and science that is Astrology as they claimed. The fact that these women are black and fostered some of the negative stereotypes about black women (i.e. black women are loud, mouthy, difficult, combative, too dominant, disagreeable, etc.) made me cringe. It was all of that and a bag of Sun chips. If I wanted ghetto entertainment I could have just watched some World Star Hip Hop videos. As an Astrologer who also happens to be a black woman, I shook my head in disillusionment.

The funny thing is, I had been trying to get a spot on this very show as a guest speaker. One of the producers of the show who is also a co-host had extended invitations to be a guest on the show via an Astrology Facebook group of which I am a member. On three occasions I expressed my interest to be a guest to no avail despite my demonstrations of Astrological aptitude in my contributions to that page. So when I never received a response, I was a little miffed believing that I was not being taken seriously as an experienced Astrologer. Now, in hindsight, I am so glad that I was never selected to be a guest. The way the show is conducted is not how I roll. I place a high priority on professionalism, mutual respect, and decorum when conducting business. Blame it on my strong Capricorn energy (Moon and Ascendant in Capricorn). It was as if the two women were so focused on one upping each other that they forgot that there was an audience. It was no longer about Astrology. It was the Clash of Bravados. Sisterhood be damned. Neither of the women took a scientific approach and neither provided empirical data that would attest to the efficacy of their chosen systems. This made me question how Astrologically savvy these two women really were.

Now, my North Node in Scorpio in my house of career provides an impetus to collaborate with others in this lifetime, but I’m learning to also utilize another aspect of this Scorpio energy which is to dissect and discard that which is of no use–in an unapologetic way. I certainly have no use for ego-fueled drama that has been given an Astrological or spiritual coating. While I have yet to produce my own radio show for various reasons, I’d rather build slowly and do it the right way, not the way it was carried out on that broadcast. While, the guest was extremely arrogant and belittled the dissenting side, the blame ultimately rests with the two hosts since they are supposed to be in control of how the show runs. At least one of the hosts made attempts to diffuse the drama, but her voice of reason was drowned out by the din of the two feuding egos.

Scorpio also deals with research and exposing that which lies beneath the surface. The observations I have been making regarding some of these Astrology and other occult Facebook groups and podcasts is part of my research regarding what not to do and how not to be. When the ego dominates the soul, one’s weaknesses are easily exposed.

~ Rahbinah

31 Days of Horror: A Compilation of My Favorite Horror Films. Day 29: Rosemary’s Baby

Rosemary's Baby poster

Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

Why I Love It:

  • It’s based on the book, Rosemary’s Baby by Ira Levin. The film stays almost 100% true to the book. 
  • It’s a movie about a young woman name Rosemary played by Mia Farrow, who becomes pregnant with Satan’s son after moving into an apartment building inhabited by a satanic witch coven. Guy Woodhouse is her actor husband and he sets Rosemary up to be the vessel for the devil’s baby in exchange for fame and notoriety.
  • This old couple, the Castavets are the leaders of the satanic coven which is why Rosemary does not suspect them of any harmful intent in the beginning. 
  • This movie contains some grains of truth since there have been numerous stories of entertainers selling their souls for fame. There are also satanic secret societies that exist among the very wealthy and influential.
  • The apartment building is actually the Dakota in Manhattan, NYC–the location of John Lennon’s murder.
  • Roman Polanski wrote and directed the film. Polanski is a shady character who’s wife was Sharon Tate, one of the victims of the Manson murders. Polanski has also been accused of sodomizing an underage girl. I think Polanski belongs to one of these satanic secret societies. The Manson murders occurred in 1969, one year after Rosemary’s Baby was released. Sharon Tate was pregnant with Polanski’s baby at the time she was killed. Coincidence?
  • This movie does not contain any blood, gore or explicit violence, but it is very scary nonetheless. The film is quiet, subtle and tastefully done. 
  • The beginning song featuring Mia Farrow is scary in and of itself. It’s both eerie and pretty with a tinge of sadness. “La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, — la, la” The font used for the beginning credits is very romantic, very sixties, and it fits well with the music. 
  • The makeup used to make Rosemary appear anemic and emaciated was superb and her short pixie haircut adds to the creep factor. It almost makes her appear to be a member of a cult. 
  • Guy, Rosemary’s narcissistic husband played by John Cassavetes is very convincing in his role. He is the ultimate prick. He’s selfish, egocentric, emotionally detached, and hyper-materialistic. You can tell from the very start of the film that he’s not even really into Rosemary. 
  • Roman and Minnie the geriatric coven leaders are creepy as hell. I can’t get enough of Minnie, played by Ruth Gordon. She’s a riot. They chose the perfect woman for that role. Roman is a detestable sort that gives off this air of superiority that makes your stomach turn. 
  • Hutch, Rosemary’s senior friend is my favorite character in the film due to his extensive knowledge of the occult and the history of the Bramford, the apartment building where it all goes down. Hutch tries to dissuade Rosemary and Guy from moving in. I swear Hutch was a Sagittarius. Rosemary would have been a Pisces, and Guy, a Capricorn. 
  • Rosemary’s baby is due in June of 1966–that’s 6-6-6. 
  • The acting is stellar, the movie progresses at a nice pace, and the set designs are perfect. 
  • The scene where Rosemary and Guy go to the Castavets for dinner. The Catavets apartment is dark and Gothic.
  • The scene where Rosemary has the dream about the Catholic school and Minnie’s voice which can be heard through the wall, blends in with the dream. 
  • The scene where Rosemary is ritually raped by Satan who apparently possesses Guy. This is one of the scariest scenes in the film because there’s no mistaking at this point what these old folks are up to. “This is not a dream, this is really happening!” says Rosemary as she partially awakes from her drug-induced stupor. 
  • The scene where Rosemary eats the raw steak. She didn’t even season it. The horror!
  • The scene where Rosemary eats the raw chicken liver.
  • The party scene where Rosemary’s friends hold an intervention for her due to her sickly appearance and persistent pain.
  • The scene where Rosemary creates the anagram using Scrabble tiles. 
  • The scene where Dr. Hill, played by Charles Grodin betrays Rosemary by phoning Guy and Dr. Sapirstein. “Unspeakable… unspeakable!”
  • Tannis Root. Tannis Root was placed in a charm and given to Rosemary. She later finds out that it is used by witches in their rituals. 
  • The final scene where Rosemary confronts the coven and is paralyzed with terror when she sees her baby for the first time. “What have you done to him? What have you done to his eyes, you maniacs!”
  • The discordant trumpet tune that plays when Rosemary first lays eyes on the devil baby. That sound is terrifying. 
  • This movie was released in 1968, which marked the height of the counter culture/hippie movement. This was a very dark time period and this film reflects this tumultuous era expertly despite the years in the film being ’65 and ’66.  




Pluto: Go Hard or Go Away

Go Away Door Mat

Pluto squares both my Ascendant and Moon in my natal chart. It in fact forms an exact square to my Ascendant. The older I get the more I can see how Pluto squaring my Moon and Ascendant manifests in my daily life.

For one, I’ve noticed that I can be quite controversial in my views and how I present myself when I’m at 100% expression. I sometimes give too much, reveal too much. Uranus is also on my Midheaven by the way which underscores the theme of being controversial and uncompromisingly candid. I noticed that some people can take an extreme disliking towards me when I take a soul-baring approach. I have noticed that I can make the atmosphere feel too heavy, that I make some people uncomfortable. Because of this, I tend to keep to myself only allowing certain people in my circle. I am extremely guarded–Capricorn Moon rising, but I can also be very sociable and gregarious when it suits the moment. I have a lot of experience with rejection, but as an Empath I just can’t shake it off. I will allow rejection to affect me to the point where I will begin to regret expressing myself. I am a loner as a result. My North Node is in Scorpio however, so I know I cannot retreat for too long. I have a spiritual responsibility to create bonds with others in this lifetime. It’s just that sometimes I lack the proper bonding skills. I go deep before the person is ready. For me it’s either all of me or nothing.

With Pluto square Moon in particular I have noticed that as Astrologer, Sue Tompkins would say, I “emotionally crash” into situations. Either people love it or hate it. It’s the raw, unfettered emotion and the baring of my soul that causes others to become uncomfortable. Thankfully, I have a nice dose of rational energy which helps me to temper this powder keg. My discourse tends to be provocative and in your face.

As I strive for more prominence and notoriety in my field, I must remain ever so conscious of how my words, actions and demeanor affect others. I have to be able to discern whether I’m on the verge of giving too much, exposing too much, baring too much of my soul. I realize that I cannot please everyone, but I guess it’s my Libran Venus which cries out when I can’t keep the peace.

Perhaps this current Full Moon in Capricorn passing through my 1st house has prompted me to be wide open with my emotional self. This morning I found myself to be in the midst of one of those emotional crashing situations where I was very candid, maybe too candid for some. My only purpose was to provide a learning experience but it got too real. The good thing is I know when it’s time to retreat. My Moon is also square Jupiter in my 3rd house so I need to keep reminding myself to think before I take such a big leap into sensitive terrain. I tend to be an open book and what I’m learning is that some people can only take me at my preface. With Pluto’s influence on my Ascendant and Moon, I have the tendency to either go hard or just go away. There’s really no middle ground here.

To resolve this internal conflict that is the manifestation of Pluto’s influence upon my Moon and Ascendant, I plan to reserve the soul baring part of myself to a select few. I would also like to provide a spiritually-based forum for people to bare their souls without fear of judgment or persecution; where we can delve into the funkiest, darkest aspects of our astrological profiles. I believe this is one of my strengths as a professional reader.  Many people have told me that they feel as if they can tell me anything because I come across as non-judgmental and down to earth.

This Full Moon has taught me to remember that there is a proper time, place and platform for everything. It’s up to me to channel my energy accordingly.

Reference: Tompkins, Sue “Aspects in Astrology”

~ Rahbinah