Venus in Pisces: Part Nun, Part Nymph

Venus in Pisces.

Venus is currently sailing through Pisces, the sign of the two fishes. Venus in Pisces can often be torn between two loves: her partner vs. her public life, work vs. family, extravagance vs. security, etc. Regardless of what these two loves are, one will usually have to be sacrificed for the other, but Venus in Pisces believes that someplace, somewhere it is all possible. Yes, Pisces Venus can be prone to yearning for a fairytale existence which is why she needs earthy people to keep her grounded. Venus in Pisces is in fact very compatible with the Earth signs–yes even Virgo. It’s just with Virgo, Pisces must be willing to be more present in the here and now and give attention to the little things that Virgo cares so much about. Virgo must be willing to allow Pisces to just be–even if that means going off someone alone for a little while. Know-it-all Virgo must also be okay with Pisces’s secretive nature.

Venus in Pisces is very romantic and emotionally sensitive. Of course she is artistic. She can also be very spiritual and in extreme cases, rather flaky. This watery Venus believes that almost anything is possible when you just believe. Venus in Pisces certainly believes in miracles and she can often make miracles happen just by envisioning her deepest desires with the utmost sincerity. This is a good thing since a miracle is often required to legitimize a secret love affair which Venus in Pisces is so prone to enter. The song Secret Lovers by Atlantic Starr is the epitome of Venus in Pisces. A Piscean Venus actually thrives in those relationships where there is a yearning to be with someone who is unavailable. This gives her vivid imagination room to run wild. Venus in Pisces has a need to dream, to long, to fantasize and being isolated from a partner provides much opportunity. Thus, Venus in Pisces is attracted to long-distance relationships, relationships inhibited by one’s career or other obligations, and love triangles. For Venus in Pisces it is a requirement that substantial time is spent in isolation, but not too much since Pisces can really suffer when there appears to be no reunion in sight.

Venus in Pisces can be rather hard to please since she’s so idealistic. She is easily disappointed with partners who don’t put forth an effort to keep her happy. She can be prudish at times and also preachy. However, it is Venus in Pisces who will be there when you are completely down and out, at rock bottom, or experiencing a serious turn of misfortune. She just may remind you later of how well she has played the role of the martyr for you. Venus in Pisces will make great sacrifices for her partner, but she will expect that same degree of selflessness to be reciprocated.

Sexually, Venus in Pisces can be somewhat reserved–even to the point of desiring to be a nun–unless she is able to transform fully into the spiritual fish, allowing herself to become vulnerable. When she does completely let go, she becomes the nymph of every man’s dreams as she yields fully to the penetrating force. Venus in Pisces wants sweet sounds, soft music, and seductive fragrances to set the mood. She is very eager to please, but sometimes she just wants to zone out and be carried away on the wings of a strong lover who takes care of everything. This is not to say that Venus in Pisces has the tendency to be a cold fish, she just likes being treated like princess at times–with grace, awe and reverence. Sex can be a religious experience for Venus in Pisces and she may begin to become addicted to the uplifting feeling that a certain kind of sexual partner can provide–just don’t interrupt her sleepy time for a 5 minute romp. A great temporary lover can be Venus in Pisces’s worst nightmare since she will be forever trying to find that same experience with others and becoming disillusioned in the process.

In terms of personal style, Venus in Pisces is all about glamour, glitter, costumes, signature looks, and enhancements. Venus in Pisces loves makeup and has a great talent when it comes to its application. When it comes to hair she prefers that it appears soft, free flowing and feminine. Clothing can be a toss up as she has the tendency to be a chameleon, changing up per the event or situation. Her flavor is at times abstract and sometimes classic. You never know what Venus in Pisces may enter a room wearing, but it will look good on her nonetheless. Pisces is the sign of jewelry so gifts of precious metals, gems and stones can really win her over.  Venus in Pisces may even be caught donning a bejeweled tiara on special occasions before she pirouettes out the door.  Basically she is drawn to that which is precious, rare and cherished such as an obscure fragrance. Don’t think you’ll get away with giving her something as an afterthought and she not take issue with it. Any gift for a Pisces Venus  must be special and endearing because she sees herself as such. 

~ Rahbinah


Dog Hair and Dead Fish

Massive amounts of dog hair and dead fish are in my midst. This is the backdrop of the cycle of life and death permeating every aspect of my current living situation. It’s what I must endure for the time being due to co-habitation brought on through hard times. There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home…

They say home is where the heart is, but once we leave the past, we can never really turn back. We can only take momentary excursions into a space and time where life was much simpler, love was unconditional and emotions were green. Maybe that’s why I am such a nostalgia nut. I know I can’t go back to to the good ol’ days but I appreciate my quick trips down memory lane. This is all 6 of Cups stuff. I love what the 6 of Cups symbolizes, but I dislike the illustration of this card in the Rider-Waite tarot deck. It’s my least favorite card of the deck in terms of graphical representation. I had to sit here and do the knowledge of why I am repulsed by the image. For one, there is too much yellow in the card for my taste. The tone of yellow is jarring and almost surreal. The yellow cups blend in with the background so well that they are almost indiscernible from it. I took this to mean that the past is but an illusion. It is essentially here with us now, but in spirit, not in actual physical reality. You can return to it at any time, but you must not linger longer than a moment. Let the dead bury the dead is one of my favorite adages ascribed to Jesus the Christ. The yellow color is also reminiscent of the proverbial yellow brick road. The road that leads us beyond the illusion of the grass being greener on the other side. The illusion of time and its divisions, past, present and future. Can someone tell me how to get to Sesame street? That locale is still within each and every one of us–even those who have had the misfortune of experiencing a hellish upbringing. The 6 of Cups motif is imprinted upon our souls.

I’ve been having quite a few 6 of Cups experiences of late. One of my 6 of Cups experiences deals with a partner from a past life or maybe even from several past lives with whom I will soon physically reunite in this lifetime. My two daughters are viewing cartoons from the 80’s and 90’s as I am typing. This morning my sister contacts me to enlist my help with her blooming bakery business. She would like me to take on the bookkeeping responsibilities. Of course 6 of Cups is about family ties and reconnecting with loved ones, but it is also about using skills that have collected some cobwebs over the years due to lack of utilization. This pertains to my accounting degree and the fact that I have never really used much of my skills in this area. I am up for the challenge and I am always happy to help someone that I love.

I think the image of the 6 of Cups in the Rider-Waite deck is meant to be unappealing with the rationale being that the past is dead and gone; there’s nothing that can be done to alter it so we must acknowledge the past and move on to to a more colorfully diverse present. If the card was very pleasing to the eye, we may be tempted to linger a little too long. 6 of Cups in reversed position is indeed about lingering too long, clinging to the past and having a fear of change. In essence it is the sign Cancer in its weakest manifestation.

As present day reality becomes increasingly indiscernible from the past, we must keep in mind that the past remains as a source of emotional renewal that we can tap into; a spring of innocence that we can commemorate.  The past is a virtual yellow brick road that brings us back to our unadulterated selves.