Kanye Keeps the Krazy Coming


After reading some of the latest tweets of the one and only Kanye West, aka Yeezy, I was inspired to analyze his natal chart. Firstly, Kanye West’s birth date alone provides a gateway into his crazy world. Born when the Sun was skipping through Gemini and  on the 8th day, Kanye can’t help but to speak his frenetic mind in an attempt to further his ambitions. 8 is the number of Saturn according to Chaldean numerology. People born on the 8th are often extremely ambitious, business-oriented, and drawn to high positions in life. With Kanye being a Gemini, the energy of the number 8 is channeled into a variety of pursuits from music production to fashion design. 8 people have a tremendous ability to attract large sums of money via industry or government. Career is everything to 8 people and they are willing to work hard to get to the top of their field. Kanye is no exception. However, the number 8 is one of destiny and with it comes a heavy dose of karma that cannot be escaped in the present incarnation. 8 can bring one to tremendous heights in terms of status and wealth, but when the wheel turns downward, there’s not much that can be done to mitigate the destined misfortune. Kanye West may certainly be experiencing the downside of his destiny at the moment. Here are some of his recent tweets:

I write this to you my brothers while still 53 million dollars in personal debt… Please pray we overcome… This is my true heart…


Venus in Sagittarius: The Sequined Goddess of Love



Venus has now entered Sagittarius so it’s now time for her to do it up big. Venus in Sagittarius is forever in search of ideal conditions, albeit she’s not as anal as Venus in Virgo or as uncompromising as Venus in Pisces. If it’s the best however, Venus in Sag wants it. For Venus in Sagittarius it’s not so much about the monetary value of things as it is the quality and exclusivity. If this fiery Venus can snag an expensive item at half off because it was not favored by the masses, she feels like a winner. Venus in Sagittarius does not long for that which is ubiquitous, she wants the exotic, the rare, and the highly cherished. Sacred items can run the gamut from a prized medieval steel dagger to  a one-of-a kind purple 1972 Stingray Corvette. Oh yes, Venus in Sagittarius will not shy away from sports cars and sports in general come naturally to her. 

When it comes to relationships it’s best that you give this girl plenty of space. She may be a bit awkward when it comes to outward displays of affection, but she’s a tiger in the bedroom. Venus in Sag may not be into PDA, but behind closed doors her unbridled animal nature takes over. Venus in Sagittarius may have had many of lovers from Texas to Tibet, but she’s searching for the ideal and when she finds this special someone she will be more than happy to settle down for eternity. As long as Venus in Sagittarius has the freedom to be herself and space to grow (knocking things over in the process–clumsy Sag) she will be faithful. She has so much love to give so you better be ready to give as much in return. Venus in Sagittarius may blindly rush into a relationship or marriage over mere sexual chemistry only to wake up a few days later plotting on how they will make her exit. 

Believe it or not, Venus in Sagittarius has a high degree of morals and an unwavering sense of decency when it comes to her public life. She makes one helluva an attorney and an honest politician–if Venus is not afflicted by planets such as Pluto and Neptune. Venus in Sagittarius is lucky in matters of love and money. This is the type of woman who gets married a few months before her soulmate hits the Powerball Jackpot.  Her partner surprises her with expensive, yet meaningful gifts such as a vacation in Bali or a chef’s table dinner at a 5-star restaurant. Venus in Sagittarius just doesn’t receive however, she gives–a lot. Venus in Sag is very generous and when wealthy, can be quite the humble philanthropist. 

In terms of fashion and personal style, Venus in Sagittarius likes to stand out in a crowd. Venus in Sag loves colorful patterns, unique prints, and multi-cultural ensembles. Every time a fashion fad emerges that takes from a foreign influence like the 60’s Nehru jacket or those Chinese shoes from the 70’s it is Venus in Sagittarius at work. While being no stranger to extravagance, Venus in Sagittarius is just as likely to venture into a thrift shop as they are Nordstrom in an attempt to find clothing  which allows her to express what she views as her avant garde sensibilities. Of all the signs, Venus in Sagittarius (Leo coming  in at a close second) is the most mortified by showing up to a party and seeing someone with the same outfit. She sees herself as a goddess so how dare a mere mortal copy her style. Venus in Sagittarius is attracted to sequins, leathers, furs, and silks. She is one of the few who can pull off looks such as leather sweatpants that just wouldn’t make sense if others were to wear it. Venus in Sag loves a fine cashmere sweater, but her carelessness or lack of attention to detail, may result in its quick demise as she mindlessly tosses it in the washing machine.  She’s into exotic and foreign artwork and if she’s an artist her work will have a Universal appeal. 


~ Rahbinah

Tarot Daily Words of Wisdom: 6 of Pentacles

6 of Pentacles

6 of Pentacles

When the 6 of Pentacles comes up in a relationship reading it is often an indication of an imbalance within the union. One person is put on a pedestal while the other is vying for his or her attention. This card can also point to a love triangle situation. A lot of times the person in the receiving position is not aware of his or her true worth; thus they take a subservient position to their love interest.


8 of Cups: Turning Back

8 of Cups




I learned a valuable lesson this morning. This lesson deals with working with what I already have instead of seeking outside help. I gave myself a relationship status reading regarding a personal relationship and the 8 of Cups card appeared twice. I instantly knew why this card showed up in the two readings I did for this particular relationship–one from my perspective, the other from my partner’s. This is not a romantic relationship by the way;  it is of a higher vibration.

As soon as I realized my folly, two small miracles rushed in back to back. I instantly knew at that moment that I have to only Be Still and Ordain It with respect to my objectives. I simply have to express my needs in a very direct, yet humble manner and they will be met. I must have total conviction while simply maintaining faith the size of a mustard seed. Yes, I have graduated to this level of magic. Up until today my awareness of my gift from the Divine Spirit was tenuous. Now it is solid. 8. The number of Power, Regeneration, Control, Reorganization and Death. Infinity. In this realm fears and worries must become Infinitesimal in order to master this dark, potent energy. This morning, 8 showed up in 3 modalities (Cups, Swords and Wands) for my daily and relationship status readings. The Pentacles are coming; well they’ve already been here. Actually, the energy of that card is compounding daily like interest. Anthony Louis says that “a prominence of eights in a spread suggests a focus on karma, life structures, money, finance and career” (Tarot Plain and Simple, p. 209). I have come to a point in both my professional and private life where  it’s sink or swim time (Transiting Pluto is on my Ascendant) and I’m doing the butterfly. I now create the waves that carry me to my self-determined particles. In the past, I was merely content with collapsing pre-established waves and that was only every so often.

In my inattentiveness and complacency I was walking away from my prior commitment just like an ungrateful spouse goes out in search for what he or she already has at home. It’s about interfering with waves and allowing particles to collect dust. It’s about not taking the time to work with what you’ve got. Those 8 cups I got back at home on the shelf just needed a little polishing–that’s all. My cups now runneth over.


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