31 Days of Horror: A Compilation of My Favorite Horror Films. Day 29: Rosemary’s Baby

Rosemary's Baby poster

Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

Why I Love It:

  • It’s based on the book, Rosemary’s Baby by Ira Levin. The film stays almost 100% true to the book. 
  • It’s a movie about a young woman name Rosemary played by Mia Farrow, who becomes pregnant with Satan’s son after moving into an apartment building inhabited by a satanic witch coven. Guy Woodhouse is her actor husband and he sets Rosemary up to be the vessel for the devil’s baby in exchange for fame and notoriety.
  • This old couple, the Castavets are the leaders of the satanic coven which is why Rosemary does not suspect them of any harmful intent in the beginning. 
  • This movie contains some grains of truth since there have been numerous stories of entertainers selling their souls for fame. There are also satanic secret societies that exist among the very wealthy and influential.
  • The apartment building is actually the Dakota in Manhattan, NYC–the location of John Lennon’s murder.
  • Roman Polanski wrote and directed the film. Polanski is a shady character who’s wife was Sharon Tate, one of the victims of the Manson murders. Polanski has also been accused of sodomizing an underage girl. I think Polanski belongs to one of these satanic secret societies. The Manson murders occurred in 1969, one year after Rosemary’s Baby was released. Sharon Tate was pregnant with Polanski’s baby at the time she was killed. Coincidence?
  • This movie does not contain any blood, gore or explicit violence, but it is very scary nonetheless. The film is quiet, subtle and tastefully done. 
  • The beginning song featuring Mia Farrow is scary in and of itself. It’s both eerie and pretty with a tinge of sadness. “La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, — la, la” The font used for the beginning credits is very romantic, very sixties, and it fits well with the music. 
  • The makeup used to make Rosemary appear anemic and emaciated was superb and her short pixie haircut adds to the creep factor. It almost makes her appear to be a member of a cult. 
  • Guy, Rosemary’s narcissistic husband played by John Cassavetes is very convincing in his role. He is the ultimate prick. He’s selfish, egocentric, emotionally detached, and hyper-materialistic. You can tell from the very start of the film that he’s not even really into Rosemary. 
  • Roman and Minnie the geriatric coven leaders are creepy as hell. I can’t get enough of Minnie, played by Ruth Gordon. She’s a riot. They chose the perfect woman for that role. Roman is a detestable sort that gives off this air of superiority that makes your stomach turn. 
  • Hutch, Rosemary’s senior friend is my favorite character in the film due to his extensive knowledge of the occult and the history of the Bramford, the apartment building where it all goes down. Hutch tries to dissuade Rosemary and Guy from moving in. I swear Hutch was a Sagittarius. Rosemary would have been a Pisces, and Guy, a Capricorn. 
  • Rosemary’s baby is due in June of 1966–that’s 6-6-6. 
  • The acting is stellar, the movie progresses at a nice pace, and the set designs are perfect. 
  • The scene where Rosemary and Guy go to the Castavets for dinner. The Catavets apartment is dark and Gothic.
  • The scene where Rosemary has the dream about the Catholic school and Minnie’s voice which can be heard through the wall, blends in with the dream. 
  • The scene where Rosemary is ritually raped by Satan who apparently possesses Guy. This is one of the scariest scenes in the film because there’s no mistaking at this point what these old folks are up to. “This is not a dream, this is really happening!” says Rosemary as she partially awakes from her drug-induced stupor. 
  • The scene where Rosemary eats the raw steak. She didn’t even season it. The horror!
  • The scene where Rosemary eats the raw chicken liver.
  • The party scene where Rosemary’s friends hold an intervention for her due to her sickly appearance and persistent pain.
  • The scene where Rosemary creates the anagram using Scrabble tiles. 
  • The scene where Dr. Hill, played by Charles Grodin betrays Rosemary by phoning Guy and Dr. Sapirstein. “Unspeakable… unspeakable!”
  • Tannis Root. Tannis Root was placed in a charm and given to Rosemary. She later finds out that it is used by witches in their rituals. 
  • The final scene where Rosemary confronts the coven and is paralyzed with terror when she sees her baby for the first time. “What have you done to him? What have you done to his eyes, you maniacs!”
  • The discordant trumpet tune that plays when Rosemary first lays eyes on the devil baby. That sound is terrifying. 
  • This movie was released in 1968, which marked the height of the counter culture/hippie movement. This was a very dark time period and this film reflects this tumultuous era expertly despite the years in the film being ’65 and ’66.  





The Hanged Man: In the Realm of NO TIME


“I was so lost, so far gone” thought Julian as he sat on the edge of the bed contemplating his current predicament. All he could do was wait it out. To him, it felt like indefinite Saturday detention. While Julian was forced to sacrifice his normal existence which he saw as secure, there was a quiet calm that filled his entire being.

This period of waiting prompted Julian to get in touch with his spiritual self and ride with the cosmic flow. Time spent alone and without the influence of the outside world caused his vision to change. With the blinders off, his old version of reality now felt like a dream, better yet an illusion. Julian could now see himself for who he really was: a spiritual being fighting spiritual battles in the world of flesh and bone. “These Astrology books I’m reading are on to something” he mused. Julian especially liked what the books had to say about Neptune and Pisces. He could certainly relate.

Feelings of powerless morphed into Divine Understanding. Living in the realm of No Time he was able to determine which way he needed to go. The passing of each day being utterly slow; his future: To Be Determined–by going his own way instead of the old way. The current state of his existence being a chrysalis.

Julian emerged from his room at the New Perspectives rehabilitation center and breathed a deep sigh of relief. He felt faint, woozy, but this was no drug high. He thanked God for another chance as he walked down the corridor to join the others for another group meeting.

~ Rahbinah

One More Bit o’ Piscean Synchronicity


In my previous post I had forgot to mention that my friend, I will call him “the guru” has a very strong Piscean influence in his natal chart which makes him naturally prone to victimization, deception, theft, etc. He has Pisces intercepted in his 1st house, Mars conjunct Neptune (ruler of Pisces) in his 8th and Neptune square his Moon. Right now Jupiter is approaching a trine to his natal Neptune. Hopefully some mercy will visit him very soon.

Dear (Universal) Lover


This Piscean energy is really strong within me right now. At the present time there is a crazy stellium of planets and points in Pisces: Moon, Mercury, Mars, Neptune, Chiron. This is all going down in my 2nd house since Pisces is intercepted therein. Maybe that’s why I feel so open, compassionate and highly empathic today. I’ve also been listening to one of my favorites singers who just happens to be a Pisces. Here’s a song from Teena Marie (R.I.P.) and what’s so good about it is that she incorporates astrology into this love song:

“Cause I’ve been  wishing on the rings of Saturn calling on Jupiter and Mars. Praying  on ten zillion light years to bring  you closer to my heart”

Another bit of Pisces synchronicity is that I added this song to my playlist today. Well, also today I decided to touch base with what I consider to be a spiritual guru, albeit he is too humble to claim that title. He’s a part of the “truth movement” and he has a few blogs that I follow. He happens to be going through a very tough time. I felt compelled to reach out to him acting on a whim of overwhelming love and compassion (I’ve done a Tarot reading and a 6-month forecast for him in the past). I gave him some spiritual insight and guidance. I also let him know about some of the challenging planetary transits he has going down in his chart at the present time. Pisces is about Universal Love and this guy is indeed one of my Universal Lovers. This is spiritual love. The beginning line of the chorus is: “Dear Lover, I hope this letter finds you, dear lover; and that it comes in time to say no c’est la vie“. He responded with a ton of gratitude and he told me that I was an incredible person (incredible = Pisces). I trust he meant that in a good way. He told me that he was happy that I am his friend. I didn’t feel that he had really connected with me up until now. Now I know that we have merged in spirit (Pisces).


P.I.C. of the Day: This Question Never Gets Old…

Or answered by those in positions of power. SMH.












This is the first photo in a new series for this blog, P.I.C. of the day. P.I.C. is an acronym meaning Photos that Inspire Change/Creativity. The words change and creativity are interchangeable. Since I am an avid fan of photography (My Sun is conjunct Neptune, the planet of photography and Pisces (sign of photography) is intercepted in my house of values (2nd house), I feel it is necessary that I express this love for the artform in my SUV blog. One of my more tepid dreams is to take up photography as a hobby. One day I am going to puchase one of those fancy schmanzy Nikons.

You know what they say about the worth of pictures, don’t you?


Venn Diagram = Vesica Piscis (aka Pisces)

I was assisting my daughter with her homework assignment yesterday and one of the topics of her discussion was venn diagrams. I quickly recalled learning about them during my own academic instruction. Then I asked my daughter to research an unrelated topic online and right there on the blog she perused was a venn diagram displaying the differences and similarities regarding the two individual elements of the subject. Just a few minutes ago I finished tweeting about the benefit of using business tools such as venn diagrams, charts, and graphs in the course of astrological chart interpretation. Then I scooted over to one of my favorite alternative news websites to read an article about corporate logos. Towards the middle of the article the venn diagram symbol appears. My memory quickly goes into high gear as I recall learning about this esoteric symbol. Just thought I’d share this little bit of synchronicity. Oh, and I almost forgot to add that my daughter has both her Sun and Mercury in Pisces.

The Vesica Piscis

This ancient symbol is the shape formed by two interlocking circles and is part of sacred geometry. “Piscis” refers to the fact that the middle section resembles a fish (piscies). Its mystical meaning has always been shrouded in mystery but most agree that it is meant to represent the feminine principle – the “vulva of the Goddess”.

“The Vesica Piscis, two interlinked circles, is also known as “the Yoni”. The name “yoni” refers to the middle portion of the interlocking circles, is derived from the Sanskrit meaning, “divine passage”. That the yoni is the feminine, the yoni should be viewed such that the divine passage becomes a correlation to sex, or male/female union. It is this correlation, and its relation to rebirth and regeneration that remains a basic truth at the very core of Occult structural foundations.” John Yarker, The Arcane Schools

Early Christianity often represented Christ inside a Vesica Piscis, representing the womb of the Virgin and/or the gateway to the celestial world.