Kanye Keeps the Krazy Coming


After reading some of the latest tweets of the one and only Kanye West, aka Yeezy, I was inspired to analyze his natal chart. Firstly, Kanye West’s birth date alone provides a gateway into his crazy world. Born when the Sun was skipping through Gemini and  on the 8th day, Kanye can’t help but to speak his frenetic mind in an attempt to further his ambitions. 8 is the number of Saturn according to Chaldean numerology. People born on the 8th are often extremely ambitious, business-oriented, and drawn to high positions in life. With Kanye being a Gemini, the energy of the number 8 is channeled into a variety of pursuits from music production to fashion design. 8 people have a tremendous ability to attract large sums of money via industry or government. Career is everything to 8 people and they are willing to work hard to get to the top of their field. Kanye is no exception. However, the number 8 is one of destiny and with it comes a heavy dose of karma that cannot be escaped in the present incarnation. 8 can bring one to tremendous heights in terms of status and wealth, but when the wheel turns downward, there’s not much that can be done to mitigate the destined misfortune. Kanye West may certainly be experiencing the downside of his destiny at the moment. Here are some of his recent tweets:

I write this to you my brothers while still 53 million dollars in personal debt… Please pray we overcome… This is my true heart…


Scorpio: Infidel or Devotee


Before we reach the end of Scorpio season, I thought it would be fitting to write a blog post on the topic of infidelity; Scorpio being the chief sign of the cheater. Of course, this does not mean that each and every person born under this sign will cheat. Other zodiac signs like Gemini, Sagittarius and Aquarius for that matter are also prone to infidelity and no sign is really exempt. The propensity for infidelity depends on various factors of the natal (birth) chart, but this post is about Scorpio, the ruler of forbidden love/lust.

With that being said, most people with strong Scorpion energy will find themselves in situations where infidelity is either an opportunity or threat at some point in their lives. Why Scorpio? Well, for one, Scorpio is a sexual sign (the orgiastic and reproductive side of sex) and in terms of anatomy, Scorpio rules the genitals and anus. Scorpio is a water sign, thus it is more emotional than rational. Rarely is the decision to put one’s marriage at risk through infidelity a rational one. Water naturally lacks boundaries and it likes to merge. This water sign has a strong need to form bonds with others. Scorpio is also a very social sign for it represents the exchange of power that takes place when interacting with others. Scorpio craves this power dynamic and it is one of the signs that will truly suffer from loneliness and isolation. The source of power could be financial, sexual, emotional, or therapeutic. Scorpio’s sociable nature provides many opportunities for infidelity. Since Scorpio also deals with joint finances within a marriage, infidelity often comes to light with the balancing of accounts. Scorpio also deals with that which is hidden, underground, and taboo. Part of Scorpio’s aim is to the dip into the forbidden waters of the psyche in order to explore the soul in totality and this is why this sign is often tempted to do wrong. 

I’ve noticed in the course of my astrological practice that women with Moon in Scorpio are prone to attract married men. This is also true for women with Venus or Mars in Scorpio, albeit to a lesser degree. Even with just the Sun residing in Scorpio there is often a nagging temptation to engage in infidelity at some point in the marriage. If this urge is suppressed, there’s a good chance that it will be projected onto the partner. The partner ends up cheating which then gives the Scorpio license to even the score. 

Scorpio is a heavy sign and like Sagittarius, the word “many” should come to mind. You can view Pluto, modern ruler of Scorpio in the same light. When I see a strong Scorpion and/or Plutonian influence in a person’s chart, I know that there’s a good chance that issues with infidelity will be present. There will be many opportunities to get intimate with others. I stress the word opportunities since the person may never act on them. As stated previously, various factors of the natal chart need to be taken into account in order to determine the likelihood of an adulterous union. 

Another reason why Scorpio is the ruler of infidelity is its themes of death and transformation. For instance, infidelity is one of the best ways to kill an unhealthy relationship. It can be the final nail in the coffin. Infidelity can be the necessary catalyst for one to break free and become reborn. Infidelity brings the pain of a scorpion’s sting and enough pain will cause anyone to try to eliminate the source. Extricating oneself from an abusive relationship may become easier once the partner’s hidden life and transgressions are brought to the surface. Through our dealings with Scorpio we are transformed and sometimes even reborn. Through Scorpio we are stripped bare and are shown what lies at the core of our being. This is the essence  of this deep water sign and it’s also why being on the receiving end of infidelity feels so soul crushing.

Scorpio brings your deeply ingrained psychological muck to the surface in order to provoke necessary psychoanalysis and transformation of the emotional body. The problem is, most people do not know how to properly and expeditiously dispose of the psycho slop when it surfaces. The dark side of Scorpio manifests as a result: revenge, envy, jealousy, brooding, power plays, manipulation, abuse, snooping, stalking, obsession, unwanted pregnancy, abortion, cheating, custody wars, financial disputes, and at worst, criminal activities. To get a Cliff Notes version of the dark side of Scorpio just watch the crime documentary series”Snapped”. 

The only way to channel this dark energy when the bug of infidelity invades your sacred space is placing total devotion to a higher cause–something Scorpio does rather well. Some do it through spirituality or religion; others through career, charitable causes, social activities, etc. This is when one is operating through the Eagle facet of Scorpio. Ideally, a Scorpion’s life should have deeper meaning beyond the benefits derived from personal relationships. Scorpio needs to be 5-dimensional to be able to soar above the temptation of lust. When Scorpio lacks a connection to the Higher Self, the temptation to engage in the taboo including infidelity will be very strong and at times irresistible. This is why when Scorpio finds religion or spirituality, he becomes a hardcore devotee. It helps to keep the demons at bay. And yes, Scorpio rules the demonic realm–that 4th dimension/astral plane that is right outside of our waking consciousness. But that’s for another blog. The saying “the devil made me do it” must have been invented by a Scorpio.

The root word of Infidelity is INFIDEL. According to Merriam Webster’s Dictionary an infidel is

: a person who does not believe in a religion that someone regards as the true religion.

Here’s the definition of infidelity:

:  lack of belief in a religion

a :  unfaithfulness to a moral obligation :  disloyalty


b :  the act or fact of having a romantic or sexual relationship with someone other than one’s husband, wife, or partner.

It’s interesting how this word has been used to describe when a partner is unfaithful. Marriage is in fact a religious institution where values such as faith, devotion, and honor are upheld; sacred vows are taken. Perhaps this is why so many people find infidelity to be unforgivable–it’s basically a form of blasphemy where a union once considered sacred gets turned on its head. The sacred bond is mocked, desecrated and devalued. 

One of Scorpio’s best attributes is provocation. Scorpio provokes action in others. Scorpio provokes others to change and emerge from stagnant and stale conditions. Victims of infidelity are often provoked to engage in psychoanalysis whether via therapy or D.I.Y. techniques. For some, infidelity is a necessary evil for the evolution of the soul. Through infidelity, Scorpio provokes healing at the soul level. Good medicine is often bitter going down and Scorpion venom is no exception. 

~ Rahbinah




Florence Ballard At a Glance: Tragic Songbird


Florence Ballard, founding member of the R&B group The Supremes was born on June 30, 1943. She died on February 22, 1976 at 10:05 am. I’m not sure of her time of birth, but I have it at around 2:10 pm which seems pretty accurate considering her life circumstances. This would place her Ascendant in the sign of Libra–one of the hardest Ascendants to have. With the birth time set to 2:10 in the afternoon, this places the transiting Ascendant at the time of her demise right on the 8th cusp–the 8th being the house of death. At the time of her death, the transiting Ascendant was also making a quincunx to her natal Ascendant if my assumption is correct. The quincunx aspect (150 degrees) often deals with health conditions and the Ascendant deals with the physical body. 

Now regarding her natal chart profile, Florence Ballard’s Sun and Moon were both afflicted by Pluto, the planet of death. Pluto also wielded great influence over her Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn. Pluto can lead one to prominence, but when there are challenging aspects between Pluto and other planets and points of the natal, there is often an aversion to the trappings that come with fame and popularity. Pluto’s negative influence can cause someone to be very suspicious and wary of others–unless they are close family and friends. With Florence Ballard’s Sun in Cancer and birth number being 30, she was not built for a high profile career in the limelight. She craved the safe and familiar over the glamour and prestige of a singing career. People who are born on the 30th, need to spend ample time alone in introspection. Regular meditation helps to keep them centered. People given the stamp of 30 also need to develop their spirituality in their current incarnation as they will often find the material world to be severely lacking in terms of personal fulfillment. What’s interesting is that all of Ballard’s planets are in personal signs–from Aries to Virgo which would also make it difficult to successfully navigate the world at large. As some Astrologers would say, she had some unfinished business stemming from her early home life. At the age of 16 Florence was raped at knife point by an acquaintance which I’m sure left some deep emotional and psychological scars. Chiron, the wounded healer is right next to her Venus. 

Pluto interacting with sensitive points in the chart also leaves one open to manipulation and underhanded tactics. It is widely known that Florence Ballard who was the founder of The Supremes was floored when Diana Ross became the undisputed leader (Diana Ross is an Aries) and the trio’s name was changed from The Supremes to Diana Ross and the Supremes. The final straw for Ballard occurred when Diana Ross usurped her solo performance of the song “People”. 

On the day Ballard was ousted from The Supremes (July 1, 1967) as a result of performing on stage drunk and belligerent, she had some very challenging transits going down including Mars opposition Mars, Chiron opposition Neptune, Saturn square Sun, and Uranus/Pluto squaring her Moon. Her Solar and Venus Returns occurring simultaneously. It was all down hill from there for the most part. 

Ballard’s South Node was in Aquarius which can bring karmic-induced medical conditions involving the circulatory system. Florence Ballard died from a coronary thrombosis or blood clot in one of the major arteries. At the time of her death, the transiting North Node in Scorpio was making a square to her South Node in Aquarius. With natal Venus, Chiron and Pluto in Leo, she may have not just died from cardiac arrest, but also a broken heart. 

Florence Ballard also had Saturn conjunct Mercury and the Moon in her natal chart which creates a lot of opportunities to live out one’s karma. Saturn’s influence also made her more of a loner than a gregarious personality. Saturn also brings with it depression, despair, poverty, and limitation. 

Did Ballard really have a chance at overcoming her challenges? In my opinion, no. She was one of those souls whose script was basically written by the hand of fate before her birth. She simply had to show up and play her assigned role. There was little she could do to escape her circumstances with Pluto and Saturn bearing down heavily upon her natal Sun, Moon and Mercury; Chiron pressing on Venus. This says a lot about the concept of Free Will. 

Florence Ballard was certainly destined for fame as evidenced by Venus, Chiron, Pluto and the North Node being colored with Leo. However, the fame was short-lived and not even desired by Ballard. She just wanted to sing. It was the nice trine she had between Mars and Venus which gave her the motivation to take her strong vocal talent to the stage, but when her Venus (represented by her partners–namely Diana “The Boss” Ross, and peacekeeper Mary Wilson) was irreparably marred by a string of unfortunate circumstances she lost her will to thrive and succumbed to addiction, domestic violence, poverty, and disease. Such as sad, short life for a beautiful songbird. 

Addendum: I pulled a Tarot card to represent a message Florence Ballard has for the world:

The Sun: She wants us to know that she is happy that her name continues to shine on despite her leaving this earthly realm in a tragic way. She wants focus to be on the positive aspects of her life. She was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1988. 


~ Rahbinah


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Florence_Ballard; Unsung documentary: The Story of Florence Ballard

Pluto: Go Hard or Go Away

Go Away Door Mat

Pluto squares both my Ascendant and Moon in my natal chart. It in fact forms an exact square to my Ascendant. The older I get the more I can see how Pluto squaring my Moon and Ascendant manifests in my daily life.

For one, I’ve noticed that I can be quite controversial in my views and how I present myself when I’m at 100% expression. I sometimes give too much, reveal too much. Uranus is also on my Midheaven by the way which underscores the theme of being controversial and uncompromisingly candid. I noticed that some people can take an extreme disliking towards me when I take a soul-baring approach. I have noticed that I can make the atmosphere feel too heavy, that I make some people uncomfortable. Because of this, I tend to keep to myself only allowing certain people in my circle. I am extremely guarded–Capricorn Moon rising, but I can also be very sociable and gregarious when it suits the moment. I have a lot of experience with rejection, but as an Empath I just can’t shake it off. I will allow rejection to affect me to the point where I will begin to regret expressing myself. I am a loner as a result. My North Node is in Scorpio however, so I know I cannot retreat for too long. I have a spiritual responsibility to create bonds with others in this lifetime. It’s just that sometimes I lack the proper bonding skills. I go deep before the person is ready. For me it’s either all of me or nothing.

With Pluto square Moon in particular I have noticed that as Astrologer, Sue Tompkins would say, I “emotionally crash” into situations. Either people love it or hate it. It’s the raw, unfettered emotion and the baring of my soul that causes others to become uncomfortable. Thankfully, I have a nice dose of rational energy which helps me to temper this powder keg. My discourse tends to be provocative and in your face.

As I strive for more prominence and notoriety in my field, I must remain ever so conscious of how my words, actions and demeanor affect others. I have to be able to discern whether I’m on the verge of giving too much, exposing too much, baring too much of my soul. I realize that I cannot please everyone, but I guess it’s my Libran Venus which cries out when I can’t keep the peace.

Perhaps this current Full Moon in Capricorn passing through my 1st house has prompted me to be wide open with my emotional self. This morning I found myself to be in the midst of one of those emotional crashing situations where I was very candid, maybe too candid for some. My only purpose was to provide a learning experience but it got too real. The good thing is I know when it’s time to retreat. My Moon is also square Jupiter in my 3rd house so I need to keep reminding myself to think before I take such a big leap into sensitive terrain. I tend to be an open book and what I’m learning is that some people can only take me at my preface. With Pluto’s influence on my Ascendant and Moon, I have the tendency to either go hard or just go away. There’s really no middle ground here.

To resolve this internal conflict that is the manifestation of Pluto’s influence upon my Moon and Ascendant, I plan to reserve the soul baring part of myself to a select few. I would also like to provide a spiritually-based forum for people to bare their souls without fear of judgment or persecution; where we can delve into the funkiest, darkest aspects of our astrological profiles. I believe this is one of my strengths as a professional reader.  Many people have told me that they feel as if they can tell me anything because I come across as non-judgmental and down to earth.

This Full Moon has taught me to remember that there is a proper time, place and platform for everything. It’s up to me to channel my energy accordingly.

Reference: Tompkins, Sue “Aspects in Astrology”

~ Rahbinah

Bill Cosby At a Glance: Does He Have What it Takes?

Portrait of Bill Cosby smoking a cigar. --- Image by © CORBIS

Portrait of Bill Cosby smoking a cigar. — Image by © CORBIS

Before I get into the discussion regarding Bill Cosby’s astrological profile I must make the following disclaimer:

According to Astro-Databank, the source of Bill Cosby’s natal chart, Bill Cosby’s actual birth time could not be verified and thus his natal chart was given a Rodden Rating of DD which stands for Dirty Data. As a result, certain aspects of Bill Cosby’s natal chart will not be discussed such as his Ascendant, Midheaven and houses. The degree of his Moon in Virgo will remain in question as well. With that being said, still much insight can be gleaned from his chart.

There are certain aspects in Bill Cosby’s natal chart which would make him in my opinion capable of committing the sexual crimes in which over 40 women to date have alleged. I will discuss these aspects briefly below starting with the most benign.

Sun in Cancer sextile Moon in Virgo

This aspect has provided Bill Cosby with many opportunities to groom and mentor women. The fact that Cancer and Virgo are involved reinforces the theme of helping or mentoring women.

Sun in Cancer conjunct Pluto in Cancer

This aspect can lead to prominence in one’s life and Bill Cosby is certainly no exception. Sun conjunct Pluto can also denote one who wields a great deal of influence over others. The darker manifestation of this aspect can deal with operating under the radar due to motivations that center on what society would deem criminal or taboo. The fact that his Sun and Pluto are in Cancer underscores the theme of his manipulation of women.

Sun in Cancer semisquare Venus in Gemini

With Sun semisquare Venus, Bill Cosby may have a difficult time respecting others as individuals and is more likely to see others as an extension of himself, or worse objects. There could be a lack of boundaries and mutual respect at play with this aspect–especially with respect to his relationships with women. This aspect can also deal with a man who has a difficult time being faithful especially since Venus is in Gemini which can deal with an appetite for different women. Furthermore, in a male chart, this aspect can deal with the tendency to lose sight of one’s purpose or role when in the face of attractive females.

Mercury in Cancer conjunct Pluto in Cancer

Mercury in bed with Pluto can point to someone who harbors dark or taboo thoughts. This kind of person may also know how to operate under the radar and avoid arousing the suspicion of others. Thus, with this aspect Bill Cosby has a mind that is prone to plotting, manipulation and Svengali tactics. In the darkest most literal sense, Mercury conjunct Pluto can deal with a mind that is geared toward overpowering others.

Moon in Virgo sextile Mars in Scorpio

This aspect can deal with Bill Cosby’s ability to meet new women and bring them under his tutelage. This can point to an ease with being alone with women as a result of gaining their trust. Again, I am seeing Svengali tendencies with this aspect–especially with respect to young women. Sexually, this aspect can point to him being attracted to women who appear weak, vulnerable or helpless.

Moon in Virgo trine Jupiter in Capricorn

This aspect in the most simplest terms is Bill Cosby being blessed with many opportunities to be in the company of different women–many of whom are looking for growth (Jupiter) in terms of their careers (Capricorn) This aspect also points to Bill Cosby’s ability to meet women from all over the world. He was also able to come across as a man of integrity and high principles–but certainly not so now. A dark manifestation of this otherwise positive aspect could be an insatiable appetite for women that becomes an ambition and the propensity to be a philanderer.

Moon in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus

Moon trine Uranus can deal with a man being a magnet for different women and with Uranus in Taurus–a lot of these women could be strikingly attractive. We know that Bill Cosby allegedly targeted models and aspiring actresses. Uranus can also deal with being tall in stature which reinforces the model theme. I feel that this aspect also points to Cosby’s involvement with the Playboy Mansion and his friendship with Hugh Hefner since Uranus deals with that which goes against the norm and Playboy when first published certainly went against the norm. Uranus also deals with friendships and groups and one could say that the Playboy jet set were a unique group of prominent men. Moon in Virgo can deal with seeking perfection in women, an impossible ideal which Playboy has consistently tried to uphold.

Moon in Virgo conjunct Neptune in Virgo

In Cosby’s case, this aspect can deal with the drugging of women in the most literal sense because Neptune deals with intoxicating substances and the Moon deals with women. His Moon being in Virgo, points to Cosby’s involvement with women who were seeking his help or mentorship.  Most of these women were young in age at the time that these incidents allegedly occurred which is another characteristic of Moon in Virgo (youthful women). Neptune is not just the planet of intoxication, it is also the planet of sleep. Most reports of Bill Cosby’s alleged crimes involved the women waking up from sleep or unconsciousness and feeling violated. Also with this Moon-Neptune conjunction Cosby may have yearned for the perfect woman and perhaps a woman was only perfect in his eyes when asleep or unconscious.

What’s also interesting is that Cosby has two Grand Trines both involving his Moon. Grand Trines can point to one being self-contained, some kind of renegade or where something is being kept tightly under wraps barring any outside interference. Grand Trines can give a person free reign to do as they wish in certain areas of life.

Venus in Gemini sextile Saturn in Aries

This aspect provided Bill Cosby with plenty of opportunities to help women and become something of a mentor or parental figure. Saturn’s influence would have enabled him to gain the trust of numerous women. Saturn also deals with Cosby’s professional status which gave him credibility and respect.

Saturn can represent something that is severely lacking in one’s life and as a result it leads to a tendency for the person to overcompensate. With Cosby’s Saturn in Aries, he may have never felt that he was man enough and this could have stemmed from his relationship with his father. As a result, he may have been compelled to overcompensate in the area of sexual gratification. Most will agree that overcompensation tends to take things too far.

Mars in Scorpio sextile Neptune in Virgo

This is to me one of the most incriminating aspects of Cosby’s natal chart by far. On the surface it could simply point to a strong drive and effort to make it in show business/acting that pays off. However, this aspect is also in my opinion, what enabled Bill Cosby to utilize an intoxicating liquid (Neptune) concoction to feed (Virgo) to unsuspecting women as an attempt to have sex (Mars) whilst being overpowered (Scorpio). This aspect alone points to the ability to manipulate, drug and then subjugate through rape or sexual assault. I’m not saying that I’m 100% positive that he is guilty, but this aspect certainly makes those allegations extremely plausible. Remember, Scorpio deals with taboos including rape and Cosby’s Mars is in Scorpio. Mars and Neptune together can also point to using deceptive means to get sex.

Mars in Scorpio opposition Uranus in Taurus

While this aspect is very wide in orb (8 degrees), it still wields some influence in Cosby’s life namely in the form of him having alternative or perverse sexual desires. Since Taurus deals with possession, Cosby may have a sexual desire to possess women, but only temporarily since Uranus is involved. There’s also an element of danger interwoven in this aspect so perhaps Cosby would get aroused by the risks that he was taking when attempting to subjugate women to his will.

The Asteroid Lilith

Lilith glyph

Bill Cosby has some interesting aspects with Black Moon Lilith. According to Astrology, Lilith represents rebellion, sexual prowess and that which is taboo. Lilith is also about being a pariah or social outcast.

Lilith in Sagittarius quintile Moon in Virgo

With Cosby’s Lilith residing in Sagittarius, he has a great deal to lose by allowing himself to be ruled by his lower passions. This could deal with a sort of fall from grace where he is given saintly status at one point in his life and later demonized as a result of some scandal. With Cosby’s Lilith in quintile to his Moon, he was given special privileges and treatment where his relationship with women were concerned. He may possess a special talent for gaining women’s trust and making them feel secure in his presence. It is this special talent which would grant him carte blanche to become sexually aggressive with these women.

Lilith in Sagittarius opposition Venus in Gemini

This aspect between Lilith and Venus can deal with both Cosby’s inclination towards unbridled, deviant sex acts with numerous women and his subsequent fall from grace once the women began speaking out and filing charges. This aspect can also deal with having to pay out large sums of money as a way to quiet some of the women making these allegations.

Lilith in Sagittarius trine Saturn in Aries

This aspect between Lilith and Saturn could give Cosby the motivation to sexually assault women since Saturn is in Aries and this placement can deal with overcompensating for a lack of masculinity. This could certainly be true for Cosby since he has a great deal of feminine energy in his chart (Sun, Mercury, Pluto in Cancer, Moon in Virgo, Mars in Scorpio). Also, as mentioned previously, his professional status greatly enabled him to live out his deviant sexual desires.

Lilith in Sagittarius trine Pluto in Cancer

This aspect can certainly point to sexual proclivities that border or center on overpowering women. This aspect could also enable him to engage in these deviant activities without being detected. Furthermore, since Pluto deals with prominence, Cosby’s celebrity status also facilitated his ability to engage in criminal behavior and remain untouchable. As of today, Bill Cosby has never been criminally charged for the acts that over 20 women have alleged he committed.

A Few Other Points

In terms of Chaldean numerology, Bill Cosby is a 12 which means Sacrifice/Victim. 12 also breaks down to 3 which has the same vibration as the planet Jupiter. Thus, one could say that Cosby suffers from a God/Zeus complex and women have been victimized (allegedly) in the process. 3 is prone to excess and as stated above a sizable number of women have came forward with these allegations. Furthermore, Bill Cosby’s North Node is in Sagittarius which means that in this lifetime he has to try to live a life of temperance, high morals, and faith. The flipside of these Sagittarian virtues are excess, wantonness, a lack of discipline and over-indulgence so he could really go either way; it’s his choice. With Cosby’s South Node being in Gemini, the hardest South Node of all, he most likely faced constant temptation to do wrong even though he knew better. His immediate environment as well as his close associations could have fueled his predacious drive.


The purpose of this post was to show the planetary energies at work that could have enabled Bill Cosby to commit the sexually deviant acts in which he has been accused. A natal chart cannot indicate whether a person is actually guilty or innocent. However, it can show the propensities, tendencies and motivations of the particular individual in question. I believe that Bill Cosby’s natal chart does show that he is very capable of committing the crime of drugging women in order to take advantage of them sexually. The proof is in the astrological pudding if one knows where to look.



Pluto Conjunct Ascendant–Phase 2


Pluto turned around ( in retrograde motion)  and made a conjunction to my Ascendant on May 5th. This is the second time Pluto has landed on my Ascendant and this time I saw the dark side of this planet of transformation. It was ugly and it reeked of excrement (Pluto represents all that is foul and filthy including bodily waste), but it was necessary for my spiritual growth. Pluto is the great transformer, but it is also the planet of death. Pluto will destroy almost everything that is old and out-dated in order to bring something fresh and new into one’s life. Pluto never acts in a subtle way when it touches one of the significant points, planets or luminaries in one’s natal chart. It will bring things that were once hidden below the surface out into the open requiring you to face these demons head-on. Pluto will often bring these cathartic changes through others and some of these people may be very dark in nature. The best way I can describe it after having been through it is that it feels like a heavy, otherworldly negative force that tries to get you to breakdown emotionally. Pluto on the Ascendant will test your strength, fortitude and level of commitment. This force has a very humbling effect and it will permeate those areas of one’s life that carry the most meaning. We have no control over the effects of Pluto and it is unwise to think that we can thwart its sneak attacks. The only thing we can do is ride it out, hope for the best and prepare for the worst. It’s Ride or Die time. For example, Uranus was in exact square with Pluto on the day that the tornado touched down in Moore, Oklahoma. This was not something that could have been prevented.

Pluto can bring the worst out in ourselves and others, but it can also strip away the muck of our souls so that we can step further into the light. It is the manure that can lead to a good harvest. In terms of Tarot, the cards that represent the force of Pluto in my opinion are Death, Judgement and the 10 of Swords. Something has to die, before new life can begin. This is the essence of Pluto.


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Balls to the Wall Ya’ll!





Milestone: Pluto is on my Ascendant today. Woo-hoo!! I feel brand new!!! This is a once in a lifetime transit, but it is going to hit up my Ascendant 5 times between now and 2014. Balls to the Wall ya’ll!!

Do you know how the term “balls to the wall” originated? This is one of my favorite sayings.

To push to the limit, go all out, full speed.
A very colorful phrase, one needs to be careful when using “balls to the wall”. Although its real origin is very benign, most people assume it is a reference to testicles.
In fact it is from fighter planes. The “balls” are knobs atop the plane’s throttle control. Pushing the throttle all the way forward, to the wall of the cockpit, is to apply full throttle.
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Pluto conjunct my Ascendant