Venus in Aquarius: Kaleidoscopic Love

Venus in Aquarius 2

Venus is currently soaring through Aquarius. Venus in Aquarius is an edgy, cool, progressive female who prefers solid friendship to a suffocating committed relationship. This is not to say that Aquarian Venus is noncommittal, she just doesn’t want it to feel that way. She is fiercely independent and prone to rebellion if faced with too much restriction. The best way to keep Venus in Aquarius happy is to give her plenty of autonomy to make changes at a moment’s notice and to respect the fact that she will have a throng of friends and admirers–both male and female. It’s no sense harboring feelings of jealousy when it comes to Venus in Aquarius. She’s a natural magnet when it comes to making new acquaintances and she’s quite the social butterfly. Her social circle is akin to a kaleidoscope; full of colorful and dynamic types.

In a marriage or long-term commitment Venus in Aquarius has a need to run the show. A lot of times it is either her way or no way. The good thing is Venus in Aquarius tends to attract the kind of partners who have no problem submitting to her indomitable will. Any partner of Aquarian Venus will also need to wear a thick skin since she won’t hesitate to tell you the hardcore truth. She’s not emotionally needy and she’s not really concerned with the sentimental. Sometimes Venus in Aquarius may become so uncomfortable with her emotions that she resorts to humor or goof ball antics to keep the atmosphere light and carefree. She is not one for a lot of mushy doting or displays of affection. What she wants is sincerity and authenticity. Venus in Aquarius does however have a huge sense of entitlement and does not do well with the word “No” when she is on the receiving end. If it’s something that she wants and her partner is not providing it, she will take a circuitous route to get it. Loyalty is another weakness of Aquarian Venus. This is due to her shunning of systems of hierarchy and tradition. Don’t expect her to put you or anyone else on a pedestal. She believes that her friends deserve just as much time and attention as her partner/spouse.

Sexually, Aquarius is the sign of the freak, so Venus in this sign may have various tricks up her sleeve. The vibrator and other sex toys are very Venus in Aquarius for instance. Since Aquarian Venus is very tolerant of that which deviates from the norm, she is prone to bisexuality, homosexuality, and entering poly-amorous unions. Even if her sexual orientation is bone-straight, she will most likely be very accepting of alternative lifestyles.

In terms of personal style, Venus in Aquarius prefers looks that are cutting edge, progressive and even futuristic. She doesn’t follow trends, she is a trendsetter. She is attracted to bright colors and pastels, abstract patterns, and strategically placed rips and tears. For instance fashion trends such a ripped and acid wash jeans, torn tees, platform shoes, and unisex clothing are the epitome of Venus in Aquarius. She likes to be radically different than the masses and her appearance may even reveal her activist nature. PETA and the whole “I’d rather go naked than wear fur” campaign is certainly a Venus in Aquarius construct. Venus in Aquarius is drawn to technological gadgets that  enhance beauty such as state of the art make up tools. She will frequent Sephora, Ulta and the like to keep her arsenal of beauty implements well stocked. She sees makeup as a means of physical evolution. When it comes to hairstyles Venus in Aquarius can go through frequent changes. She is likely to dye her hair on a whim and she is drawn to colors such as platinum blond or maybe even a funky blue. Venus in Aquarius likes short, androgynous hair cuts, spiky tresses and asymmetrical coifs. The shaving one side of the head trend? Yes, that’s Aquarian Venus.





Venus in Capricorn: Love You Long Time


Venus is now in Capricorn, the workaholic of the Zodiac. For Venus in Capricorn, love and relationships may as well be forms of work. The blessing in this is that Venus in Capricorn will always be there when she is truly needed. She is ever so stable and responsible. It’s the day to day existence of a relationship and what she sees as trivial matters that can be the source of frustration for a Capricorn Venus’ partner, however. Venus in Capricorn is not one to be emotionally needy and she expects her mate to be just as self-sufficient.

She wants a partnership for life and she is apt to hang on to a lover in some way, shape, or form long after the relationship has died. This is Venus in Capricorn’s Achilles’s heel; it often being so hard for her to let go of the past. To the extreme, Venus in Capricorn can be a glutton for punishment and can be drawn to partners who set out to hurt and humiliate her. This is because for Capricorn, without a constant struggle, life really does not carry much meaning. On the other extreme, Venus in Cap can be the classic gold digger or executive who sleeps her way to the top.

She may be a bit emotionally distant, but she is very sentimental and will retain all of the little messages and gifts that you bestow upon her. She will be devoted to her career, but also her family. Sometimes she finds it hard to find the right balance between work and home with the latter often being on the losing end. Venus in Capricorn could easily find love in the workplace or somewhere along her career path. She’s of the few who could successfully be business partners with her spouse. Sexually, this she-goat can get down and dirty. She’s the epitome of “a lady in the streets and a freak in the bed”.

Financially, she is extremely resourceful, frugal and can be prone to miserliness. Money will only come through hard work in most cases, but she will have plenty of it. She is attracted to the classic, the vintage and the antique in terms of personal style. Rarely will you find her in busy dresses and skirts, yet she’s not necessarily a tomboy. She prefers clothing that is practical, comfortable and unassuming. Black and other utilitarian colors dominate her wardrobe. 

Scorpio: Infidel or Devotee


Before we reach the end of Scorpio season, I thought it would be fitting to write a blog post on the topic of infidelity; Scorpio being the chief sign of the cheater. Of course, this does not mean that each and every person born under this sign will cheat. Other zodiac signs like Gemini, Sagittarius and Aquarius for that matter are also prone to infidelity and no sign is really exempt. The propensity for infidelity depends on various factors of the natal (birth) chart, but this post is about Scorpio, the ruler of forbidden love/lust.

With that being said, most people with strong Scorpion energy will find themselves in situations where infidelity is either an opportunity or threat at some point in their lives. Why Scorpio? Well, for one, Scorpio is a sexual sign (the orgiastic and reproductive side of sex) and in terms of anatomy, Scorpio rules the genitals and anus. Scorpio is a water sign, thus it is more emotional than rational. Rarely is the decision to put one’s marriage at risk through infidelity a rational one. Water naturally lacks boundaries and it likes to merge. This water sign has a strong need to form bonds with others. Scorpio is also a very social sign for it represents the exchange of power that takes place when interacting with others. Scorpio craves this power dynamic and it is one of the signs that will truly suffer from loneliness and isolation. The source of power could be financial, sexual, emotional, or therapeutic. Scorpio’s sociable nature provides many opportunities for infidelity. Since Scorpio also deals with joint finances within a marriage, infidelity often comes to light with the balancing of accounts. Scorpio also deals with that which is hidden, underground, and taboo. Part of Scorpio’s aim is to the dip into the forbidden waters of the psyche in order to explore the soul in totality and this is why this sign is often tempted to do wrong. 

I’ve noticed in the course of my astrological practice that women with Moon in Scorpio are prone to attract married men. This is also true for women with Venus or Mars in Scorpio, albeit to a lesser degree. Even with just the Sun residing in Scorpio there is often a nagging temptation to engage in infidelity at some point in the marriage. If this urge is suppressed, there’s a good chance that it will be projected onto the partner. The partner ends up cheating which then gives the Scorpio license to even the score. 

Scorpio is a heavy sign and like Sagittarius, the word “many” should come to mind. You can view Pluto, modern ruler of Scorpio in the same light. When I see a strong Scorpion and/or Plutonian influence in a person’s chart, I know that there’s a good chance that issues with infidelity will be present. There will be many opportunities to get intimate with others. I stress the word opportunities since the person may never act on them. As stated previously, various factors of the natal chart need to be taken into account in order to determine the likelihood of an adulterous union. 

Another reason why Scorpio is the ruler of infidelity is its themes of death and transformation. For instance, infidelity is one of the best ways to kill an unhealthy relationship. It can be the final nail in the coffin. Infidelity can be the necessary catalyst for one to break free and become reborn. Infidelity brings the pain of a scorpion’s sting and enough pain will cause anyone to try to eliminate the source. Extricating oneself from an abusive relationship may become easier once the partner’s hidden life and transgressions are brought to the surface. Through our dealings with Scorpio we are transformed and sometimes even reborn. Through Scorpio we are stripped bare and are shown what lies at the core of our being. This is the essence  of this deep water sign and it’s also why being on the receiving end of infidelity feels so soul crushing.

Scorpio brings your deeply ingrained psychological muck to the surface in order to provoke necessary psychoanalysis and transformation of the emotional body. The problem is, most people do not know how to properly and expeditiously dispose of the psycho slop when it surfaces. The dark side of Scorpio manifests as a result: revenge, envy, jealousy, brooding, power plays, manipulation, abuse, snooping, stalking, obsession, unwanted pregnancy, abortion, cheating, custody wars, financial disputes, and at worst, criminal activities. To get a Cliff Notes version of the dark side of Scorpio just watch the crime documentary series”Snapped”. 

The only way to channel this dark energy when the bug of infidelity invades your sacred space is placing total devotion to a higher cause–something Scorpio does rather well. Some do it through spirituality or religion; others through career, charitable causes, social activities, etc. This is when one is operating through the Eagle facet of Scorpio. Ideally, a Scorpion’s life should have deeper meaning beyond the benefits derived from personal relationships. Scorpio needs to be 5-dimensional to be able to soar above the temptation of lust. When Scorpio lacks a connection to the Higher Self, the temptation to engage in the taboo including infidelity will be very strong and at times irresistible. This is why when Scorpio finds religion or spirituality, he becomes a hardcore devotee. It helps to keep the demons at bay. And yes, Scorpio rules the demonic realm–that 4th dimension/astral plane that is right outside of our waking consciousness. But that’s for another blog. The saying “the devil made me do it” must have been invented by a Scorpio.

The root word of Infidelity is INFIDEL. According to Merriam Webster’s Dictionary an infidel is

: a person who does not believe in a religion that someone regards as the true religion.

Here’s the definition of infidelity:

:  lack of belief in a religion

a :  unfaithfulness to a moral obligation :  disloyalty


b :  the act or fact of having a romantic or sexual relationship with someone other than one’s husband, wife, or partner.

It’s interesting how this word has been used to describe when a partner is unfaithful. Marriage is in fact a religious institution where values such as faith, devotion, and honor are upheld; sacred vows are taken. Perhaps this is why so many people find infidelity to be unforgivable–it’s basically a form of blasphemy where a union once considered sacred gets turned on its head. The sacred bond is mocked, desecrated and devalued. 

One of Scorpio’s best attributes is provocation. Scorpio provokes action in others. Scorpio provokes others to change and emerge from stagnant and stale conditions. Victims of infidelity are often provoked to engage in psychoanalysis whether via therapy or D.I.Y. techniques. For some, infidelity is a necessary evil for the evolution of the soul. Through infidelity, Scorpio provokes healing at the soul level. Good medicine is often bitter going down and Scorpion venom is no exception. 

~ Rahbinah



New Moon in Scorpio: Deep Star Sexy


New Moon in Scorpio.

This New Moon is dark and rich like port wine. Heavy social interactions, intense emotional exchange, beginning psychotherapy (formal and informal) and uncovering hidden aspects of the self may manifest under this New Moon.

Ulterior motives, psycho drama, manipulation, and underhanded tactics are the negative manifestations of this New Moon. This is the Moon for the perfect crime.

You could receive some money that is owed to you. It may be a good time to refinance or make a change in payment terms, due dates, etc. Creditors may be more flexible around this time.

Introduce a new sexual technique or position to revive your relationship. Even sex can become routine so use this New Moon to revamp your sexy times.

~ Rahbinah

Transit Talk: Venus is Twirling Through Libra

Ralph Lauren Black Label Spring RTW Collection 2012 (1)

Venus is currently twirling through Libra, one of the signs that she rules so of course she’s in her element right now. Venus in Libra craves love, peace and harmony. She detests that which is crude, crass and offensive. Beauty and symmetry get her creative juices flowing. In relationships she places a high value on fairness, equality and reciprocation. Venus in Libra has the tendency to be a people-pleaser and will often place her partner’s needs ahead of her own.

Venus in Libra needs art, music, and beautiful surroundings in order to feel at ease. Ugly and dilapidated conditions get her down. In terms of personal style she aims for a classic, well-tailored, yet, unpretentious look. Makeup and jewelry are usually very tasteful and understated. The classy jumpsuit was probably a Venus in Libra invention because it accentuates the hips, elongates the legs, and provides a symmetrical, streamlined look. Eyebrows are usually a big deal for Libra due to an element of symmetry.

Sexually, Venus in Libra can be a partner who is eager to please, gentle in approach, and very much into mental stimulation. Reading erotic literature and candid talks about sex are almost as good as doing it.

Corresponding Tarot Card: 2 of Swords

~ Rahbinah