Venus in Pisces: Part Nun, Part Nymph

Venus in Pisces.

Venus is currently sailing through Pisces, the sign of the two fishes. Venus in Pisces can often be torn between two loves: her partner vs. her public life, work vs. family, extravagance vs. security, etc. Regardless of what these two loves are, one will usually have to be sacrificed for the other, but Venus in Pisces believes that someplace, somewhere it is all possible. Yes, Pisces Venus can be prone to yearning for a fairytale existence which is why she needs earthy people to keep her grounded. Venus in Pisces is in fact very compatible with the Earth signs–yes even Virgo. It’s just with Virgo, Pisces must be willing to be more present in the here and now and give attention to the little things that Virgo cares so much about. Virgo must be willing to allow Pisces to just be–even if that means going off someone alone for a little while. Know-it-all Virgo must also be okay with Pisces’s secretive nature.

Venus in Pisces is very romantic and emotionally sensitive. Of course she is artistic. She can also be very spiritual and in extreme cases, rather flaky. This watery Venus believes that almost anything is possible when you just believe. Venus in Pisces certainly believes in miracles and she can often make miracles happen just by envisioning her deepest desires with the utmost sincerity. This is a good thing since a miracle is often required to legitimize a secret love affair which Venus in Pisces is so prone to enter. The song Secret Lovers by Atlantic Starr is the epitome of Venus in Pisces. A Piscean Venus actually thrives in those relationships where there is a yearning to be with someone who is unavailable. This gives her vivid imagination room to run wild. Venus in Pisces has a need to dream, to long, to fantasize and being isolated from a partner provides much opportunity. Thus, Venus in Pisces is attracted to long-distance relationships, relationships inhibited by one’s career or other obligations, and love triangles. For Venus in Pisces it is a requirement that substantial time is spent in isolation, but not too much since Pisces can really suffer when there appears to be no reunion in sight.

Venus in Pisces can be rather hard to please since she’s so idealistic. She is easily disappointed with partners who don’t put forth an effort to keep her happy. She can be prudish at times and also preachy. However, it is Venus in Pisces who will be there when you are completely down and out, at rock bottom, or experiencing a serious turn of misfortune. She just may remind you later of how well she has played the role of the martyr for you. Venus in Pisces will make great sacrifices for her partner, but she will expect that same degree of selflessness to be reciprocated.

Sexually, Venus in Pisces can be somewhat reserved–even to the point of desiring to be a nun–unless she is able to transform fully into the spiritual fish, allowing herself to become vulnerable. When she does completely let go, she becomes the nymph of every man’s dreams as she yields fully to the penetrating force. Venus in Pisces wants sweet sounds, soft music, and seductive fragrances to set the mood. She is very eager to please, but sometimes she just wants to zone out and be carried away on the wings of a strong lover who takes care of everything. This is not to say that Venus in Pisces has the tendency to be a cold fish, she just likes being treated like princess at times–with grace, awe and reverence. Sex can be a religious experience for Venus in Pisces and she may begin to become addicted to the uplifting feeling that a certain kind of sexual partner can provide–just don’t interrupt her sleepy time for a 5 minute romp. A great temporary lover can be Venus in Pisces’s worst nightmare since she will be forever trying to find that same experience with others and becoming disillusioned in the process.

In terms of personal style, Venus in Pisces is all about glamour, glitter, costumes, signature looks, and enhancements. Venus in Pisces loves makeup and has a great talent when it comes to its application. When it comes to hair she prefers that it appears soft, free flowing and feminine. Clothing can be a toss up as she has the tendency to be a chameleon, changing up per the event or situation. Her flavor is at times abstract and sometimes classic. You never know what Venus in Pisces may enter a room wearing, but it will look good on her nonetheless. Pisces is the sign of jewelry so gifts of precious metals, gems and stones can really win her over.  Venus in Pisces may even be caught donning a bejeweled tiara on special occasions before she pirouettes out the door.  Basically she is drawn to that which is precious, rare and cherished such as an obscure fragrance. Don’t think you’ll get away with giving her something as an afterthought and she not take issue with it. Any gift for a Pisces Venus  must be special and endearing because she sees herself as such. 

~ Rahbinah


31 Days of Horror: A Compilation of My Favorite Horror Films. Day 21: Child’s Play


Child’s Play (1988)

Why I love it:

  • It’s about an ugly doll named Chucky that is possessed by a serial killer named Charles Lee Ray.
  • The doll is reminiscent of the “My Buddy” doll that came out in the 80’s which adds to the creep-factor.
  • The doll’s antics and colorful language such as “You stupid bitch, you filthy slut. I will teach you not to fuck with me!” The whacked out doll says this to the mother of Andy, the boy who owns the doll.
  • Voodoo is prominently featured throughout the film. Charles Lee Ray, the serial killer who inhabits Chucky used a voodoo ritual to get inside the doll as a way to evade the law. 
  • The catch is, the longer Ray remains in the doll, the more human he becomes and thus, the more vulnerable. His aim is to transfer his soul into Andy’s body since Andy is the one he first told about his ritual.
  • The animation technique and special effects were very good. Chucky holds his own in the film–as good as any b-list actor–and you take him seriously. 
  • The scene where the mother is holding Chucky and he speaks even though there are no batteries in the compartment. 
  • It should be required viewing for every new parent with the moral of the story being: do not purchase stolen shit for your kid from a shady looking dude in a back alley.



Dear (Universal) Lover


This Piscean energy is really strong within me right now. At the present time there is a crazy stellium of planets and points in Pisces: Moon, Mercury, Mars, Neptune, Chiron. This is all going down in my 2nd house since Pisces is intercepted therein. Maybe that’s why I feel so open, compassionate and highly empathic today. I’ve also been listening to one of my favorites singers who just happens to be a Pisces. Here’s a song from Teena Marie (R.I.P.) and what’s so good about it is that she incorporates astrology into this love song:

“Cause I’ve been  wishing on the rings of Saturn calling on Jupiter and Mars. Praying  on ten zillion light years to bring  you closer to my heart”

Another bit of Pisces synchronicity is that I added this song to my playlist today. Well, also today I decided to touch base with what I consider to be a spiritual guru, albeit he is too humble to claim that title. He’s a part of the “truth movement” and he has a few blogs that I follow. He happens to be going through a very tough time. I felt compelled to reach out to him acting on a whim of overwhelming love and compassion (I’ve done a Tarot reading and a 6-month forecast for him in the past). I gave him some spiritual insight and guidance. I also let him know about some of the challenging planetary transits he has going down in his chart at the present time. Pisces is about Universal Love and this guy is indeed one of my Universal Lovers. This is spiritual love. The beginning line of the chorus is: “Dear Lover, I hope this letter finds you, dear lover; and that it comes in time to say no c’est la vie“. He responded with a ton of gratitude and he told me that I was an incredible person (incredible = Pisces). I trust he meant that in a good way. He told me that he was happy that I am his friend. I didn’t feel that he had really connected with me up until now. Now I know that we have merged in spirit (Pisces).


Cream of Cosmic Slop






A period of darkness and uncertainty is ending. I am stepping into the light. Unseen forces are pulling me in an unforeseen direction. I feel that I have no choice, but to acquiesce. Even the I Ching encourages me to go forward in the said direction.

Saturn is gearing up to leave my 9th house–Thank God, but not before it collides with my natal Uranus. This is a time when I can be expected to do the unexpected in an attempt to be released from self-imposed limitations. I feel that I am being given a clean slate, but it’s more like a barren field after an aggressive slash and burn. I feel that it is time to reap some karmic rewards. However, there are still some lessons to be learned; tests to be administered. Radical change on a fundamental level is straight ahead.

If one is curious enough about something, an opportunity to directly experience it will inevitably be presented. This has always been the case from my personal experience. A window never before noticed will open; a portal will appear out of the black. You know what they say about that curious feline. There is risk involved in this endeavor, I know. Yet, I put full trust in my Divine sources. I must incur this risk. I can see the promise land despite the persistent rain and fog. I was told that after this trial my life would never be the same.

50 first dates or 50 first fates–whichever you want to call it. Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, the cosmic slop churns out a humdinger. I’ll take mine with cheese, onions, pickles and mayo; hold the tomato. But I was told that I can’t have it exactly my way this time. This aint Burger King and thank God for that. Just when you think you have had your last dance, the DJ gives an encore performance only this time there’s a different tune playing that’s never been heard before. This tune came from way out in hyperspace; a derivation of the music of the spheres. A theme song for an other-dimensional race. Yet, I shall dance even with a throng of djinn watching. But there will be no cutting in.

Raido/Universal Recognizance

I am going on a journey as the Raido Rune indicates. For me it is a spiritual journey that will usher in self-transformation on a major level. The letter R is very significant for me as it is the first letter of the name of the person who is preparing for his journey to meet with me. My name is Rahbinah and right now the movie Roller Boogie (1979) is playing in the background. Everything is on a  roll in the way of destiny and I have been advised to go with the flow.  I wasn’t in search of a partner and I am certainly not in need of a relationship (another R word), but there is an unseen force that is working behind the scenes to make this happen. I was told by my spirit guide to be receptive. I was also told that this is a relationship that has its basis in reincarnation. Something from the past must be rectified hence the reason for our reunification. This is something that the both of us are finding hard to resist for we know that this reunion is necessary for our redemption in this lifetime. I believe that this is our last opportunity to release the cumulative bad karma between us. I was told by my spirit guide to ride the wave. Revelation can be both a beautiful and frightening thing. This is Universal recognizance in the making.