31 Days of Horror: A Compilation of My Favorite Horror Films. Day 23: The Ninth Gate


The Ninth Gate (1999)

Why I love it:

  • It’s not really a horror movie, but a suspense/thriller. However, it still made my list due to the plot which centers on a rare book dealer who has been hired by professor Boris Balkan to authenticate a book that is believed to summon the devil. 
  • Johnny Depp plays the main character, Dean Corso and he does a good job of portraying a sleazy book dealer.
  • The people who are after the book are wealthy a la Eyes Wide Shut and it touches on the notion that there are secret satanic societies that exist among the elite. 
  • It’s a movie about occult books and I love occult books. 
  • The movie is filmed in various places in Europe which gives it both a romantic and mysterious appeal.
  • It was produced, directed and co-written by that little goblin, Roman Polanski. Polanski brought us his first satanic-themed film, Rosemary’s Baby (1968) and his wife was Sharon Tate, one of the victims of the infamous Manson murders. Polanski has been involved in a number of questionable circumstances which causes me to suspect him of belonging to one of these satanic secret societies. He sure knows a lot about these sinister groups it seems. 
  • The scene where Corso finds his dead book dealing business partner in the form of the Tarot’s Hanged Man. 
  • The scene where Corso finds the Baroness Kessler dead in the wheelchair with her tongue hanging out. The part where her wheelchair goes speeding into the flames is hilarious. 
  • The scene where Boris Balkan crashes the satanic ceremony.
  • The scene where Balkan tries to open the 9th gate to achieve invincibility and immortality, but to his chagrin, he only manages to achieve self-immolation. 





The Hanged Man: In the Realm of NO TIME


“I was so lost, so far gone” thought Julian as he sat on the edge of the bed contemplating his current predicament. All he could do was wait it out. To him, it felt like indefinite Saturday detention. While Julian was forced to sacrifice his normal existence which he saw as secure, there was a quiet calm that filled his entire being.

This period of waiting prompted Julian to get in touch with his spiritual self and ride with the cosmic flow. Time spent alone and without the influence of the outside world caused his vision to change. With the blinders off, his old version of reality now felt like a dream, better yet an illusion. Julian could now see himself for who he really was: a spiritual being fighting spiritual battles in the world of flesh and bone. “These Astrology books I’m reading are on to something” he mused. Julian especially liked what the books had to say about Neptune and Pisces. He could certainly relate.

Feelings of powerless morphed into Divine Understanding. Living in the realm of No Time he was able to determine which way he needed to go. The passing of each day being utterly slow; his future: To Be Determined–by going his own way instead of the old way. The current state of his existence being a chrysalis.

Julian emerged from his room at the New Perspectives rehabilitation center and breathed a deep sigh of relief. He felt faint, woozy, but this was no drug high. He thanked God for another chance as he walked down the corridor to join the others for another group meeting.

~ Rahbinah