31 Days of Horror: A Compilation of My Favorite Horror Films. Day 22: The Thing


The Thing (1982)

Why I love it:

  • It’s a sci-fi horror film directed by John Carpenter (Halloween, They Live, Big Trouble in Little China, In the Mouth of Madness) about an alien life form that preys upon a team of scientists in the middle of Antarctica. 
  • The team manages to have a nice stash of weed which they are able to smoke at leisure. 
  • Kurt Russell is one of the main characters and he looks really good with the full bearded, mountain man look. 
  • The dead guy with the pulled taffy-looking face scene.
  • The scene where the alien assimilates the form of a dog which freaks the other dogs out.
  • How the alien keeps morphing into different forms so you never know exactly what you’re going to get.
  • The scene where the alien takes over Norris and his decapitated head morphs into a spider-like creature.
  • The flame throwers which seem to be the only defense–well that and some sticks of dynamite–against the horrific extra-terrestrial. 
  • Wilford Brimley stars as Blair in this film and when he goes berserk and starts to break up shit all I can think about is Quaker Oatmeal and Diabeetus.


  • The scene where the red headed guy who looks like he’s part-alien to begin with, gets consumed by the alien and ends up with these lobster-like claws for hands. 
  • The fact that there’s no way out because they are in cold as balls Antarctica. 
  • The make up and special effects are some of the best for the time period. 
  • The level of paranoia among the crew members increases as the film progresses to the point where no one is to be trusted.
  • It’s an all-male cast which is a special treat since that’s pretty rare.
  • This movie may contain a grain of truth since there has been a prohibition put in place regarding the majority of Antarctica. Basically the bulk of Antarctica is off limits to exploration so who really knows what’s going on throughout that vast, frozen terrain.