Afrika Bambaataa’s Natal Chart – Does He Have What It Takes?


Afrika Bambaataa, one of the pioneers of hip hop is currently facing allegations of child molestation that allegedly occurred during his hey day back in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Ronald Savage among others, has alleged that Bambaataa sexually molested him when he was a young teen. As a result of this scandal that has plagued the hip hop community, but even more so Afrika Bambaataa’s Zulu Nation, I am going to analyze his natal chart to see if there are any indications or tendencies that would corroborate the accounts of his alleged victims.

Note: I do not know his time of birth and it has not been verified despite the claims by some that he is a Sagittarius rising. As a result, I will only discuss his planetary aspects and forgo discussing the house positions or Ascendant.

Afrika Bambaataa was born on April 17, 1957 which would make him an Aries with a strong organizational mindset since the number 17 breaks down to 8 and the number 8 deals with business and materialism in general. 8 is the number of Saturn and with it comes heavy karma. It’s interesting to note that Afrika Bambaataa is experiencing his 2nd Saturn Return. Saturn Returns occur approximately every 29 years and they usually herald very challenging circumstances. Saturn Returns in a spiritual sense can result in having to pay down some karmic debt. This is exactly what is happening with Bambaataa right now during his Saturn Return. When people are ill-prepared for their Saturn Return period, it is often a very humbling experience. Saturn also deals with reputation and when Saturn returns to its natal position, one’s reputation may be in jeopardy. Recently, Bambaataa issued this official statement in response to the allegations made against him:

I, Afrika Bambaataa, want to take this opportunity at the advice of my legal counsel to personally deny any and all allegations of any type of sexual molestation of anyone,” Bambaataa says in a statement to Rolling Stone. “These allegations are baseless and are a cowardly attempt to tarnish my reputation and legacy in hip-hop at this time. This negligent attack on my character will not stop me from continuing my battle and standing up against the violence in our communities, the violence in the nation and the violence worldwide.

The number 17 is softer than the single number 8, but the energy of Saturn is still present. With 17, one may be very artistic, fond of music, dance, filmmaking, pageantry, etc and create a livelihood out of it. However 17, mainly because of the number 7 can also deal with having a secret life or deceptive tendencies. It is easy to put up a charade. Usually, 17 is never totally upfront about his true intentions. There may be a hidden agenda or ulterior motives at work.

Now, looking into Afrika Bambaataa’s chart there are some indicators that point to the tendency for sexual predation. Some of the main indicators are challenging aspects between his Sun, Moon, Venus, Saturn, and Neptune. With the Sun being joined to Venus in Aries, Bambaataa has a natural affinity for music and entertainment, but also males since Aries is the most virile and masculine of the signs. Aries also deals with youth, thus he has a natural affinity or even attraction for young men. There have been rumors circulating within the hip hop community for years regarding Bambaataa’s homosexuality.  Sun in conjunction to Venus also deals with his flamboyant identity (think about his Soul Sonic Force days where he wore elaborate costumes and tights) and his penchant for unity. The whole “Peace, Unity, Love, and Having Fun” song was a testament to this. However, Venus in Aries is more about self-love than true love for others. With this Venus-Sun combo, Bambaataa was able to gain a lot of praise, adoration, and devotees throughout his rise to fame.

Now, this Venus/Sun conjunction is in pretty bad shape. This coupling is plagued by a hard aspect from the planet Neptune. Neptune is in opposition to his Sun and Venus which points to a very secretive or even deceptive nature. It is akin to living a lie. There’s much about Bambaataa’s life that he tries to keep hidden; Neptune being the planet of lies, deception and that which is kept under wraps. Neptune is in Scorpio, the sign of taboo activity and sexual bonds. Basically, this aspect enabled Afrika Bambaataa to lure boys into his circle by his message of Love, Peace, Unity, etc. With Neptune, he basically provided asylum for these youths, but at the same time it was a trap and they became easy prey.

The Sun and Venus are also in challenging aspect to his Moon and Saturn in Sagittarius. There’s a sesquisquare between these two cosmic couples and this can point to Bambaataa’s godfather or mentor/role model position and his ability to funnel boys into his organization for his own personal benefit. Saturn in conjunction to the Moon can make one very opportunistic as a result of a fear-based mindset. On a benign level Saturn joined with the Moon can point to one who lacked a childhood, proper nurturing, and possibly a mother’s love during the formative years. It can also point to strife within the home and having to take on the role of a parent as a child. As a result of Bambaataa’s difficult upbringing, he tries to create his own ideal family circle and legacy, hence the Zulu Nation, but with the challenge from the Sun and Venus in Aries, this family/legacy is dysfunctional and it echoes the kind of family dynamic that could be prone to incest. Often with Sun conjunct Venus, the native does not see others as distinct individuals–they are mere extensions of himself. When a person lacks the ability to respect others as individuals, it is very easy to impede upon their rights.

Afrika Bambaataa’s Sun and Venus are in square to Uranus and this can point to an alternative lifestyle, being eccentric or being ultra-progressive. On the negative end it can result in tendencies toward perversion and deviant behavior. This aspect points to his activist bent and the forming of the Zulu Nation, but since it’s a square, his intentions are not totally pure.

Bambaataa’s Moon/Saturn combo is in challenging aspect to Neptune. As I stated previously, Neptune is about lies and deception, but it is also about victimization. Bambaataa’s opportunistic personality and his status as a father-figure/mentor could result in the victimization of others through sex (Neptune in Scorpio). His Moon and Saturn are in Sagittarius and Sag deals with his international acclaim, his philosophy, belief system and god-like status. Saturn with the Moon can also cause him to lack the ability to relate to others on a personal level. He may actually believe he is a god in the flesh and this would give him justification to commit the grievous acts against those who put their trust and faith in him if these allegations are true. He is viewed as some sort of savior, but with this aspect he’s more of a cult leader.

The Zulu Nation founder has a hard aspect between Moon/Saturn and Mars. It’s an opposition in fact so this deals with an external struggle that is inherent within his life. This external struggle can point to him taking advantage of his mentorship/godfather position in the form of preying upon young men. Mars is in Gemini and Gemini deals with youth. Mars deals with males. Gemini can deal with being two-faced or having a second agenda. Due to issues regarding his father (as evident with challenging aspects to the Sun and Saturn, plus Saturn retrograde), Bambaataa has a need to feed on male energy to overcompensate for his lack of a male role model. Perhaps, Bambaataa’s own father had homosexual tendencies and struggled with his manhood. With Mars opposition Saturn alone, most likely his father was not around or was incapable of teaching him how to be a man. This combination between the Moon, Saturn and Mars can also cause him to not be able to respond to women sexually. This aspect can possibly point to Bambaataa being sexually abused or molested by a woman or mother figure in his early life. This could have turned him off from women and caused him to become very untrusting of them. Afrika definitely has serious issues with women and as a result he seeks love from men.

A few more indicators are present in Bambaataa’s chart–namely a semisquare between Mars and Uranus. This challenging aspect can deal with deviant sexual tendencies and perverse desires. It also deals with craving absolute power over those who join his organization. Now, the semisquare is very patient in meting out karma so it could take many years before one’s transgressions are exposed when done under this aspect.

He has a square between Mercury in Taurus and Chiron in Aquarius. This is a tight square that can deal with having a reprobate mind. A person with this aspect doesn’t feel that the rules should apply to them. They want to be the exception to the rule. With Chiron being in Aquarius, it gives him cult-leader tendencies as well as the tendency for perverse thoughts when in challenging aspect to Mercury. Mercury in Taurus makes him very much interested in music, but also beauty and sensuality. Taurus is also about values. When in square to Chiron, he may not be upholding the same values that he espouses.

Bambaataa has Mars square Jupiter which could make him very hypocritical, shady, and calculating. This aspect also causes one to be prone to excess, to not look before they leap, and to be sort of like a pied-piper–preying upon youth. Mars square Jupiter can also deal with rumors and gossip being spread about him, legal charges brought up against him, bribery, and even blackmail.

In terms of key asteroids, he has a contra-parallel between Hebe and Venus. This can point to an inappropriate relationship with young males since Hebe deals with youth. Negative aspects between Hebe and Venus or Mars for that matter, can indicate the propensity for pedophilia and child molestation.

Finally, I looked into Afrika Bambaataa’s spiritual evolution profile which can be gleaned from the examination of the Moon’s Nodes. Bambaataa’s South Node is in Taurus which puts his North Node in Scorpio. As a result, Bambaataa is an extremely sensual person who is prone to hyper-indulgence since the Nodes are at 21 degrees. In past lives, Bambaataa may have been indulgent, but he toed the line, he lived according to the values of society and he upheld the status quo. In this current incarnation, Afrika Bambaataa is called to live a more dynamic, transformative, and deeply meaningful existence through the North Node in Scorpio. He is to collaborate with others, create synergy and live life more on the edge. In the course of trying to evolve spiritually, Bambaataa has gone to the extreme left. He does embody a lot of the positive traits of the Scorpio Node, however, he has also adopted some of the most negative traits of Scorpio which is engaging in taboo/criminal behavior, being manipulative, cunning, obsessive/compulsive, and hyper-sexual. His Mars in Gemini forms a challenging aspect (quincunx) to his North Node–his sexual drives prevent him from evolving in the appropriate manner.

In conclusion, Afrika Bambaataa certainly has what it takes with respect to the allegations of child molestation. The thing is, Bambaataa has been given some protection via the planet Pluto (Venus/Sun trine Pluto, Neptune sextile Pluto) and this has enabled him to operate under the radar for many years. However, with this Saturn Return that he is experiencing, the indomitable power of Pluto can’t even shield him from the shit storm that has darkened his doorstep. After analyzing his natal, I believe these allegations are true.

Saturn in Sagittarius has a way of dethroning kings because it cares not about false pretenses; Saturn in Sagittarius is about truth reigning supreme–especially with respect to organizations and systems. Afrika Bambaataa’s god-like status is no more. That’s the power of Saturn in Sag. Transiting Saturn will land on his natal Saturn again on May 24th so he’s still in the thick of it. More details or allegations may come out around that time.

~ Rahbinah






Kanye Keeps the Krazy Coming


After reading some of the latest tweets of the one and only Kanye West, aka Yeezy, I was inspired to analyze his natal chart. Firstly, Kanye West’s birth date alone provides a gateway into his crazy world. Born when the Sun was skipping through Gemini and  on the 8th day, Kanye can’t help but to speak his frenetic mind in an attempt to further his ambitions. 8 is the number of Saturn according to Chaldean numerology. People born on the 8th are often extremely ambitious, business-oriented, and drawn to high positions in life. With Kanye being a Gemini, the energy of the number 8 is channeled into a variety of pursuits from music production to fashion design. 8 people have a tremendous ability to attract large sums of money via industry or government. Career is everything to 8 people and they are willing to work hard to get to the top of their field. Kanye is no exception. However, the number 8 is one of destiny and with it comes a heavy dose of karma that cannot be escaped in the present incarnation. 8 can bring one to tremendous heights in terms of status and wealth, but when the wheel turns downward, there’s not much that can be done to mitigate the destined misfortune. Kanye West may certainly be experiencing the downside of his destiny at the moment. Here are some of his recent tweets:

I write this to you my brothers while still 53 million dollars in personal debt… Please pray we overcome… This is my true heart…

Florence Ballard At a Glance: Tragic Songbird


Florence Ballard, founding member of the R&B group The Supremes was born on June 30, 1943. She died on February 22, 1976 at 10:05 am. I’m not sure of her time of birth, but I have it at around 2:10 pm which seems pretty accurate considering her life circumstances. This would place her Ascendant in the sign of Libra–one of the hardest Ascendants to have. With the birth time set to 2:10 in the afternoon, this places the transiting Ascendant at the time of her demise right on the 8th cusp–the 8th being the house of death. At the time of her death, the transiting Ascendant was also making a quincunx to her natal Ascendant if my assumption is correct. The quincunx aspect (150 degrees) often deals with health conditions and the Ascendant deals with the physical body. 

Now regarding her natal chart profile, Florence Ballard’s Sun and Moon were both afflicted by Pluto, the planet of death. Pluto also wielded great influence over her Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn. Pluto can lead one to prominence, but when there are challenging aspects between Pluto and other planets and points of the natal, there is often an aversion to the trappings that come with fame and popularity. Pluto’s negative influence can cause someone to be very suspicious and wary of others–unless they are close family and friends. With Florence Ballard’s Sun in Cancer and birth number being 30, she was not built for a high profile career in the limelight. She craved the safe and familiar over the glamour and prestige of a singing career. People who are born on the 30th, need to spend ample time alone in introspection. Regular meditation helps to keep them centered. People given the stamp of 30 also need to develop their spirituality in their current incarnation as they will often find the material world to be severely lacking in terms of personal fulfillment. What’s interesting is that all of Ballard’s planets are in personal signs–from Aries to Virgo which would also make it difficult to successfully navigate the world at large. As some Astrologers would say, she had some unfinished business stemming from her early home life. At the age of 16 Florence was raped at knife point by an acquaintance which I’m sure left some deep emotional and psychological scars. Chiron, the wounded healer is right next to her Venus. 

Pluto interacting with sensitive points in the chart also leaves one open to manipulation and underhanded tactics. It is widely known that Florence Ballard who was the founder of The Supremes was floored when Diana Ross became the undisputed leader (Diana Ross is an Aries) and the trio’s name was changed from The Supremes to Diana Ross and the Supremes. The final straw for Ballard occurred when Diana Ross usurped her solo performance of the song “People”. 

On the day Ballard was ousted from The Supremes (July 1, 1967) as a result of performing on stage drunk and belligerent, she had some very challenging transits going down including Mars opposition Mars, Chiron opposition Neptune, Saturn square Sun, and Uranus/Pluto squaring her Moon. Her Solar and Venus Returns occurring simultaneously. It was all down hill from there for the most part. 

Ballard’s South Node was in Aquarius which can bring karmic-induced medical conditions involving the circulatory system. Florence Ballard died from a coronary thrombosis or blood clot in one of the major arteries. At the time of her death, the transiting North Node in Scorpio was making a square to her South Node in Aquarius. With natal Venus, Chiron and Pluto in Leo, she may have not just died from cardiac arrest, but also a broken heart. 

Florence Ballard also had Saturn conjunct Mercury and the Moon in her natal chart which creates a lot of opportunities to live out one’s karma. Saturn’s influence also made her more of a loner than a gregarious personality. Saturn also brings with it depression, despair, poverty, and limitation. 

Did Ballard really have a chance at overcoming her challenges? In my opinion, no. She was one of those souls whose script was basically written by the hand of fate before her birth. She simply had to show up and play her assigned role. There was little she could do to escape her circumstances with Pluto and Saturn bearing down heavily upon her natal Sun, Moon and Mercury; Chiron pressing on Venus. This says a lot about the concept of Free Will. 

Florence Ballard was certainly destined for fame as evidenced by Venus, Chiron, Pluto and the North Node being colored with Leo. However, the fame was short-lived and not even desired by Ballard. She just wanted to sing. It was the nice trine she had between Mars and Venus which gave her the motivation to take her strong vocal talent to the stage, but when her Venus (represented by her partners–namely Diana “The Boss” Ross, and peacekeeper Mary Wilson) was irreparably marred by a string of unfortunate circumstances she lost her will to thrive and succumbed to addiction, domestic violence, poverty, and disease. Such as sad, short life for a beautiful songbird. 

Addendum: I pulled a Tarot card to represent a message Florence Ballard has for the world:

The Sun: She wants us to know that she is happy that her name continues to shine on despite her leaving this earthly realm in a tragic way. She wants focus to be on the positive aspects of her life. She was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1988. 


~ Rahbinah

source:; Unsung documentary: The Story of Florence Ballard

The Astrology of Mel Gibson–Part 3



So now we are receiving an onslaught of media commentary and archived video of Mel Gibson that chronicles his life at the pinnacle of his success. The videos such as the recently re-aired interview with Larry King, show the Mel Gibson of yesteryear, serious, pensive, and clearly uncomfortable with revealing the more intimate aspects of his life. Yet he seemed levelheaded, competent and focused. Fast forward to 2010 to the belligerent, raging alcoholic Gibson and one can clearly see the catalyst for his meltdown:  his romantic involvement with Oksana Grigorieva. According to Robyn Gibson, Mel Gibson’s soon to be ex-wife, he did not display this volatile behavior at any point in their marriage. While I find that to be a little far fetched, I do believe that Gibson could have co-existed peacefully with his wife Robin for the most part, being that his Moon is in Libra—especially if she was rather submissive, religious and family-oriented. Basically, Mel Gibson is torn between the Madonna/Whore syndrome where Robyn is the Madonna and Oksana is the whore. This is evidenced in his natal chart with the square between Jupiter and Pluto in the 3rd house and Mars and Saturn in the 5th house. The 3rd house deals with Gibson’s mindset and the 5th house deals with his sexual desire and romantic involvements. Gibson’s mindset is one of a religiously devout family man, yet his strong sexual urges and thirst for the new and different get in the way. Oksana is doing a great job of mimicking the proverbial whore with her obvious exaggerated features acquired through plastic surgery, her provocative style of dress, and gold-digging persona. She strikes me as the black widow kind of woman who uses men, then crushes them. Gibson made a deal with a Russian devil and got caught up. Now that he has made his descent into Hades, what will be his next step? Well, according to Mel Gibson’s progressed chart it seems as if an intervention could be right around the corner.

Fight or Flight

 In Gibson’s Secondary Progressed chart, Pluto rises in Leo denoting a major personal transformation where he will garner much attention. Mel Gibson’s meltdown is being documented in the tabloids and on television on a daily basis. The spotlight is on him as the entertainer du jour who is falling fast from grace. Leo deals with entertainment, the stage, attention and drama. Pluto in Leo makes this emotional drama a highly intense one that deals with matters of romance and children. Pluto in the 1st also deals with those who are attempting to psycho-analyze Gibson and uncover more facts since Pluto deals with the probing of the mind and investigative matters. Scorpio, which is ruled by Pluto is in the 3rd house pointing to the media circus with their hired professionals trying to probe his mind. Scorpio in the 3rd house also points to his intense anger, resentment, and thoughts of retribution. Since Pluto and Scorpio also deal with people in authoritative positions, Scorpio on the 4th may deal with investigation of Mel Gibson’s background and home environment. Child custody hearings do in fact often involve in-depth investigations of each of the parent’s lifestyles and domestic situations. Pluto is retrograde which may mean the Mel Gibson is internalizing everything that is happening to him and internal pressure is building. The sensationalism is shaking Gibson to his core and will provoke some kind of transformation that will have long-lasting effects. In Gibson’s progressed chart, Jupiter is in Leo and conjunct his Ascendant as well as Pluto. Jupiter is in the 12th house however, which in my opinion deals with money being tied up in some kind of institution since Jupiter often deals with finances in a horoscope. He may have to make expenditures for rehabilitation or hospitalization in the near future. On a positive note, he may be setting up trust funds or some  concealed instrument as a way to protect some of his assets.  On the negative end, it could mean dissolution of his finances. Jupiter in Leo in the 12th house may also point to his excessive drinking that may incite some of the transformative events that will take place within the near future. The 12th house deals with feelings of being in bondage , by the way. Gibson may have feelings of insecurity regarding his freedom and how he should manage his finances. Jupiter is retrograde so it seems that Gibson posesses an urge to go into hiding, isolating himself from the drama. With the custody hearing going on, Gibson clearly cannot run and hide if he truly wants to play an active role in his daughter’s life. He has to stick it out and fight, but according to his progressed chart, he’d rather engage in the flight response. With Gibson’s progressed Uranus in Cancer, in the 12th house,  domestic upsets create major psychological changes within him. There is a high degree of instability and uncertainty and as a result, Gibson becomes highly unstable and unpredictable. He feels trapped, caged in and he wants to escape. Progressed Uranus in Cancer is conjoined to Gibson’s natal Uranus in Leo  which points to his upsets with Oksana regarding his daughter. Basically it is Mel Gibson’s irrational will against Oksana’s irrational needs. Again, there is a theme of an urge to go into seclusion with Uranus in Cancer since Cancer is a very protective sign that can be prone to extremely guarded behavior as a safety mechanism. Progressed Uranus opposes natal Chiron in Aquarius highlighting Gibson’s insecurity with being among others or of being in public in general due to the scandal. Yet, the more deeper he gets into this emotional drama, the more he exposes the unstable side of himself, the more he opens himself up to public derision and scrutiny. Gibson is also greatly concerned about how he looks in the eyes of his fans. His is unable to control his emotions because he can’t control what is going down.

The Mirror Has Two Faces

The progressed Neptune square natal Uranus aspect mirrors the aspect in his natal chart, which means that Gibson’s issues of addiction and mental instability are very pronounced during this time in his life. As stated in part 2 of my article, natal Neptune is in the 4th house while natal Uranus is in the 1st denoting one who is experiencing inner turmoil that creates sudden and major fluctuations in his temperament and demeanor. Neptune square Chiron deals with how his current domestic situation is causing old wounds to surface. Gibson feels victimized in his dealings with Oksana. He feels vulnerable, he believes he is being taken for a fool, which is why he is so critical (Chiron in the natal 7th) of Oksana. Chiron endows one with flashes of insight and keen intuition so I believe that everything he is accusing Oksana of is indeed true. In one of the audio tapes Gibson screams, “You used me and you are telling me and proving to me what you were and what I suspected! F*ckin’ user! You f*ckin’ used me! I will never forgive you! (crazed panting)”.1 Maybe he really did strike her, but after looking at the pictures of her “injured” face I doubt that he struck her with a closed fist as she claims. I guess Oksana is ignorant of the strength of a man. This woman has chipped her teeth, but her lips are perfectly in-tact. There are no splits or bruising on her lips at all. In fact,, her so-called post beat-down picture looks more like a post-plastic surgery photo. If you ask me, this woman is devious and cold blooded and she is indeed the catalyst for Mel Gibson’s meltdown, she’s no victim in this. I doubt that Mel Gibson would have had a meltdown if  it weren’t for the devious games that Oksana is playing—first with Gibson’s heart, and now, with one of his children. Progressed Mercury is conjoined to Gibson’s natal Venus in Aquarius, an aspect which was not present in his natal chart. This deals with upsets or at the very least, changes  in communication with women and partnership. It can also deal with manipulation and obsession on both ends.,with this conjunction taking place in the 8th house. Gibson brings this aspect to life by making death threats to Oksana since the 8th house deals with issues of death and dying. The 8th house is also about shared resources, shared emotions and sexual activity so one can clearly see why the Mercury-Venus conjunction exists there-in.

Near Fatal Attraction

With progressed Neptune in Scorpio in the 3rd house, Gibson has taken on a victim mindset and his mind is beset with obsessions primarily over his relationship since Pisces, the sign ruled by Neptune is in the 7th house as well as resting on the cusp of the 8th. With Pisces on the 8th house cusp and Neptune in Scorpio, Gibson clearly feels victimized by Oksana. He feels vulnerable and used which causes him to seethe in anger and obsess over his vindication. What’s interesting is that during Mel Gibson’s rabid rants he intersperses his threats and name-calling with serious sexual requests. This makes sense with Neptune, the planet of fantasy in Scorpio, the sign of the emotional aspect of sexuality. Gibson must fantasize about being vindicated by receiving fellatio from Oksana before he destroys her. This clearly represents the Mars-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio set up of his natal chart. As stated in part 1 of my article. Mars and Saturn together in Gibson’s  5th house, denotes a very high sex drive that borders on animalistic. Gibson must derive a great deal of personal power from being able to express himself sexually. With Venus in Aries in the 9th in the progressed chart, Gibson sees Oksana as head strong and determined to do her own thing. He sees her as aloof, selfish, inconsiderate, and uncooperative. He is also still probably highly sexually attracted to her still, since Aries deals with sexual desire. Venus in the 9th house could deal with Oksana’s estrangement from Gibson  (Mars, ruler of Aries is in Sagittarius in the romantic 5th). Since Venus is in the Leo decanate of Aries, it shows the involvement of the child that they share and inside the Libra dwad, it reveals that this is a fleeting relationship. Gibson may believe that Oksana’s next scheme is to move far away from him which would create difficulties in custody arrangements. If Oksana does try to move away, say, out of the state or even worse, out of the country, Gibson will have to deal with a higher level of court system, which is in fact, a 9th house concern. She may very well use this as a constant threat. Venus in Aries may also point to the fact that Oksana is much younger than Gibson since Aries deals with youth. How much do you wanna bet that he is cursing young pretty women right now and the power they hold  over him?

Gibson’s progressed Moon in Virgo is conjoined to the natal Moon in Libra denoting insecurity, worry, indecision and complaints regarding his finances and material possessions since the progressed Moon is in the 2nd house of personal resources. In fact, according to RadarOnline, “Mel says he needs cash so badly that he has resorted to selling some of his artwork collection. He also says he had to give up his Los Angeles Lakers tickets”2.  Second house progressed Jupiter in Leo is conjoined to Gibson’s natal Pluto in Leo pointing to his financial concerns as well. Pluto in the mix deals with the people in Gibson’s life who are dependent upon him. It appears that Gibson supports a lot of people financially. Jupiter in Leo denotes a great deal of extravagant spending and Gibson is on record stating, “I spent too much goddamn money on you! And my wife knows! It’s you!”3 Since Leo deals with romance there exists the connection between his romantic partner and his money issues. Gibson’s natal Moon in Libra reinforces the relationship theme.  The change in his money situation is doing a job on his pride and the media attention over his money troubles is quite humbling of an experience for him. Gibson does not get off on being the center of media attention unlike some celebs. With Mel Gibson’s progressed Moon and Jupiter at 25 and 26 degrees of a mutable and fixed sign, respectively, he may be experiencing suicidal ideations. According to astrologer, C.E.O. Carter, the aforementioned degrees of mutable and fixed signs deal with suicidal inclinations. Do I believe that Gibson will meet his end in this manner? No. However, I do believe that these suicidal ideations will increase the frequency of his drinking binges since Gibson appears to be more angry than depressed. There is a righteous indignation within him that has become a destructive obsession. However, I believe that he poses more of a threat to himself than to Oksana with his progressed Moon and Jupiter in suicidal degrees.

Something’s Gotta Give

My guess is that he will face involuntary, court-ordered treatment as a condition of his custody arrangement. For one, progressed Mars trines Gibson’s natal Pluto which can deal with impulsive behavior from his money and relationship troubles. Mars in Sagittarius points to wanton, unbridled passions and aggression which can easily be channeled into excessive drinking. It is possible that Gibson may earn himself another D.U.I. Mars trine Pluto may also point to Gibson’s entry into therapy and rehab as a result of the encounter with the law. Pluto in Leo may deal with officials who are given some authority over Gibson’s accounts and possessions (i.e. heavy child support payments). To reinforce this theme, progressed Uranus trines Saturn meaning the brakes will be applied to this fiasco in a sudden and/or startling manner. I can see Gibson being compelled by authorities to seek treatment for his addiction and to also attend anger management classes. He may face custody restrictions if he does not comply with the ruling. Saturn in the 5th house could very well point to restrictions, delays and separations involving one’s children. With progressed Saturn in Sagittarius conjunct natal Saturn in Scorpio, Gibson’s freedom and power may be tightly curtailed. In fact, RadarOnline reported last week that “Mel is under investigation by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department after Oksana accused him of domestic violence” and that he later had to turn his firearms over to the LA County Sheriff as part of the custody hearing with Oksana.4

I can’t see Gibson being thrown any mercy since he has ruffled some prominent feathers in the past.  The group of people whom he has angered ever since The Passion of the Christ (2004) will see to it that he suffers to some extent for daring to express his unpopular opinions and beliefs. This scandal runs deeper than one may think.

So to sum up, Gibson is headed for some kind of sudden intervention that will pull the brakes on this derailed train. My prediction is inpatient treatment that is involuntary, and most likely court-ordered. Oksana has Gibson by the balls and she is not letting up on her vice grips. Thus, the safest option for Mel Gibson may be to agree to treatment and enter rehab so that he can have a relationship with his daughter. Some kind of institutionalization is in Gibson’s future. The progressed Sun in Pisces underscores this notion since Pisces deals with addiction and treatment of addiction through hospitalization or even out-patient rehabilitation. With the Sun in Pisces he also stands to lose big so he should prepare himself for even more sacrifices. Pisces also points to his confusion and the realization that his relationship with Oksana was built upon lies and deception. He fell for the illusion. With Gibson’s natal Sun in Capricorn, one can see the shift from a man who appeared outwardly strong, accomplished and business-minded to a state of weakness and vulnerability. Mel Gibson’s main issue at this point in his life is victimization. He embodies the victim role and in turn lashes out in anger in an attempt to vindicate himself. What Gibson needs to be real about is the nature of the women he attracts and how he is no longer the hunky action star from Down Under that could pull young women just by his looks alone. Deep down inside Gibson knew what this woman was after but he let his animal instincts get in the way (North node in Sagittarius) This goes back to what I wrote in Part 2 regarding Gibson’s tendency to focus on the external and the superficial. This deals with his karmic lesson, his North node in Sagittarius which means that he must learn to rely on his strong intuition and also to live his life according to principles that will not be compromised in return for immediate gratification.


1, 2, 3.


The Astrology of Mel Gibson–Part 2

The media is not letting up on Mel Gibson. Part of the reason is to deflect attention from important crises like the Gulf oil spill, the Israeli-led threat of war with Iran, and the double dip recession of the U.S. economy, which is rapidly leading to a full-scale depression that will upstage the Great Depression of the 30’s. Unfortunately, I have to admit that celebrity gossip is one of my guilty pleasures. It’s a means of escape for me. Besides, you can learn a lot about human nature by studying the behavior of certain celebrities. Mel Gibson exemplifies one of those celebrities who was once highly celebrated, but who is quickly experiencing his descent from fame and adoration. While this is a product of Gibson’s own making, his downfall, I believe, is not without the aid of his current paramour, Oksana Grigorieva. In the audio tapes, she is very calm, collected and almost indifferent to his maniacal rants. This is not characteristic of a woman who is emotionally caught up in a relationship—whether in terms of love or hate. As stated previously, Mel Gibson is inclined to attract women who are emotionally aloof and cool in terms of emotional intimacy. They may even be shrewd and manipulative. I agree with many people who are of the opinion that Oksana was needling him, trying to get him to flip so that he would really look bad in the eyes of the custody hearing judge. While I don’t condone violence against women or men, if someone knows that a person is mentally unstable, he or she cannot be surprised when the person flips out when buttons are pushed. However, in defense of Oksana, astrologically speaking, Gibson does appear to be rather overbearing, steadfast in his obsessions, and impossible to please with the conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Scorpio, in the 5th house of romance, sexual desire and children. These two planets form a square with Jupiter and Pluto in his 3rd house. The 3rd house deals with the mind and also of communication. Pluto and Jupiter are conjunct, yet they reside in different signs, Leo and Virgo, respectively. As stated in Part 1 of my article, Gibson’s Mercury and Chiron are conjunct in the 7th house, yet they are in two different signs denoting a unique blend of planetary energy that may be more challenging to deal with than a conjunction of planets in the same sign.

The Jupiter and Pluto conjunction alone is rather fortunate and it can bring great wealth and also fame in the native’s life. With this combination in the 3rd house of the conscious mind, Gibson has the tendency to be somewhat of a megalomaniac, believing that his money and status make him all-powerful. On the inside, however, there are masked feelings of insecurity due to Jupiter residing in Virgo, but also a sense of righteousness due to the nature of his work. Jupiter in Virgo also points to Gibson’s strong religious ties since Jupiter is the planet of religion. The Catholic Church in particular is very akin to the sign of Virgo with all of its ritual and requirements of piety. Mel Gibson was even named after the saint who founded his mother’s diocese1. Pluto in bed with Jupiter in Virgo would intensify his religious fervor and devotion. It may also make for a self-righteous mindset.  Astrology is all about the relation of one element to another so remember that Scorpio, the sign ruled by Pluto is on the 5th house cusp, which deals with his romantic entanglements. Thus, Gibson may require strict obedience from his mate in order for there to be peace within the union. He may give his love under strict conditions and demand unflinching loyalty from his significant other. He may also expect his mate to possess a high degree of modesty and decorum. Gibson is very self-conscious of how he appears in public with Jupiter in Virgo and his Sun and Mercury in Capricorn.  Mel Gibson has in fact made an issue out of Oksana’s choice of dress, saying, “You’re an embarrassment to me. You look like a fucking pig in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of n***ers, it will be your fault”2. Really, Mel?

I honestly believe with this planetary setup that Gibson is sincere about his religious convictions and is suffering from an internal conflict between his religious beliefs and the industry that he works in which is of course, Hollywood, Satan’s side hustle. However is the Catholic Church any better with it’s institutionalized pedophilia? They are two sides of the same coin, I would think.  I also believe that the square between his 3rd and 5th houses, points to Gibson being tormented by the incongruence of his sexual desires and his religious beliefs (The Passion of the Christ with it’s sado-masochistic exploitation of the death of Jesus was probably an outlet for his personal torment as well as for other Catholic fanatics).

Finally, this conjunction of Pluto and Jupiter in Gibson’s 3rd house deals with his family’s relocation to Australia when he was only 12 years old. Again, Pluto and Jupiter square Mars and Saturn in the house of self expression. The culture shock of the move may have fostered control issues within Gibson. Maybe Gibson felt powerless in his desire to express his resignation about leaving the country. At 12 years old, a kid may very well develop resentment of a parent who makes such a life altering decision. You never know. Pluto in Leo residing in the 3rd house can also lend to obsessive-compulsive tendencies in the areas of sex, romance, but also control or custody issues with respect to children since Scorpio colors the 5th. Since the third house deals with siblings the Jupiter/Pluto cocktail can also deal with his relationship with his 10 siblings and all the commotion that must have existed within his early childhood environment. Uranus in the 1st house and the lead planet of Gibson’s natal chart emphasizes his extreme sensitivity to external events and the strong urge that exists within him to break free from the emotional drama, hence the square between Uranus  and Neptune. The Uranus-Neptune square also denotes the tendency towards impulsive escapism and in Gibson’s case, it’s alcohol. With the square involving the 1st and the 4th house, Mel Gibson is basically trying to escape the demons that exist within himself; he is at war with the shadow-side of his being.

Mel Gibson’s North Node is in Sagittarius meaning that he needs to develop an ability to view life in terms of the big picture instead of getting bogged down in the minor details of life. He needs to develop a healthy detachment in his emotional dealings with others and he needs to have faith in the power of the Universe to give him everything that he needs including a sound mind. Gibson also needs to practice what he preaches instead of being a contradiction  who is only concerned with the external displays of religious piety; the pomp and circumstance. With Gibson’s North node in the 6th house and his South Node in Gemini occupying the 12th, there is psychological instability and a feeling that he is always wired. This nodal axis situation is manifested through Gibson’s high-strung, nervous demeanor which is mirrored in a lot of the characters that he portrays in his film career. This man requires constant stimulation to the point of excess. If I had to provide a clinical diagnosis for Mel Gibson based on his behavior and natal chart, I would say that he suffers from Bi-Polar Disorder—on steroids.  There may also be a degree of Narcissistic Personality Disorder at work. If NPD is present, Gibson would be very hard to deal with and extremely resistant to treatment according to the American Psychological Association. I’ve dealt with a person who has NPD. Trust me, I know. It is truly like sleeping with Beelzebub or at the very least one of his flunkies.

In Part 3 of this series, I will provide my interpretation of his Secondary Progressed chart for his current age. What will be the next step for Gibson? Rehab? Another D.U.I.? We shall see.




The Astrology of Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson is looking like a derailed train in the making. The most recent controversy regarding his girlfriend and the mother of his baby daughter, Oksana Grigorieva, will most likely blackball him from Hollywood entirely—aside from the  inevitable offer for a reality show where this train wreck will unfold in real time. The latest element in the Mel Gibson saga is audio (link to one of the audio clips at the bottom of post) of him going off on his girlfriend which included threats to “put her in a rose garden” and a confession that he did in fact physically assault her. He is even heard on tape stating that she deserved it. Gibson was highly emotional, irrational, and mentally unhinged as he screamed at the top of his lungs throughout the majority of the audio recordings. Hearing Mel Gibson go berserk along with his past episodic psychotic breaks prompted me to pull his natal chart to see where all this anger and aggression stems from. I’ll start with the basics. Born on January 3, 1956 in Peekskill, NY,  Gibson’s Sun is in the sign of Capricorn, his Moon is in Libra and his Ascendant or rising sign is Cancer. So with this combination we can see that he is very determined, disciplined, and ambitious with the Sun in Capricorn. Public life is also very important for most people with their Sun in Capricorn and Gibson is obviously no exception. His Moon in Libra denotes heavy social activity, the need to establish a healthy balance in life as well as the need to relate to and please others. Relationships are extremely important to him with the Moon in Libra. With Cancer as his rising sign, Mel Gibson operates on an emotional level. He is highly sensitive and may be guarded with the more intimate parts of himself. Cancer rising also points to his racist ideologies (in one of the recorded phone conversations he refers to black men as niggers). Of course not all Cancerians are racist, however according to the renowned astrologer, C.E.O. Carter, Cancer is more inclined towards racism than any other sign due to Cancer’s inclination towards familiarity and it’s fear of the unknown or foreign since Cancer deals with the home and one’s foundations. With Gibson’s Sun in Capricorn and his Ascendant in Cancer he is clearly at odds with his ego or will and the way he views the world. The opposition between Gibson’s Sun and Ascendant brings this latent  personality struggle to life. Gibson’s Sun is in the 6th house meaning he tries to maintain a serious, reserved and disciplined persona in everyday life. His highly sensitive personality gets in the way, however. Gibson’s out of control emotions have done much to tarnish his reputation. Capricorn deals with one’s reputation, hence the opposition between Gibson’s Sun and Ascendant.

Mel Gibson has a strong northern hemisphere emphasis in his chart denoting “unfinished business” in the early domestic affairs and his tendency to personalize every event or circumstance in his life. The Cancer Ascendant reinforces his tendency to take everything personally. Due to the activity involving Mars, Saturn, and the Midheaven, most likely Mel Gibson’s anger and alcoholism issues stem from his relationship with his father. Pisces is on the Midheaven (Pisces on the Midheaven also deals with Gibson’s film career since Pisces rules filmmaking and movies, while the Midheaven deals with one’s career or public life) which could point to a parent who is weakened by substance abuse. Aries also spans Gibson’s 10th house, which may point to alcoholism afflicting his father. His father may have also been abusive or he may have just not been too loving of a father. The Moon is opposing Gibson’s Midheaven which could point to discord between his parents. Mars conjunct Saturn in Scorpio may also deal with a father that is beset with addiction—namely alcohol since Mars deals with alcohol intoxication. So, Gibson most likely inherited his drinking problem from his father. To underscore the issue with his father, Neptune, the planet of addiction is located in the parental axis, residing in the 4th house.

The fact that the conjunction of Mars and Saturn is in the 5th house points to Gibson’s use of alcohol as a form of recreation. With Mars and Saturn in Scorpio, this recreational activity can easily become a compulsion. The asteroid Bacchus, which represents intoxication (Bacchus is the roman god of wine) is at 28 degrees Scorpio falling right between Mars and Saturn. The picture could not get even more clearer than this. The 5th house is the house of romance and children in addition to recreation, thus issues in Gibson’s romantic life or regarding his children may trigger him to drink. The 5th house also deals with sexual desire and self-expression. With Mars and Saturn (two malefic planets) in the tumultuous sign of Scorpio, it is easy to see that his anger and rage are not in short supply. Mars and Saturn together can be one awful pair to contend with if a person who has this combination is not spiritually evolved. The Mars and Saturn combo in Scorpio also gives Gibson an almost insatiable sexual desire. Essentially, he is very bestial. In the audio recording, Mel Gibson is screaming at his girlfriend, telling her “you need to blow me”. It seems that one of the arguments stemmed from Gibson not being able to get enough sex from Oksana. With Saturn in the 5th house, Gibson is most likely very demanding of the people who are in his life and his desire for unwavering devotion from his mate can easily result in breakups. What’s even more telling is that the Arabic Part of daughters is also located in the 5th house at 28 degrees of Scorpio, smack dab in between Mars and Saturn just as with Bacchus. Gibson’s saving grace is that he is able to channel this explosive energy of the 5th house into his craft of acting as evidenced by the trine of Mars and Saturn to his Midheaven in Pisces.

The presence of the conjunction of Mercury and Chiron in the 7th house also points to his relationship troubles. The fact that the conjunction deals with two different signs (Mercury is in Capricorn and Chiron is in Aquarius) makes the issues of his relationships even more profound. This unfortunate conjunction in the 7th house also deals with his entanglement with the traffic court system over the DUI situation since the 7th house deals with municipal courts. This conjunction opposes Uranus in Leo in the 1st house. This is where the volatility and instability in his persona due to relationship troubles is evidenced. Because Gibson is so emotionally invested in his romantic (Leo) entanglements (think the emotional Scorpio on the 5th house cusp, the Cancer Ascendant and Venus in the 8th) he undergoes major changes within himself. Uranus, ruler of Aquarius becomes activated when his relationship is threatened or worse, terminated. He becomes self-destructive (Uranus in the 1st) as a result (think Mel Gibson as Riggs, the, wild and reckless detective in Lethal Weapon. Remember Riggs was suicidal due to the death of his wife?).  Venus in Aquarius is all alone in the 8th house. While Venus in Aquarius denotes an emotionally cool type of individual, the 8th house location counteracts the intellectual bent of Aquarius. Venus in the 8th house certainly points to the women in Gibson’s life who he most likely perceives as out to get his money (the 8th house deals with shared resources). It would also make him insanely jealous and unusually obsessive in his relationships with women. Gibson may also try to pierce the psyche of the women in his life, attempting to read their minds. What’s creepy about this is that Mel Gibson starred in the film What Women Want (2000) where he acquired the power to read women’s minds. The 8th house deals with the occult and psychic ability and Venus of course deals with women. Aquarius deals with psychic ability as well. Venus in Aquarius may also point to his dealings with women who are cold, calculating, manipulative and shrewd. The asteroid Lilith, which can represent a ruthless, ball breaking woman is in Aquarius, just 2 degrees from Venus. No wonder why Mel Gibson is very defensive and beset with extreme paranoia when it comes to his dealings with women. The sad part about it is, he is most likely dead on with most of his hunches.

This is the basic theme of Mel Gibson’s chart at a glance. In part 2, I will discuss other planetary positions and aspects of Mel Gibson’s chart. I will also discuss what may be coming down the pike for Gibson as a result of his recent meltdowns. There’s always an explanation—psychological as well as astrological, for one’s behavior. Mel Gibson’s natal chart is a prime example of this as his inclinations are quite easy to see to the trained, astrological eye.